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Has anyone seen a availability date?  Then I am guessing it would take 30 days for a few reliable reviews to surface.  The price of the Canon 24-70mm II and omission of IS has me interested in the Tamron offering.

Tamron settled on $1299, available April 26.


With Canon 24-70 MkI selling new at $1399 from Amazon, the Tamron better at least match Canon's MkI to be successful.

Considering that the current 28-75 2.8 does very well against the canon, I can't imagine that we would not see a good bump up overall.

Lenses / Thoughts on 70-300 DO for vid and stills (FF & Crop)
« on: April 10, 2012, 01:43:55 AM »
I had borrowed this lens about 4 years ago with a 450D as a backup that didn't get used.

It felt good in hands, but there was not time for experiments.

Still wondering if its something of value today.
The 70-200 4Lis + 1.4 gives me the range but at 5.6 max ap.

Can anyone share thoughts or experiences ??

Lenses / Re: $1200 for Lens to shoot video
« on: April 10, 2012, 01:35:20 AM »
Try the current Tamron 28-75 2.8.  Focusing ring is not as nice (feels a bit short and not as smooth on pulls) as the 24-70, but IQ is quite good.

This will leave room in your budget for a 50 1.4.

Lenses / Re: Opinions on Canon EF 28mm f/1.8 USM
« on: April 10, 2012, 01:27:13 AM »
I've the 28 1.8 and 100 2.0 pair.
Love em both.   
The 28 is on at least 22% of the time for stills (via ApertureInspector), but less so for video.

Bad light and being able to be on my feet moving around it remains the fav - and I move it it between the 7d & 5d2 depending on proximity and angle. 

Easy to follow focus without gears hand held on a body-lens-only config.
Focusing ring rotates about 90 degrees from min to inf. A nice comfortable range, vs. 180 deg on the 50 1.4.

However, as soon as you have good lights, less chance to move around, etc, you want to reach for the zooms. Tammy 28-75 2.8 sits in the bag just for this.

I love IQ in the 28. It's a different character than the 35L. Shooting usually at 2~2.8, I still find that I touch the contrast and sharpening a bit.

Price is a deal. Build is better than the 50 1.4 (had mine rebuilt twice). Less play in the focusing ring. No extending front element during focusing (keeps more dirt out, safer in quick lens swapping).

Lenses / Re: Your Most Used Lens!
« on: April 09, 2012, 07:33:50 PM »
40% 28 1.8
40% 50 1.4
10% 10-22
10% 70-200

But the 100/f2 as been bumping out the 50 and 70-200 lately.

I disagree with much of the advice given here. The most direct path to your goals, it seems to me, would be the 5D Mk III plus a simple adapter for your Nikon glass.
By that same token, why wouldnt he just get a 5DII with that same adaptor, save $1500, and use that $1500 to complete his lens collection. An 85mm Nikon prime and probably something else on the wide end and he'd be better off than a 5dIII (which is more of a stills update than a video update) and no extra lenses.

That said, I agree with the others. If you have the money, get a dedicated video camera. There are adapters for the FS-100 and AF-100. With them, you can shoot uncompressed, which will improve your resolution and your workflow.

5D2 = no 50fps, worse rolling shutter.
Use the $1500 for 2nd body (used 7D) and lens

DSLR vid is also really turned into a culture of its own.

You really have the fanatics, pairing 5D2 w/ almost anything.  The grain structure on 7D can be pushed to look like 16mm - again if that is your thing.  Finished production last year where 5D2 was b-cam (flyovers mostly) for Arri4 35mm film.  All worked out in post.

I like the advice on waiting through NAB.  Try to rent or borrow.  Anything beyond the $6k mark is bought mostly by productions and rental houses.  Although you do find $58k epics and $80k alexas in private hands - its just not that common.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 7Dmk2 any rumors??
« on: April 09, 2012, 08:50:20 AM »
If noise was usable at 3200-6400, and no other changes, I'd swap today.
Additional SD card would be nice for live backup.

