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It surprises me that no-one has tried to put a Sony sensor into a Canon 5d3 and make the perfect camera.
Swapping engines and transmissions in cars is not uncommon, so why not swap sensors in cameras?

I don't think it's a simple as changing a lens or a focusing screen. The sensor is the guts of the camera and it's hard wired in. I'd imagine Sony uses completely different components than Canon so you can't just stick it on and expect it to work. Then you need to programme the digic processor to work with the new sensor. So you'd need the electrical engineering skills from both Sony and Canon plus the coding skills of the ML team to stand a chance. How many attempts would it even take? Do you wanna buy a bunch of $3000 cameras just so you can play Dr Frankenstein with them?

I bet there is some lunatic out there that is probably doing this very thing as I type this!

You need to replace almost all of the electronics, design new custom chips, write a new firmware from scratch.

NOW YOU TELL ME! OMG i guess i gotta put this all back the way it was...
seriously, jrista, get better and keep up the good fight. I'm by your side in spirt.

Sure this place isn't all rainbows and sausages, but it's pretty good overall. I've always been surprised that these disagreements don't quickly go down the road of, "ya? well your mother...." again overall pretty good. Lots of guys here are mostly into gear and perhaps never actually use their cameras. others will grab whatever they have and do their best. I'm much closer to the later. most of my nitpicks involve getting stuff done as efficiently as possible. I only wish i could fiddle with one image for hrs, and personally I don't see the example you posted as being so out of line. tons of people go all "natural light", and that's just what they would get.(personally i feel that most natural light shooters just don't know how to light but that's a horse of a different color) i guess you could go the other way and expose for the inside and then tweak out on the windows. i guess that would be better. at least it would have a smaller footprint on the... print, but whatever, i get it.
  some of you are hopelessly lost yet damn sure of where your are. to the point i don't care to bother looking the i forum, but then sometimes (cue dumb and dumber) you go and totally redeem yourselves. i don't know. i guess i'll kick around.
  so on reacap,
    jrista-cool, i would totally take you out for a beer if i was in (wherever you live).
    clueless people(I know, you don't think i'm pointing at you)- be more humble.
    everyone- chill. we are taking about cameras.

EOS Bodies / Re: EOS 7D Mark II: More High ISO Samples
« on: September 28, 2014, 04:25:43 PM »
I never said game changer for bif and wildlife. I said it was superb if you're not in the high end 1d market. I said the anti flickering mode is a game changer, and it is.

I think it's hard to understand how big of a deal this is if you haven't shot indoor sports in crappy lighting.

So it looks like Viggo and raptor3x are probably the only guys here(besides me, duh)who even know what this new feature cures. They say it cures it, but it's almost a fantasy that they are able to pull this off. Anyway it's good to know that out of the thousands of photo guys here, 3 guys(me included) know what the hell is going on.

Lighting / Re: another, Graflex Graflarger back "45", free
« on: September 28, 2014, 04:19:12 PM »
It is still available. PM me.

EOS Bodies / mirrorless ?
« on: September 27, 2014, 09:07:14 PM »
I was wondering, are we all hoping to be using our lenses and flashes some day on a mirrorless camera? What is it that we want from this camera? do we want it to fit in our pocket? Do we want it to have a FF sensor? We certainly want the best AF Canon can muster, but do we want a little plastic computer hanging off the back our our teles? Or do we just want what we basically have now, - the mirror + any and all benefits that a mirrorless arrangement gives us?

EOS Bodies / Re: EOS 7D Mark II: More High ISO Samples
« on: September 27, 2014, 08:54:04 PM »
I would say it was tepid due to the small MP increase and canon not making any claims about things like DR. It just looks like a 70d sensor rehash, and maybe it is.
    BUT, that thing it does with indoor shooting, WOW! i have taken tens of thousands of indoor sporting event photos and if this new feature works like they claim, WOW. really if i still did that stuff i would sell my other bodies and get a set of these mk2's straight away. i see no reason to believe that these won't be the best in the world for that purpose, no matter the cost.

Canon General / Re: Square or cross shaped sensors
« on: September 26, 2014, 08:39:09 PM »
i've asked this question before. I figured that a square would also provide the most area, but smarter people than me said that wasn't correct. they stated that a 3x2 sensor provided more area. i think someone even posted a mock up graphic of the formats laying onto of each other. i never bothered to do the math, but i still think the square would be larger, or am i just missing something? more importantly to me, i just prefer a 4x5 or so ratio most of the time. for me, 3x2 is usually a bit to wide for most stuff and not nearly wide enough when i want to go wide. sure i just stitch, but sometimes things are moving and that just doesn't work out to well.
  almost forgot- cross shaped sensors? ain't nobody got time for that one. how about we settle on a square and i open a business selling cross shaped GOBOs in spin on filters! sweet!!

Lighting / another, Graflex Graflarger back "45", free
« on: September 25, 2014, 09:26:29 PM »
So this thing is from my grandfather. I'm just not going to use it, and I don't want it to get dumpstered. I can't say when this was purchased, but the camera it was used with was bought in 1947, i found tha receipt. My grandfather kept records like you wouldn't believe, i'm probably to blame for this receipt not turning up. Anyway, i just pulled this thing from it's original box, plugged it in, crossed my fingers and flipped the switch. Lit up without any issues. amazing, also amazingly heavy and tough. so again, i only ask for shipping fees.
-attached photo will probably be upside down like the softbox thing. sweet!

