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Booyah Yahoo Yippee Hooray Awesome FINALLY ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God I've wanted a sharp wide-open, auto-focusing 50mm 1.4 that isn't over $1k for sooo long.

My copy of the Canon 50 1.4 is sharp in the centre wide-open and I used to believe it wasn't based on many reviews on the web. I went thought 3-4 copies b4 I found a sharp one with my 5d2! I think 50/1.4's bad reputation is mostly focusing related. One can easily test its real optical sharpness under live-view with manual focusing.

Testing if YN 600EX-RT Transmitter would work with a 5DMKII on HSS at 1/8000S  is a bonus too. Thanks!

OK, I managed to mug a homeless man sleeping in a dumpster and removed from his person a scratched up Windows XP installation disk.  Knowing that I must have been close, I searched his adjacent shopping cart and found an ancient piece of crap Windows XP thinkpad hidden under some flea-infested blankets and a tattered copy of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand that he seems to have used as toilet paper.  I then tried to leave him a license for six months of Adobe Creative Cloud in recompense, but he looked more insulted than he did after I mugged him.

Updater ran just fine on it.

Is there anything in particular that anyone would like me to try out with it?  I have a 5D3 and a 600EX-RT.

Well done pedant!

Please try Radio High Speed Syn at 1/8000S and see if this combo can overpower the sun LOL! Pls try it at full power and also in eTTL.  Thanks!

Software & Accessories / Re: My DIY " Muti-Flashes portable rig"
« on: October 22, 2013, 10:12:39 AM »
Awesome! Love to see more out of the box DIY ideas like this! Keep it up Surapon! Thanks for sharing!

Hello all,

Can u store more than 3 user defined picture styles in 5D mk ii?
Read from Magic Lantern forum somewhere that this is not possible/dangerous for now.
Any workaround other than carrying a laptop to upload the picture style files to camera?
I suppose I can do it in post with raw capture but if I can get the effect I want in jpg, I save a lot of
post processing time :)
PS: I shoot raw+jpg all the time.
Thanks! John

This is a followup to my initial posting.
So I got another brand new 600-ex-rt and tested it again versus my old 580exii.
Same problem... i.e. 600 recycles slightly faster with freshly charged batteries.
This seemed good at the beginning but when I repeated the test with batteries charged 2 days ago,
the 580exii became slightly faster.

This is a bit puzzling so I checked out the spec of the eneloop AA battery. It said 0.025ohms for internal resistance.
Then I tested my 2-3 years old eneloop AA's; surely enough, they have degraded to a range of 0.080-0.120ohms.

Ah... my eneloop AA batteries are old and have higher internal resistance!

So this seems to be telling me that for recycling time alone, the 600ex-rt works well with batteries with low internal resistance but
it doesn't work so well compared to the 580ex-ii with older batteries with increased internal resistance.

Is anyone seeing the same thing?  I start questioning if 600ex-rt beats 580exii hands down in all categories.

Unfortunately I have to open up this thread again.

I finally discovered that my 600 is vy voltage sensitive with regard to recycling time.
Freshly charged Eneloop AA batteries give a recycling time of 2.4S and it beats my 580exii.
However, when I use eneloops
charged just 2 days ago gives > 3.2S and it is worse than my 580exii (2.8S), using the same 4 cells.

Also Click mentioned he achieved 2.5S with partly used eneloops!

I think this is unacceptable and I am going to exchange my 600ex-rt.

Thank you all for your help! John

Those numbers are for each of my three lights fired in ETTL at a piece of paper on the wall, with white balance drawn from the white panel on my WhiBal card using the tool in LR5; I should have specified.  If you want I can try each of them at different power settings.


oic... thanks Jim for all the help! I think I have a bigger problem than that now...
My 600 is vy voltage sensitive with regard to recycling time.
Freshly charged Eneloop AA batteries give a recycling time of 2.4S when an eneloop
charged just 2 days ago gives > 3.2S!  I think this is unacceptable and I am going to exchange my 600ex-rt.
Probably the color temp thing is related.

