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Yeah, but the IS is rumored to be 1.8 or even 2. Now, will it be remarkably better than my 50 f/1.8? Dunno, the 35 f/2 IS has had me thinking for the longest time, and I might just pick it up some time, but I wish they kept the f/1.4 and just made the 50mm better- sigh!

I wouldn't be surprised if Canon's new 50/f2 IS replaces *BOTH* the 50/1.4 AND the 50/1.8.

i.e. the cheap options will disappear.

Really nice...!! If the quality is mutch better then the old 50 1.4.. I'll change it!

But... why Sigma hasn't weather sealed lenses?!  :-X  :-\

Posted just last week:

"But I haven’t seen one manufacturer yet tell us exactly what weather their lens is sealed against. Snow? Rain? Sunshine? Wind? Well, it can’t be wind because the lenses we spend the most time taking dust out of are mostly ‘weather sealed’."

So think of "weather sealing" as a marketing gimmick that lots of people buy into.

Yes! Love my 2 ART lenses, now they just need to make that UWA zoom


Looks like a sweet camera.
The previous Nikon S versions have been very minor increments. Expect nothing more than a bigger buffer and faster processing to go with it. As far as I know there's never been a new sensor or an increase in frame rate introduced with an S version.

By all accounts this won't bring Nikons flagship up to 1D X levels of performance.

And if it does or bests Canon, what then?

Personally, I'll wait until Canon answers later this year and compare the two.  My hypothesis is that the Canon will be slightly less sharp (based on the 35 Art vs. the Canon 35 F/2 IS) and possibly a half stop slower, but will it be much smaller and lighter, and that's of value to me.

I'm with you on this - I'll wait and see what Canon delivers in the 50mm area later this year but I'm not sure I'll wait forever. Canon has consistently delivered late more recently and that kind of behaviour really doesn't warrant a following.

Canon could also be brave for a change and weather-seal the new 50 (despite not being an L) and try to win the business over Sigma with quality/robustness angle.  But I doubt it.

Have you read the most recent teardown from Roger at Lens Rentals where weather sealing is exposed as "a piece of foam rubber that kind of works"?

Interesting lens, but I'm disappointed that they didn't just fix their previous 50mm.

Thing is, that lens is GREAT and is DIFFERENT. It was able to mix very high center sharpness with the creamiest bokeh. It had 3 problems: it was huge, AF was unreliable, and corners where never sharp even after stopping down. In a way, it was a sharper and much cheaper analogue of the Canon 50mm L, though obviously also a tad slower.

Fixing that lens, even only AF-wise, would have given them a real winner. Instead, it seems that the point of this lens is more like porting their 35mm A into a 50mm FL. Good for lens collectors, but I imagine many people in the field would rather take the 35mm and do some cropping. That's what I'd do, at least.


The 50/1.4 Art is a fix for the current 50/1.4.

Hi, there was some movement on the "dark side", so what's next for us "Canonites"?

Are you kidding?!


Canon is #1 in DSLR sales so why would they need to do anything?

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon abandoned EOS M?
« on: January 04, 2014, 03:39:18 PM » has recently posted a link to the top-selling mirrorless and DSLR cameras in Japan

According to this link, Canon EOS-M is the second top-selling mirrorless camera in Japan. I know it's not worldwide but anyway, it seems that Japanese like it.

Another interesting thing is that EOS Kiss X5 (T3i) is the top-selling DSLR in Japan.

DSLR percentages:
Canon share: 48.7%
Nikon share: 41.5%
Ricoh share: 3.4%
Sony share: 1.7%

Mirrorless percentages:
Olympus: 25.4%
Sony: 23.1%
Panasonic: 11.5%
Canon: 9.2%
Ricoh: 7.8%
Nikon: 5.7%

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Buy a 5D Mark III or Wait for ??? in 2014
« on: January 03, 2014, 06:36:14 AM »
Kind of hoping for a new chip that competes with the Sony/Nikon overall quality.  Wait or purchase a 5D MIII? Talk here is that Canon will not give us a new camera in 2014.  If true, the question is wait til 2015 sometime, or buy a MIII. Have Mark II, access to several Mark III, at work, but need a personal camera update.

If you need it then you'll buy it. Or rather you would have bought it already and wouldn't need to ask.

Therefore you should wait.

