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Pricewatch Deals / LOWEST PRICE EVER: 5D Mark III $1999
« on: February 17, 2015, 05:53:13 PM »

Canon General / Re: Notfied of pricing?
« on: December 28, 2013, 01:21:08 PM »
Im on canonpricewatch, and cant figure out how to get notified when price reaches a certain point. I see how to get notified for every deal, but thats it

EDIT: Nvm, you have to search for the item, see all prices for it, then it will give you the options

Canon General / Re: Notfied of pricing?
« on: December 28, 2013, 12:58:19 PM »
They send you the lowest price of the stores and dealers they track including big value.  I'm not sure why you'd want only big value, sometimes Adorama or someone else is lower.
I want the best price, i have yet to see a deal posted here, better than BigValueInc's which is why I stated them. But, if adorama can give me a better deal, I'm all for it.

Canon General / Re: Notfied of pricing?
« on: December 26, 2013, 03:06:15 PM »

You can set up notifications for changes, when something hits a price you specify, refurb stock, etc.
Do you know if this service also has bigvalue inc ebay store as an option

Canon General / Notfied of pricing?
« on: December 26, 2013, 02:54:37 PM »
Anyway to get notified when one of the companies (even big value inc) have a 5d3 for one of those unbeatable prices?
I sold my gear and would like to purchase again.
I want a 5D3 and a 24-105, but I want a price that I can't turn away from (like $650 for the 24-105 and 2500-2550 for the 5D3)
I was an early adopter, so I paid $3500 last time, so this time around I want to make up for it :-)
anyone know of a reputable seller selling these items for these prices or really close, or a way to be notified if it happens?

You're talking to someone who has no biological children, yet deals with many women and takes care of their children as his own.

Many? Wow, what a magnanimous guy you are!

How many times have you held them while they puked at three in the morning? How many have you held while they cried after some boyfriend or girlfriend broke their heart? How many have you taught to throw a curveball and been out there beyond dark doing it? How many have you driven five hours each way to get when they're sick at college? How many have you spent your hard earned cash on for cars (and insurance) and college tuition and scouting and dance and gymnastics and team sports and trips abroad? How many times have you changed an infant and brought him or her to his or her mother to breast feed? How many two year olds have you held while they had a temp of 105º and were having a spinal tap (and were you also crying?)? How many of your sons and daughters have you had "the talk" with? How many have you taken to get birth control? How many soccer and baseball and lacrosse games have you attended when it's cold (and/or raining) outside? How many dance recitals have you been to and sat through two hours of crap waiting for your daughter's five minute performance? How many late nights have you waited until the last one came in before you finally got some rest? How many times have you bitten your tongue and NOT said "I told you so" even though it might feel so satisfying to do just that at the moment? These are but a few of my parenting experiences.

You and Mr. Walnut can speak in platitudes about what you believe parenting to be. In parenting "love" is spelled "T-I-M-E". It's being there. You teach them by modeling the behaviors you wish for them to emulate. That's how they learn. Talking the talk means zilch. It's all about walking the walk. And then you hope that they've taken in at least some of it, and that their mistakes will not be huge and that they will indeed learn something so as not to repeat them.

As I said, you have no standing to talk about parenting, your "takes care of their children as his own" notwithstanding. You have ZERO clue how you would take care of your own. You do not and can not understand that. The more you say it, the more ludicrous it sounds.

Anyway, my turkey is stuffed and in the roaster and my home made gravy is simmering. I'm going to enjoy Thanksgiving with my children, two of whom came from different states not because they had to be here but because they wanted to be here and enjoy the meal that Dad has been making since my oldest was about two. Terrible parenting, I know.
Just like Terry, you are assuming many of things that you have no proof of smh.
How about this... You're right! I've done none of those things. Terry is a horrible person who sexually abuses women.

