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EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Announces the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II
« on: Today at 11:54:27 AM »
We've already seen images coming off of the FS7 and it's entirely different story than the FS700

Could you provide some links? All I've seen is this: vimeo.com/105756611 which wasn't that impressive.

There's another clip, here- no scientific tests yet, but it looks to me like greater dynamic range than the FS700's usable 11-12. Seems to be delivering on the promise of 14 stops.


EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Announces the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II
« on: Today at 10:39:01 AM »
I'd like to remind the people talking about the FS7, that the FS700 was a Canon killer on paper too.  Then we started seeing what the actual images looked like coming off the FS700, and it wasn't comparable.

We've already seen images coming off of the FS7 and it's entirely different story than the FS700- images look more cinematic and using the Slog 3 yields 14 stops of dynamic range with ergonomic usability much greater. I've already heard from cinematographer friends about shows pre-ordering multiple FS7s.

This is a potential C300/100 killer, which is why Canon is currently making moves with the C100ii and adding kits to B&H.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Announces the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II
« on: Today at 10:35:05 AM »
If you use the C300 and C100 daily you will know how significantly better the C300 feels, and this upgrade makes the C100 actually nicer than the C300. The tiltable hq EVF is alone worthy of upgrade, the screen is also a great addition, slowmotion also is very good, these were the only complaints people had with the C100 and it fixed those. The dual pixel AF in the entire frame can revolutionize event/sports/documentary shooting. They also DO claim higher image quality and better high ISO performance.let's wait and see what it does in real life tests, but this seems like the most "complete" video camera for 5$k now. If you need 4K, this camera is not 4K, look at 4K cameras, there are many.

The Canon C line while disappoints web-readers who don't actually use the cameras, prove to be the best in class when actually used. The C300 didn't become the de facto standard for news and broadcast for it's spec sheet, remember how the scarlet was announced on the same day with an enormous spec sheet, look how many use the scarlet compared to the c300 now. Let's wait until we see the images and real-life tests.
It does not say dpaf for the entire frame. I'm guessing it is just the center as before.  But entire frame with a touch screen focus pull would change things

I agree- if Canon could integrate touch focus into the C100 for the entire frame, this would be a killer feature. Still, they have no reason to keep milking their customers for cams that are not 4K-capable. At least allow this thing to record 4K with an external recorder. It's simply very clear they are still protecting their higher-end at the expense of adding value.

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Canon Announces New Cinema EOS C100 & C300 Kits
« on: October 21, 2014, 01:11:02 PM »
Looks like Sony's FS7 has Canon jumping.

Yup. A poor, temporary solution to Sony's FS7 move. Neither of these kits address 4k capability, though. My guess is Canon won't make a larger move until NAB next year when new Cinema cams come out but I do hope I'm wrong...

Reviews / Re: Camera Store Trashes New G7X
« on: October 20, 2014, 03:27:57 PM »
"Canon needs to step up their release cycle." From a video spec perspective btwn these two cams, this is certainly true.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Announces CN20x50 Cine-Servo Ultra Zoom Lens
« on: October 16, 2014, 10:26:24 AM »
And a steal at $50,000...if we're lucky.  ;)

Canon General / Re: seeimpossible.usa.canon.com?
« on: October 07, 2014, 07:45:44 AM »
Lame. Instead of spending time on marketing, I echo the sentiments voiced above- just add features to your cameras that bring them in line with similar offerings by competitors.

Be bold and risk cannibalizing your own products in order to give customers what they want. Yes, Canon started the HDSLR video revolution- capitalize on it by leading that segment rather than abandoning it to protect higher end marketshare and thus ceding it to competitors.

People love using Canon products- give back to them by adding features they want in a timely manner and pushing competition forward, not playing the conservative "market leader" card.

While Canon is playing the market leader card, Sony is out there trying things and cannibalizing their own products. Some of their products will succeed and that approach may eventually garner more consumer support and more marketshare.

If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.




Yes, I know this entry is talking about a camera for stills, but chiming in from a video perspective here --

I love my Canon 5DIII for video but am (with no malice or bias) about to buy a Sony A7S body, as it's 4K capable with 14 stops of dynamic range and high ISO for filmmaking purposes, and using it with Canon glass.

I know we're discussing a high megapixel body for stills, but if the powers that be at Canon are listening, it's worth noting, that, from a video perspective, Canon is about to begin losing people.