Lighting / would anyone take care of this plume wafer softbox thing for me?
« on: September 25, 2014, 09:17:02 PM »
So i have this plume wafer softbox thing with a speedotron head mounting plate. it's in pretty good working order, i just don't need it. If interested PM me. I'm not selling it, i'm giving it away, so i hope it's okay to post this here. (couldn't really find a freebie area!) anyway, i only ask that you cover shipping.

Canon General / Re: DRones vs. anti-DRones: how to resolve the controversy
« on: September 25, 2014, 01:00:05 PM »
how about a good old fashioned staring competition? no? rock, paper, oh never mind...

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Says Higher Resolution Sensors Are Coming Soon
« on: September 24, 2014, 10:54:33 PM »
They ll go incremental.  23mp 5div,  24mp Dx s......  This is canon we're talking about after all.   And really do I want a 120mp body?  Seriously I don't want to take any steps backward in high ISO IQ for the sake of MP's.

there was a time when it was the norm for Canon to have 50-100% more megapickles than the competition.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5diii to 7dii?
« on: September 23, 2014, 09:12:43 AM »
i'm with just about everyone else here, stay put, or get a 6d+ pocket money and lose a lot of AF performance. It doesn't look like you'd miss that AF THAT much, but only you can decide it's value to you. You already have the best lenses in about every sense from 24mm- 200mm. so you can't go faster than f2.8, or 6fps. big deal. going to a 1.6 crop body means you'll lose at least a stop of ISO IQ, a stop of DOF isolation, and wide angle. i wouldn't.

from my exp at least it's an industry norm for full timers to be VERY slow with delivering photos to clients. I've known of some to put pull the memory cards from the event and put them on a shelf. (They typically buy new cards for every event) then after a couple months they get around to post work with the files. Obv that isn't everyone, but that has been something i see alot of. I'm part time. I'm faster than they are. I have backup, and my backup has as backup. i wouldn't worry to much about what equipment they use. within reason.
  If i were you i'd try and get 2 shooters. As much as the lone shooter would like to be in 3 places at once(shots of the guys getting ready, girls getting ready, and reception area(and this one usually is't ready until moments before they arrive, so it's tough)/wedding venue) it's just not going to happen. that's right, quotes inside quotes!

   i have been to weddings where the photographer is a disaster. Once the the guy was on the verge of being drunk. he spent most of his time "chimping", and fussing with his camera. Apparently that guy was very inexpensive so he got the gig.i was just there as a wedding guest. I get almost all my work as a "hired gun". That's one of the reasons i don't post photos here or anywhere else. It's just not that cool. My pay is on the lower end of the grand scale, but for the hired gun work i usually do, i'm near the top. it's cool though, with my schedule i can't devote a lot of time to it all anyway. having a second full time job is good for the bills while the photo thing is just side money, and i do enjoy making good photos for people and seeing young couples being so happy on there wedding day. on the other hand if i woke up tomorrow and i had 12 jobs i'd have to make some changes.

EOS Bodies / Re: Just for Jrista: 2014 Market Data
« on: September 20, 2014, 09:38:08 PM »
so a pro is still using a 30d? no kidding. My second shooter does as well. pros or part timers aren't in it to buy the latest camera gear. My second shooter and i usually get a kick out of how many people attending whatever event we are working have better gear than he does. me? well, i think i have some pretty sweet gear, but nothing like many of you guys.
 pros moving to sony? not event shooters. i came from minolta, and at first i thought that since our cameras are now computers with lenses an electronics giant like sony might be very good. but i feared they would do what they usually do. jack up prices, and start using special sony designed mem cards and the like. then i thought they would start coming out with 12 models a year with completely different control layouts. i don't want that. canon stuck with what i/we know with the 7dmk2 and that is good. when using two cameras at a time, i dislike having one button different.
 anyway, that was some rambling.

Everyone and his/her grandmother seems to hit the market now with some version of 35mm F/1.4 - F/2.0, and I really wonder who buys all these 35mm lenses, especially when the market is pretty much covered by Canon's 35/2IS (cheap and effective), Canon's 35L (expensive but says "Canon L"), Sigma's 35A (moderately priced, but says "Sigma") and Zeiss's Otus (expensive&MF but optically excellent).

there isn't a 35mm Otus.

EOS Bodies / Re: How can we improve on 5D3 to 5D4?
« on: September 17, 2014, 07:57:34 PM »
actually i wasn't kidding at all. i get the sense i know a great deal more about Ti and carbon fiber than you guys do. not only that you guys must not very active people, tons of stuff is made from these products these days. you certainly can buy a Ti carbon weave racket just about anywhere. expensive? well, not in the amount we're talking about for a camera body. In the fields of racing/aero/space these items have been around for decades.... my watch is solid Ti, my motorcycle is made up many large pieces of Ti, carbon, aluminum, mag, a ceramic aluminum sintered matrix, and some good old steel as well. i know what i'm talking about. berylium? please, how about econel? you don't know nuthin' about metals or tennis.

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