Feel better?
Have you ever driven from New Jersey to California and back, to pick up a young ladies children after setting her up with a place to live? I'm far from a saint, but I'm no demon either! You don't know me, and just because I do NOT agree with your opinion based on accusations that were never pursued by anything other than the media, does NOT make me a monster.
By the way, I'm currently sitting here with a young lady in my house with her 2 children while I cook a huge feast for this evening. Happy thanksgiving to you, good luck with your assumptions

You're talking to someone who has no biological children, yet deals with many women and takes care of their children as his own.
.    Not sure what this means?  ???

AAphotog...wow, after reading all of your posts, where do I begin.  Let me get this straight, your main point is that the girls consented to the sex and so it's ok?    Let's start there:

1.  We all know that the girl/model should just say "no" and leave...we also all know that we shouldn't smoke, drink excessively, overeat, abuse drugs, have unprotected sex, drive drunk, cheat on your spouse.....etc..etc.   My point is that the girl knows she should say "no" and leave, but it's not that simple.   

2.  Here is the definition of rape in the civilized world.  You seem to not fully understand the definition...especially the part about coercion and deception.

Definition of Rape.  The exact definition of "rape" differs from state-to-state within the U.S. and by country internationally.  Generally, rape is defined as sexual contact or penetration achieved:

without consent, or
with use of physical force, coercion, deception, threat, and/or
when the victim is:
mentally incapacitated or impaired,
physically impaired (due to voluntary or involuntary alcohol or drug consumption)

3.  So with the definition clearly laid out.....how about the young 18-20 girls (I use the word "girls" with purpose) that are being sent to him under contract from their employer, the modeling agency, to work for a high profile photographer.   And when this young girl is faced with his alleged Quid Pro Quo advances...read this part carefully.... then that is sexual harassment.  And, if his alleged words, actions, and suggestions are powerful enough to manipulate/persuade her to make a mistake and consent, then that is a form of rape.

4.  Most people understand that "kids" at 18 to 20 years old often times make some terrible decisions. Faced with a quid pro quo situation when tempted by money, career advancement, fame...etc...some "kids" will make a mistake for which they'll later regret.   The situation shouldn't be brushed aside or dismissed with "don't whine about it" as you wrote.  These people should speak up so maybe it won't happen to the next victim /girl....AND, maybe a DA will take notice. 

5. My last point, why the heck are you arguing so strongly about this subject on this post?   Think about it, you are arguing a point that most here disagree with you on, that take your character and morals into question because of the very sensitive subject at hand (protecting the interests of young/vulnerable women)and you're doing it for absolutely nothing to gain....nothing to gain at all.   Not that bright.  IMO.   

Sorry to be a jerk, but when it comes to people brushing aside and justifying the acts of alleged sexual predators, it really rubs me the wrong way...and many others as you can see.

One last thing.... these are all allegations, and that should be kept in mind.
I havent read this rest, but if you opinion differs from mine, this analogy doesnt work. We know we shouldn't drink nor smoke(which I do neither),but the problem is PEOPLE LIKE TO. I'm sure that you're making a case that these young ladies did NOT want to have sex though.

Ok, I'm reading through your post. Coercion or deception, huh?
I guess MANY men rape women then. How many men are out there claiming to love their women, simply to sleep with them??? Are they all being honest, or simply decieving that woman? So, by your definition, that's rape as well

Here I am with nothing to gain, yet argue my opinion which is against many others, yet its not bright? Simply because its not following everyone elses beliefs? hahaha I guess I should just be a follower then? With that being said, all of the other models slept with him, why should everyone else? You've got to do better, sir.

Key word, ALLEGED.
No one alleged he was a sexual predator with all of these facts BEFORE these women shot with him.
No one said he was a sexual predator WHILE shooting with him
Its only AFTER the fact that these individuals want to jump on this band wagon and state these things to the public.

You said, maybe they should speak up so a DA can take notice. Why go to the news outlets about it, as opposed to the police then?
It simply doesn't add up

The truth is she wouldn't be able feed her child with pride.

