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Lenses / Re: 85mm
« on: November 13, 2013, 07:57:23 AM »
But I don't shoot like that so sold my 135L but kept the 85 1.8. It's very good value and flexible, producing a pleasing bokeh that's on a par with the 135L IMO.

Thanks - can you (or anyone) tell me how the 85/1.8 bokeh compares to the 100L?

The bokeh of the 100L is very plain and even to the point of being boring which makes sense on a macro lens, quite unlike my 70-300L with a much more vivid but not disturbing bokeh, though it's radial on the edges on ff which would be due to the small lens diameter (67mm) and large zoom range.

i do have the 100L macro which doesn't suffer from CA but it doesn't melt the background like the 85 1.8 :(

Are there samples anywhere for the background blur difference in comparable/same images? Since my fastest lens around this focal length currently is f2.8 I have no idea how large the difference is.

Comparing the two systems brings to a very disappointing conclusion: the 6D sports an AF sensor which is only marginally better than a 3 years old camera costing 1/4 of its price, and in some ways even less capable of the AF sensor built into an entry level dslr costing 1/3: the 650D sports 9 cross-type points up to f/5.6, sensitivity -0.5 to 18 EV.

I agree the 6d af system is mediocre esp. for the price, but you're forgetting two major points not in the specs you posted:

* precision: The 6d af is more precise than the 5d2, and way more precise than the older Rebels, meaning if you focus a couple of times on the same target you're more likely to get the same result with the 6d (see lensrentals on this). I know this issue from the 60d and am used to take a couple of shots for safety, but with the 6d the af ends up where it is supposed to be.

* af point size: This is not thanks to Canon, but anyway - the af points vs. sensor size are smaller on the 6d, which means it's easier to focus on small details with the 6d. The one crop camera that addresses this is the 7d with spot af, but alas, this feature has been removed on the 70d again.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 7D Mark II in 2014 [CR2]
« on: November 13, 2013, 03:53:39 AM »
1st half.......what first half, calendar or physical.  And will they deliver it before 2015?

"First half" means annoncement on May 31st, 23:59:59 :-> ... delivery will take quite a while looking at how many people are waiting for this.

The one question of course is the "new sensor", and looking at Canon's latest performance this doesn't mean much ... think of it: $2000 with all possible gimmicks and comforts Canon can add is still rather cheap if this would be a *real* challenge to 5d3/ff quality, so I don't expect this to be the famed "next sensor generation".

Lenses / Re: 85mm
« on: November 13, 2013, 03:49:15 AM »
I'm talking about head portraits mostly. The 100L macro which i own, is fringless on that matter.

Um, this is a bit off topic (sorry), but I was wondering about getting the very reasonably priced 85/1.8 in combination to my 100L...

... but I somehow doubt this is really necessary, the aperture difference isn't that large and the 100L has IS. For which occasions do you find the 100L too long, or are you set upon getting an even shallower dof than f2.8?

I've been testing a refurb 6d for a week now. The AF is abominable. AF misses plenty. This is both after focal calibration - twice - and tuning by hand.

With my f2.8 lens the 6D center af is not great because it sometimes misses, but certainly not that bad - I'd say the real failure rate is 1 in 25-50 shots. Otherwise the center af point is more precise than my 60D in stills shooting, so I'd say there's really something amiss with your copy.

Lastly, I'm pretty disappointed at the 6ds sharpness. Images - when accurate- are pretty soft out of camera. Not one image has any of the clarity from my t2i files. I'm not so sure it's the AF entirely, as I've been viewing raw files from around the net and they all show the same soft, oily looking effects.

In this case it isn't your af. First off, the 6d is tuned for high iso so files at low iso are somewhat less sharp than 5d3 which itself is less sharp than 5d2 - but to a degree that shouldn't matter much in real life shooting.

What you a experiencing is the "ff look" which can be a bit irritating when coming from crop - also the lenses look completely different on ff vs. crop (shallower dof, different bokeh and sharpness). The noisier crop images can be indeed be perceived as "crisp" was also my very first reaction with my new 6d - I got used to it and now use my 60d for macro where the "crop look" seems to be better, next to the deeper depth of field.