EOS Bodies / Re: How many actuations on your Canons?
« on: April 09, 2012, 08:18:16 AM »
I am over 10,000 actuations with my 7D. I use the EOScount.com utility

Btw After I reached 9999.CR2 the filenaming started all over from 0001. I really HATE that.
Is there a way to change that or not?

If you're using Aperture or LR, have the masters renamed to your preferred naming convention (including date, time and original file name/#)

EOS Bodies / Re: How many actuations on your Canons?
« on: April 09, 2012, 08:09:53 AM »
For anyone having a tough time installing gphoto2 on a mac, try going the Macports route.

The tough terminal part is done via gui during macports install, then auto install of gphoto2 from terminal with the command:

sudo apt-get install gphoto2

Details here (including link to MacPorts download):

To be honest, I'd be curious to see if this matches what Canon service reports on actuation count.  Just sent 7D in for service (been getting the Error 30 message in humid climates), and requested a shutter actuation count from them.  I'll check with gphoto once I get it back to see if it actually reports the correct numbers.

Has anyone done this already?

EOS Bodies / Re: How many actuations on your Canons?
« on: April 09, 2012, 08:07:26 AM »
Far more GB on video than stills, but:
24030 on 7D (2 years)
4632 on 5D2 (2 months)

Take a look at this non-scientific test at about 3min into video:  The F%^&ing Nikon D800 vs. Canon 5D mkIII Shootout

5D3 looks the way to go when choosing between the two.

Don't forget the panas!
Take a look at Phillip Blooms shootout (check second part for low light / noise comparison) - 5D2, and not 5D3/D800 as they we not available at years end.

Nikon to EOS adapters can be found for as low as $55 ~ just need to make sure that camera gets the signal that a lens is attached.

Whichever way - keep the lenses!  Nice kit!

EOS Bodies / Re: any screen protectors for MarkIII?
« on: April 04, 2012, 07:18:27 PM »
XO Skins makes the best skins around. They just released skins for the MKIII. It covers both the top LCD and the main screen.

Canon 5D Mark III Screen Protector Install 5D MKIII 5D MK3 5D Mark3


Just found COUPON:  SPRINTXO  yeilds a 30% discount.

EOS Bodies / Re: Buy 60D or Save for 5D?
« on: April 03, 2012, 07:45:38 PM »
I moved from a 50D to 7D upon its release.  While incredibly happy with AF, speed, video, and build - I've always had a issues with low light / high iso.

My pre-order for the 5D3 was botched by Amazon - irony of fate - thankfully; while at my local shop to buy the 35 1.4L, a local pro was turning in 2 of his 5D2's.  One of which I grabbed in place of the lens at a cool 1500$.

About 10 days in now - and I love it!  I would say that 60% of my shots are low light interior (parties, school & kndergarten events, kids at home).  The 28 1.8, 50 1.4 and 100 2.0 all transition wonderfully, and the 70-200 4is has gotten even better.  Only sadness in that the 10-22 is EF-S.

IQ w/ 60D should be same as 7D.

Day time action = 7D; low light / interiors = 5D2.  Base your decision on which situations you encounter more often.

Lenses / 35 1.4 upgrade from 28 1.8 for 7D
« on: March 29, 2012, 06:51:48 PM »
Ive been using and loving the 28 1.8 on 50D then 7D over the last 3 years.

It's been a great video lens on the 7D.

Planning for the 5d3 by Summer (lost my place in line, and decided to wait a few months).

But I've been wanting the 35 1.4 all this time.

Together w 50 1.4 and 100 2.0 and 70-200 4is I've been happy.

Curious on how much improvement in IQ I may gain with the 35 over the 28.

Usually shooting in low light at 2.0 or wider.

Opinions??  Thank you in advanced.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5DIII pre-order thread
« on: March 28, 2012, 03:17:49 PM »
Adorama has the kit ready to ship and they are doing a lens buy back for $700.

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