Thanks all for helping out! John

I shot my WhiBal card and got 5850, 5900 and 6100; That was each light on well-charged AAs and the same setup.  6300 seems a little high but as long as it is consistent then I don't think it is worth much trouble.


Thanks Jim for helping out. I am guessing your 3 numbers are for power 1/1, 1/2 and 1/4 respectively.
The change in color temp is 250K from 1/1 to 1/4.  Mine is 300K.
Looks a little better than mine I guess. This tells me 600ex-rt's color temp does vary considerably with power level.
Also the absolute color temperature value does have manufacturing variations
as much as a few hundred k's.

Just tried my old 580exii again just to compare:

1/1 6200
1/2 6300
1/4 6300
1/8 6300

Color temp on 580exii seems a lot tighter with respect to power.

Thanks to all who had replied!

Pardon my innocence, but is the 5% difference not academic?


Hi Jim,
I agree 5% by number is probably quite insignificant but 300K in color temperature
is very noticeable IMHO. I noticed the blueness right away when I shot with it in the same venue.

I guess I can live with the 300K offset adjustment but I just wanted to make sure this 300K offset
is not a symptom of a more serious manufacturing defect of my new unit. That's why I am checking
if others r seeing the same phenomenon.

More tests were done with different power levels of the 600ex-rt and results as follows:

1/1 6300K
1/2 6500K
1/4 6600K
1/8 6600K

Hi all!

I am continuing to test my new 600ex-rt.   :)
Flash Setting at full power 1/1, 105mm direct flash firing at a piece of white paper.
Using ML v2.3 RGB spot metering, I needed to WB my camera to 6300K in order to
get all 3 RGB values to match.

This tells me that my 600 is about 300K bluer than a "standard" flash, which is at 6000K.

My real life shooting has confirmed my test. I needed to dial K about 300K higher than my
usual setting to get the correct skin tone.  i.e. when I gel with CTS I used to need 3700K but now
I need to go to 4000K.

Out of curiosity, I pulled out a mint Nikon SB-80DX and tried that too. It is spot on at 6000K.
BTW, camera used was 5D2.

So I am just wondering if others r seeing this too?


Thank you for all your kind replies. Highly appreciated!

My bad! I thought I was using all freshly charged eneloops
and I was. So I was just doing a few pop tests with a flash meter
to compare the light output between 580exii and 600ex-rt.

What I didn't realize was that these pop tests sucked up some juice
from the 600 batteries while the 580 batteries remained "more fresh".
And hence the weird results. As Agierke had thankfully mentioned, u have got to be
using the same set of AA batteries to do the comparison.

i.e. put the 4 AA's inside 600 and then pop test; after that take out the same
4 AA from 600 and put that into 580 and pop test again. To be sure, one
should take out the same batteries from 580 and put them back into 600 and
pop test again to confirm the 1st reading. This will hopefully ensure the batteries
haven't discharged much during the pop tests.

BTW, fyi, the average recycling time on 600ex-rt was 2.44Sec on 4 freshly charged eneloop AA 2000mAH.
While the 580exii was 2.75Sec on the same set of battery.

Thank you all for your inputs once again!

Hello all,

Just got my 1st 600ex-rt and tested the recycling time against my old 580EXII at full power,
using 4 eneloop 200mA batteries fully charged. Hard to believe the 600 is recycling slower than my old 580exii.

3.6Sec on 600 versus 2.8Sec on 580.  Anyone has similar experience?

Perhaps the 600ex-rt is too new and it takes time for the capacitor to "form"??

Any help would be appreciated.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Rumored Sigma Lenses Coming in the Next Year
« on: September 09, 2013, 02:26:57 PM »
Where is the 85/1.4 OS ART?  ;)

Portrait / Re: My photos look so dull
« on: August 05, 2013, 09:53:16 PM »
Picasa does a nice job on the jpg too.   :P

Added a bit of fill light and high light. Also tinted the pic to get a pleasing skin tone.

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