Last not least ff raw files need more postprocessing than crop, they look flat and blurrier than crop - this changes even after a very small degree of tuning, but if you're the sooc type this might be disappointing, in this case get a 70d and better lenses.

EOS Bodies / Re: Patent: A Pellicle Mirror by Canon
« on: November 12, 2013, 02:27:26 PM »
My concern is that someday EVFs will ultimately replace OVFs.

Rest assured: they will - ultimately ovf will be a niche product for folklore and history like steam engines  - and for special purposes of course if some can be found, but at a very high premium.

Personally, I'd switch to an evf if it doesn't draw too much power, is nearly indistinguishable from an ovf and provides superior functionality - namely focus peaking and zebras, next to tons of other useful hints you can add to an evf.

My only worry is related to its outer AF points. Is it really that bad?Thanks for the feedback. What about the outer AF points? Have you tried to use them with a fast prime? Are they really that bad?

One slightly "bad" thing about the outer af points is that they only have f5.6 precision, so the faster your lens is the more slightly out of focus images you'll get - but with a really fast prime that probably also happen with the f2.8 center point so you should know something about manual focus. How much this hurts is very depending on what you do.

Two really "bad" things about the outer points are more severe though since you cannot work around these: They only work up to 0.5LV (like my 60d, and this means dim light = no more or incredibly slow af) and they are not cross so they'll often fail to focus on low-contrast surfaces, you still have to focus & recompose on something they can lock on - an then you can simply use the center point to begin with. In good light this often won't be a problem, but in dim light it adds up and the 6d is essentially a one point af camera.

Lenses / Re: AFMA & distance?
« on: November 11, 2013, 07:23:37 AM »
Slightly off topic but related, is it worth having ones camera and lenses calibrated? In doing so canon would presumably set all the correct amfa values for the camera and lenses.

I guess it's worth it if there's a large difference between afma needed for near and far object distance because unlike Sigma Canon's current afma approach doesn't account for that, but Canon service might be able to do something about it.

Lenses / Re: AFMA & distance?
« on: November 11, 2013, 06:09:06 AM »
Generally, a difference in AFMA of +/- 4 makes only a tiny difference in sharpness.

Thanks for the curves, now it's Marsu42 reporting back from afma adjustment outdoor test (if anyone ever reads this thread via search)...

... you're correct, the +5 of my 100L only makes a tiny difference @f2.8, but there it is, esp. at longer lens-object distance, so it was a good idea to adjust the lens. However, for my 60d w/o afma (thanks, Canon!) this +5 seems to be just outside the dof on crop as I never noticed any issues then, it's only on ff that the focus seems to be a little off wide open w/o adjustment.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 6D - Getting started in Magic Lantern ...
« on: November 11, 2013, 03:57:52 AM »
There have been reports of the bootflag slowing down the startup time on a 5d3 either from powered down or from sleep.

You're correct, I forgot about that - startup with the bootflag is about ~1s slower since the camera tries to determine if the sd/cf card is bootable and contains autoexec.bin - no delay to be really worried about, but it might matter if you never plan to use ml again.

Btw, Marsu42 I downloaded your fork of the magic lantern build because I really wanted the autoiso module.  I had some problems getting it to compile (5d3) in windows at first but I think I worked them out. I should run through the small changes I had to make to get it to compile with you.

If there's anything wrong with the module or it needs changes to compile for the 5d3 let me know (I can only try it on 60d & 6d):

Also the code in the repo is not the newest version with faster metering I'm currently testing/running myself, the repo version should be working just fine though. Alex is currently on vacation so it'll take some months before it's merged, but I just pulled the newest trunk code into the aiso repo so you should be able to compile & use it on the 5d3:

Esp. CFG_QUICK_TOGGLE_ON and CFG_QUICK_TOGGLE_OFF might need fixes for 5d3, these are to toggle auto_iso off when selecting a manual iso and to turn it on when dialing to Canon A.

Now, I am still too chicken to install it because of the bootflag startup delay issue. But it is very tempting.