This is a horrific reflection on your parenting.  There are many ways to earn a living and feed your kids. Becoming a prostitute, bartering sex for success needn't be one of them.  Any daughter I have will value herself more.

A hypothetical properly raised daughter would have left the hypothetical room at the first hypothetical hint of anything untoward.

You are looking increasingly nutty and increasingly isolated.


Don't think 'Oh my career' or 'How shall I feed my kids' and tolerate it.

Yet, I would be the bad parent, for teaching my kids morals, self respect?
You hit it right on the head, sir!

Said by two non-parents with no clear sense of reality.

I'll take my PROVEN parenting skills over either of your "if" parenting skills any day. My three adult children have in fact been taught better. But several things you'll learn should you ever be privileged enough to have one or more:

  • You can't be there all the time.
  • Kids make bad choices. The ones who have been well parented make fewer of them and learn from them.
  • Virtually all children, especially adolescents and young adults, go through a period where anything a parent recommends is highly likely to have the opposite of the desired effect.

Now some things about every decent parent:

  • They love their kids unconditionally. This is a type of love that people who do not have kids might think that they understand. They do not even if they think that they do. Think back to this when you are holding your first child in the delivery room and you will admit I was right about it.
  • A good parent will do anything to provide food, shelter, and safety for his or her child. That means anything. You cannot understand this. Why? See the comment directly above this. I would kill for any of my children without hesitation or guilt.

Once again, I will state it:

One cannot feed his or her child with pride. Perhaps one of you non-parents would argue this but it is the case. Had I had to prostitute myself in order to feed and clothe and shelter them I would have done it gladly and without second thought. Happily for me, that never happened. For some there are few if any options. Go ahead and tell me that loving my children unconditionally makes me "nutty".

Anytime either of you ignoramuses want to compare parenting skills and experience, have three children and a combined nearly 70 years of parenting and you'll have some standing. Right now neither of you do. For the record, two of my children have college degrees and one is still an undergraduate. One is about to finish a masters in public health and then go to Senegal in the Peace Corps for two years. She plans a career in public health in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in the third world. What a terrible kid, huh? One is a highly successful computer engineer who could probably buy and sell either (perhaps both) of you for lunch. He lives in one of the most expensive zip codes in Manhattan and he's completely self made. He hasn't needed to ask for a penny since he finished college. Also a terrible kid I guess, and highly reflective of my terribly "nutty" parenting skills. None have an alcohol or drug problem. None have ever been arrested. There have been no unplanned pregnancies. Oh, and yes, I would know.
I agree with many of your points, BUT, my problem doesn't lie with a parent doing anything for their child. It lies with a parent WILLINGLY doing anything for their child, and then blaming someone else for something that BOTH parties agreed to do. Sure, she can have sex with that photographer for that cover(or she can do what MOST parents do which is get a job where sex wasn't expected nor required). I don't care about the choices one makes to support their family, but why cry about it and blame someone else later? So, if your daughter was offered that magazine cover as a trade for sex, would she then go and be an actual prostitute instead??? In that case, Terry did her a greater justice by offering a higher paying gig, right? C'mon now, you've got to be kidding me

You're talking to someone who has no biological children, yet deals with many women and takes care of their children as his own. I can tell you one thing, MOST mothers will do whatever it takes to provide for their kids, but they don't place the blame of their decisions on someone else later, and MOST of them, actually do WHATEVER for the well being of their children, like, get a job where sex isn't required. IJS

PS... All of these models that he's "raping", are mothers? Every one of them?

The truth is she wouldn't be able feed her child with pride.

This is a horrific reflection on your parenting.  There are many ways to earn a living and feed your kids. Becoming a prostitute, bartering sex for success needn't be one of them.  Any daughter I have will value herself more.

A hypothetical properly raised daughter would have left the hypothetical room at the first hypothetical hint of anything untoward.