Photography Technique / Re: Great Article from Canon USA., PRO Product Team
« on: December 31, 2013, 08:56:31 AM »
The article on extenders is interesting and since the Canon ones aren't compatible with anything except "L" lenses of a certain range, think I'll check out the Kenko ones that can be used with any Canon lens :) And Kenko is cheaper too!

Reviews / Re: Review - Canon EF 24-70 f/4L IS
« on: December 31, 2013, 08:39:36 AM »
So why introduce the 24-105 in the first place?

My only guess it were other times back then when Canon had a different marketing approach, they wanted a complete ff 5d2 solution with one lens to keep the system affordable. Not that everyone and his cat has a cheaper 6d ff camera and Canon is on the money grab they probably feel customers can be nudged into buying two lenses.

The 24-105 was introduced with the original 5D in 2005.

The 24-105 vs 24-70 L IS really is a matter of personal preference. Greater range vs subtly better resolution. I have both ( through Building Panoramics ) and I'm torn between the two. The new lens is definitely better but as a general purpose 'do everything' lens I use 105 a lot.

And having such a good general purpose lens more than likely led to fewer lens sales.

I'm with others that see the 24-105 meaning less telephoto zooms sold and thus bad for business.

Canon General / Move away from Canon to Nikon for sports?
« on: December 30, 2013, 03:09:18 AM »
At a sports event where pro photographers usually number 2:1 or so for Canon to Nikon bodies and lenses, the ratio was 3:2 for Nikon to Canon.

Software & Accessories / Re: Tripod Advice
« on: December 29, 2013, 11:37:57 PM »
I'm looking to invest in a tripod and I'm seeking some input.  I have done a fair amount of reading on various sites, including this forum, about tripod selection.  Generally speaking, I know that tripods have only two out of the three properties:  cheap, light, sturdy.

A light tripod that is worthwhile having is neither cheap nor sturdy. You need weight to make a tripod sturdy.

After consideration, I've found the Manfrotto MK294C3 to be an intriguing option.  However, there are few reviews on Amazon and B&H that tell me much.

It is a carbon fiber, three-section tripod with a quick release ball head.  It has a 11 pound capacity and weighs 4 pounds.

Most of my interest is landscape and I travel quite extensively.  I use a 5D3 and my heaviest lens is the 70-200 f/2.8 mk2.  I do anticipate eventually getting a longer lens, but not likely anything longer than 400mm. 

When you say that you "travel quite extensively", how is it that you travel? By car or by plane?

If you are travelling by plane the it may be worth your while to go lighter (~1kg tripod plus head) because of the weight savings in luggage.

Canon General / Re: Why Wedding Photographers’ Prices are “Wack”?
« on: December 24, 2013, 10:48:38 AM »
When I was initially learning photography my rate of creating truly stunning photos was maybe 1:5,000. After years of effort I was able to move that to 1:500 and then 1:250. When I switched to shallow depth of field lenses things got even harder, and I moved to 1:500 again. Then with more practice I got to 1:150. Adding in more and more complexity and more challenging and expensive equipment moved the rate at which I created good results down further and more practice brought it up. Finally after years and years of even more effort I can make a stunning photo about 1 out of ever 40 times I push the shutter button.

That's an amazing stunner rate. Almost down to the 1-a-roll with 36 exposure rolls.

Lenses / Re: Two New 24-70's Coming in 2014? [CR1]
« on: December 24, 2013, 03:51:19 AM »
No and no.

I don't buy lenses to invest, I buy lenses to take photographs with.

I'm gonna have to say... that most of us does not want to pay a premium.  Especially seeing the trends of canon's recent pricing/marketing.  Just wait a bit for the price to come down.

Ok, so if people don't want to pay a "new product premium", wait for it to age a bit. How hard can that be?

If on the other hand you buy it while it is new and you end up paying a bit more than if you waited, well where's the harm in that? You've bought it and used it so where's the problem?

Of course, you are probably gonna keep your purchases but it is disheartening when the price goes down so much in a short time. (not the case for all lenses obviously).

Buyer's remorse. Suck it up and learn so that you're more careful next time.

But then, you do buy lenses primarily to take photographs with, I hope.  I have to say that most people don't take photos to make money with in the first place.  Most are hobbyists, amateurs, and enthusiasts like me and it wouldn't be smart to invest in glass.


Most things depreciate over a short time, especially electronics..

Lenses are made more from glass and exotic crystals than they are electronics. Cameras on the other hand ...

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