I'd be very surprised if anyone who tried ML would stop to use it - focus peaking, raw histogram/zebras, dual_iso with 14ev dynamic range and auto_iso (I'm using Av with 1/1000 min. shutter + fill flash with auto iso all the time) makes it worth alone.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 6D - Getting started in Magic Lantern ...
« on: November 10, 2013, 02:25:19 PM »
Does 6D ML  support fully uninstall (unlike 5D3) ?

I actually don't know if you can remove the 6d bootflag because I don't intend to do it, there are no reports of Canon making any fuzz about it - this issue is blown out of proportion because it seems many people don't realize "uninstalling" ML is simply by formatting the sd/cf card as the camera then boots w/o ml (or simply press a button on startup).

Ask 1% in the ML forum (new ports -> 6d dev kit) as he's the maintainer of the 6d ML "Tragic Lantern" port.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 6D - Getting started in Magic Lantern ...
« on: November 10, 2013, 08:56:17 AM »
Thanks ... I need to trouble you further though ... Can you please clarify how to run ML in the C-mode as you suggest above?

Set the dial on your 6d to either C1 or C2 :-p ... in these modes, all changes you do yourself or through ML aren't preserved by the camera and you can only change them though the Canon fw (register C settings).

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 6D - Getting started in Magic Lantern ...
« on: November 10, 2013, 06:50:57 AM »
I'm thinking of getting started with using Magic Lantern on the 6D. Troubling part is that ML mentions on its website that the software may brick the camera.

You have to differentiate between "crash" and "brick". Here's my experience with ML after 2.5 years on 60d 3 month 6d:

* "crash" means that the camera freezes. This can happen esp. in early builds due to bugs in ML and is not something to be overly concerned about because you just have to take out the battery (or just open the battery door), re-insert it, done. This lack of stability means that you shouldn't use pre-final ML in production environments where reliability is paramount, for example shooting a wedding.

* "brick" means your camera doesn't react or start anymore, even with a card w/o ML on it. Since the general ML code base is rather mature by now and most of the devs are very concerned about stability, it is very unlikely that you will ever experience this even running the latest nightly ML - I would dare to say that actual hardware damage for example by too high digic/cmos temperature is nearly impossible by now.

The main reason why bricking happens is that ML writes values to the Canon nvram that are out of bounds, and in most cases you can un-brick your camera with a special debug ML that you just have to run to clear the Canon nvram. A 100% foolproof way is to use a C mode since no settings are written to the Canon nvram, that's what I do when I code for ML and try out new changes.

Bottom line: Get it if you want to experiment a bit, aren't concerned about the lack of documentation on the latest features but want to get a great enhancement or script/code what your camera does yourself (and I'm only (still) using Canon because of this). If you are rather conservative about features and automatisation, don't feel limited by the Canon fw or are very fearful about your €3000 camera, don't use it.

Last not least: Labels like "Alpha" mostly mean not dangerous, but that it's not feature-complete. The dev resources of ML are very limited (it's essentially 2 people who really know how to do it) and the number of supported cameras grows, so don't expect a final 5d3 or 6d in the near future, not to speak of a 70d version.

Makes you wonder what sort of conversations are happening between Canon and their litigation lawyers.

Probably none, because they figured out that they cannot prevent clones long ago, less so if they aren't 1:1 optical copies.

Of course Unless covered by a patent, but the rt protocol wouldn't fall under that as the Samba folk reverse engineering Microsoft's network protocol showed. But Canon could converse with their technicians to add a (stronger) protocol encryption next time...

To all who are interested and didn't recognize it yet

Thanks - still no 6d unlike in the US, so lucky me I bought it for ~1500€ and the price has gone up since then :-> ... and it's funny to see that there are more months of the year *with* Cashback in Germany than without, so basically you have to be in a real hurry to buy these for the full price.

Btw. These cashbacks are less than the last, I got €100 on the 600rt, the 24-70L2 was €300 instead of €250 now...

... and I missed the chance to sell my 430ex2 via ebay in the short period w/o cashback :-\

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