You are looking increasingly nutty and increasingly isolated.


Don't think 'Oh my career' or 'How shall I feed my kids' and tolerate it.

Yet, I would be the bad parent, for teaching my kids morals, self respect?
You hit it right on the head, sir!

If I ever were to have a daughter ...
I'm glad that you don't. I'm guessing that you have no children, and if so, that's probably for the best.

Women and girls are put in this position way too often and always have been.

Saying you would "teach her [better]" may not be enough. The truth is she wouldn't be able feed her child with pride.

Quote from: AAPhotog
He doesn't say, "give me sex or you're fired"

You know this for a fact, or are you ASSuming this is the case?

BTW, didn't you say you were done with this thread many entries ago?  :-X
Assuming, like what many are doing here, huh?

If we think it isn't rape, we're wrong?
Interesting, you must know the law better than every DA in the country who has the opportunity to file charges then.

Just to be clear – this is no different than the coach raping young, disadvantaged boys in the shower room at Penn State – person with all the power demands sex of the person who has no power. It's against the law and it is undeniably wrong. No debate.
This is completely different. I don't recall him raping anyone???
He may have the power, and when asked for sex he gets it.
He doesn't say, "give me sex or you're fired" he doesnt knock anyone out and TAKE what he wants. I don't understand how you can possibly compare any rape, to consensual sex

What is described in these articles is forced sex involving a party that cannot legally give consent. An individual who is in a position of authority over them is demanding sex.
First time that I've heard sex was forced. You must have been on these shoots to know that. None of the models who have come forwards has stated that he FORCED them to have sex.

The victims are being threatened with the denial of their livelihood. If they do not consent to sex, they will suffer a career damaging loss that will translate directly into reduced earning power at a minimum and perhaps complete loss of ability to earn a living. 
Do you recall him saying that, or is this just the assumption? Even then, do they have to oblige. It's funny that you can "stand up" for these individuals who were "taken advantage of", when they themselves didn't even think it was necessary to stand up at the time

If any of these women think a crime has been committed then the avenue to address that is via the police.

This kind of thing goes on because folk tolerate it.  Being a parent has nothing to do with the rights and wrongs of this.  Kids raised properly wouldn't have to think twice about this kind of 'dilemma'.

Folk still work with Roman Polanski.  It's not a nice industry. Not one I'd want any daughter of mine to aspire to be part of.  But if she was over 16, she would have her own mind to make up.

Many here seem to not realize that. These are adults here. Everyone wants to be an adult and make their own choices, until it suits them to NOT be responsible for their own actions. You cant have the best of both worlds. Well, in this case, given many peoples opinions it seems as though you can smh.
Women fight for equality. Individuals 18-21 fight to have their rights as an adult. Yet in situations like this they were all too young to think for themselves, and since they were only women, they were taken advantage of??? Come on now.

I don't blame him. I blame the womens love of fame.
I have heard many of stories of him using his name to have sex with women(but how many famous people don't???)
I have NEVER heard of him FORCING himself on someone.

Terry - "Yes I'll shoot you, but can we sleep together"
Model - "Yes, why not, if it'll get me the in front of your camera"

I don't see what the problem is, if she chose to sleep with him based on his name in the business, she's just as bad as he is. They are BOTH the cause of the problem, I don't see either being a victim. Fair exchange is no robbery.

Do you think the ceo who hires the sexy blonde receptionist because she wears revealing outfits to work a sleaze as well???

One thing I DONT understand is why everyone supports his work when it isn't good in my opinion.
My iphone with flash can create the same photos without me even looking. simply point and click
If there was no coercion, then yes the situation is "merely" unprofessional and inappropriate.  The perception of coercion on the part of the recipient is all that matters.

However a person in a position of power to affect the career of another insinuating or outright stating that sex will further their career or the refusal will damage the career IS sexual harassment and coercion.  The ability or inability of the victim to leave the situation is IRRELEVANT to the offense.  The alleged activities in the article suggest that young models felt trapped by his advances because of the potential for career damage.