I'll still keep my 5DIII body with soft spot in my heart, but Canon needs to start listening, to both the photography and video DSLR shooters, lest they lose some.

Yes, it's hard to hear, we love you Canon, but you need to shake things up and be bold.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Black Rapid Backpack Strap
« on: September 25, 2014, 10:17:48 PM »
It's a cool idea but I wouldn't buy this for the reason that I like to keep my BlackRapid RS-7 separate and put it on underneath my F-Stop Guru backpack. That way, I can still take my backpack off and keep the BR strap w/5DIII securely on my body while taking out a new lens.

If I had to take the camera off before removing the backpack, it would defeat the purpose and be awkward. My two cents :)

It's nice to hear that Canon Cinema EOS products are being used on such a "high" profile project. Couldn't resist ;-) Canon products are top notch and easy to use with probably the best "out of the box" picture quality, so no surprise they were selected by NASA.

However, as a filmmaker who frequents this site I can't just take a press release with that info as a substitute for much needed video spec bumps in the Cinema EOS and HDSLR video line.

I'll need a 4K-capable DSLR with high ISO that matches the Sony A7S or the Sony FS7 on specs and price to buy another Canon body.

No hate here, just love and wanting Canon to pull out the stops instead of worrying about cannibalizing themselves.

EOS Bodies / Re: 7D Mark II Video Tested By Gizmodo
« on: September 18, 2014, 06:55:23 PM »
There is barely a difference between the 3- that's what we're supposed to see here. Canon seems not want to compete in the video DSLR market anymore. Sad- it's the end of an era, really :(

If they're smart, they'll develop a second line of Cinema EOS DSLRs that are more affordable (and thus more competitive) for filmmakers and videographers.

EOS Bodies / Re: A Surprise Cinema EOS Announcement for Photokina? [CR1]
« on: September 13, 2014, 02:55:43 PM »
I hope this does mean a 7DC development announcement or a C100II update. Needed specs to compete and make me buy another camera body from Canon would be-

possible RAW DNG option (they'll never do that).
120fps in 720 at least (preferably 240fps in 720 and 120fps in 1080)
low light ISO sensitivity on par with 5DIII or better

Love the ergonomics of the C100/300/500 series but for functionality am heavily considering Sony at this point, especially with their S-log2 and 3 on A7S and now FS7.

EOS Bodies / Re: How does the reveal of the final 7D2 specs make you feel?
« on: September 11, 2014, 05:38:01 PM »
No 4K or RAW so disappointed but not surprised- I'm curious to see if there are any features Canon tries to push as video upgrades besides dual pixel...an included intervalometer is cool for us filmmakers.

Hi transpo1.
Not sure what leads you to that conclusion, they will probably need to implement 4K in 7DII to retain market share against other manufacturers that have it in comparable price / quality bodies already. I don't think the cinema range will be under threat from a 7DII.
It is good that Canon are keeping abreast of the 4K standards and implementing changes via the firmware though.

Cheers, Graham.

There you have it- definitely no 4K in the 7DII if anyone was still holding out hope.

Thanks, Graham, I completely agree and hope you're right -- they should implement 4K -- but am just reacting to the current 1080p video specs being bandied about.

There you have it- definitely no 4K in the 7DII if anyone was still holding out hope.

I was thinking the opposite.  This looks more like additional ways to segregate the Cinema line from the consumer line if they start pushing 4k down the ladder toward the consumer products like the 7D replacement.

Gosh, you know -- I was a bit sleepy this morning ;) So looking at from the reverse angle, you may be right. This could be just to appease the Cinema EOS crowd, some of whom could be angry if a 4K 7DII is announced.

We'll know soon enough. I thought it strange there is RAW acceleration for Intel Iris Pro Graphics, which is a consumer graphics card, without a consumer range camera from Canon that does RAW video. Interesting.

I'd be somewhat satisfied if the 7DII does RAW 1080p and 4K compressed ;)

Are you a PRO?.

Because in a different thread someone wrote PROS will not use the 7D MK2 for work even if it had 4K.

Something i can not agree to when i look at the GH4.

I would be interested what the common senus is on this topic, on this more geeky than artsy forum.

Yes, I am a pro.

Pros will use it, even if it's just compressed Motion JPEG 4K like the 1DC.

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