Lots of careers deal with people who can make or break those who work for them.  The fact that someone can walk away doesn't mean the decision can't affect a career and doesn't make the situation not illegal.
People kill me with that. Their ability to leave is irrelevant???
Theres many of photographers in this world who can make a career. Stop going to the one looking for sex. You walk by a dog that is biting everyone, you expect to get bitten. Sounds like a bunch of nonsense. FOOLISHNESS! They need to stop whining and take their "talents" elsewhere.
If you ever get a daughter, I am pretty sure you will change your twisted view. Qhat he is doing ia a crime in many countries, even where it isn't, it is still abuse.
If I ever were to have a daughter, I would teach her to stand for what she believed in... at ALL times.
She would also have the sense to either
A) Not deal with Terry
B) Walk out if uncomfortable
C) Do what she felt comfortable with, with Terry and NOT cry about it later as if she was taken advantage of

Funny how all of these women involved, only think its wrong AFTER the shoot, and their photos were published ijs.
If it was wrong then, they would have stopped it.There is no BUT

He gets away with it because people let him get away with it.

Unless there are guns held at heads, nobody has to do anything.

It's uneasy reading, but I don't think Obama had to charm his snake or the attention seeking Miley Ray Cyrus.
"Hey, great, more notoriety"

I've not seen any of his work, and even I had, I don't get a lot of the high art, high fashion stuff that other folk seem to rate.  Nor is he likely to ask me to kiss his willy, and I'm even less likely to.

I think the moral is, if somebody asks you to kiss their willy and you don't want to, then don't.

That sums it up!
But, as far as his work, not so good imo.


So, lets say you're a heterosexual male, the only way to keep your 100,000 dollar a year occupation is to sleep with your homosexual male boss. What takes precedence?
Like I said, you don't want to, you dont have to PERIOD!
Me being a straight male will tell you, that I won't have sex with another man, EVEN IF MY JOB WAS ON THE LINE. I stand by my principles. If you would be gay simply for that occupation, then don't go and cry about it later. Yes, he was in position of power. NO, he did NOT force you to make the decision you made though. It's that simple, no matter which way you TRY and spin it. These are all adults we're talking about here.

Ok, so tell me this AAPhotog, if this is the same 100,000 dollar a year occupation on line, and you do not need to sleep with your male homosexual boss, rather you have to sleep with your heterosexual female boss who is just a bit older than you. What would you do? Would your "principles" remain the same, if not then the example that you game is misleading and not appropriate in the present case.
If it is an older woman that I WANTED to sleep with, yes, I would. If it is someone that I would HATE to sleep with, someone who would HAVE to coerce me into sleeping with them, then no, I wouldn't. Like I said, my ideologies and principles would always remain the same. Some people CHOOSE to change them depending on the circumstance. I personally wouldn't, but I'm not going to say it's a bad thing. It's only a bad thing in my eyes, if someone CHOOSES to change them based on a situation, and then cries fowl play later on.

PS. if I were to sleep with someone for money, or position, who I normally wouldn't for no reason at all, can I really blame the individual I slept with??? I am the one who chose to oblige, based on the money or position offered.

Anyone seen Terry put a gun to a womans head? Duct tape or hand cuff a woman? Knock a woman unconcious???
I haven't seen, nor heard of it. These are grown women. Don't blame the state of the business simply because these women are crying out after the fact. They could have stood on their principles when it mattered, maybe then the business wouldn't be as it is???

I'm not with picking up drunk women, as a matter of fact, I don't drink and dont like my women to either. But this sounds like the girls who has a girls night out, has a few shots, then goes and looks for a guy to take home and have sex with. Wakes up in the morning and calls foul play. But hey, when you're a woman, I guess most people don't care about the facts or circumstance, only that they were women "taken advantage of"

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