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Leaving aside the differences and discussion between perpetual license and actual ownership of software

You can't leave it aside. It's a fact.

While I agree with most of what you say, if you want the upgrades from CS3 or CS4, this is a good deal. CS5 it maybe worth waiting.

My understanding is that LR will continue to be marketed as a standalone product, and as part of CC. The rest of CC will not. As I understand it, CS6 is to be the last release in the "CS" series. If all you want is LR this is not a good deal. If you use PS, this is a good deal.

LR, while used by many pros, is positioned to compete with Aperture and other programs like that, which are in large use by non-professionals as well.

BTW, LR versions 4 and 5 were 14 months apart. Version 5 is really an improvement to me. Who knows when 6 will come out?

Adobe's target is not people who do not want to spend $10/month on their software. That is plain and simple.

I'm all in favor of free and open source software (FOSS), but the truth is, my FreeBSD 9.1 desktop that I mostly use as an NAS device, can't beat my Mac.

And again, I'll point out, there is no guarantee that your version of PS will work on the next version of your OS, or the one after that. As long as you are happy with it though, there is no point in CC. I will say that I have generally done an upgrade every other CS cycle. I was still on CS4 and was considering CS6 or waiting since I also was content. With the incentive I got, CC made sense for me. The CS4 to CC upgrade will likely cost me less than the upgrade to CS6 would have, and eventually I would have had to move to CC if I wanted newer features, say in three years or so. Instead, I got the newest LR and PS, and a few things that I use only on occasion. I also get upgrades regularly and semi-automatically with the cloud app that runs on my Mac.

My frustration here is not with you or with Cayenne, but rather a general one. This is a gearhead forum. Let's take you for instance. Again, not to pick on you, but you have the following listed in your signature:

5D mark 2, 5D mark 3, EF 17-40mm f/4L,  EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM, EF 135mm f/2L, EF 85mm f/1.8

That's perhaps over $7000 worth of gear that you use to make images. By this forum's standards that may be less than average.

I find it so incredibly ironic that people with so many thousands of dollars worth of gear don't find the software that they use regularly to be worth $10/month. Not just you, but so many people in this thread. C'mon now. How many of you smoke? Subscribe to HBO? Subscribe to Netflix?

I understand it's a change, a paradigm shift for many of you, but look at the numbers. They aren't big.

Well, you can run any version of your OS in a VM (Virtual Machine) as long as you like and that will take care of supporting your version of PS  or any other bit of software that might possibly become unable to run with newer OS updates.

And renting things that you will not need again, is often accepted. I generally see a movie ONCE and never have a need for it again. The few I do want to watch over and over again, I have the option of buying for using as often as I wish.

Renting software used to generate output...is NOT good for the rental paradigm, since if you quit paying, your works YOU created and own, are now no longer accessible to you.  That is the main concern that you seem to have difficulty in understanding. This is different than renting a car or a netflix subscription, this hold YOUR work hostage...those other examples you give do not.

Other companies are literally salivating at the possibility of renting rather than selling software (and lets not get into the semantic arguments about owning software or a perpetual license, I'm talking about you buy it and are free to use it in perpetuity without ever paying the company another cent)......MS has tried this somewhat in the past, as have other companies and have been rebuked by the consumer.

The only way to combat this *is* with your wallet. That is the ONLY thing a publicly traded company will listen to, as that the customer is not their primary concern, they only are beholden to their shareholders.  So, if you don't protest with your wallet, then sure...the battle is lost and many other companies will jump on this bandwagon, which most everyone can see, is not good for the consumer.

Once they have you locked into this paradigm of renting you software, and holding your intellectual property you created with the tools 'hostage'...what is to stop them from jacking up the prices as they wish, and what incentive is there for them to keep trying to innovate and come up with improvements in a quick fashion? Nothing.


I'm confused. Can anyone confirm that there still is a boxed, non-cloud photoshop version available? I thought not. Which to me would be the end of using them. I don't do subscription software. Period. Even if they offered it for a buck I wouldn't want it. I want it installed and then not change it until I see fit (which can be years after I buy it).

Still have CS5 and wouldn't even bother if not for my plan to switch from PC to Mac by the end of the year.

Bonus question: is there a way to buy CS5 for Mac still somewhere?

If not it's going to be a combination of LR3 (which I'm perfectly happy with) and Gimp or something.


I just got Production Premium CS6 suite, with CDs....

Also, even if you buy the download version, CS6 is still stand alone....so, you don't have to worry about that. You can buy CS6 products that are stand alone and not tied to CC



I hate the thought of being held ransom by anyone..... Adobe included.  I was tempted to update to CS6 but then along came this new marketing approach of theirs.  I'll just continue to stumble along with my CS4 which pretty much does everything I need.

And if for some reason, my CS4 craps out, there will always be an alternative somewhere.

I have always owned my own home because I never wanted to be at the mercy of a landlord.  Nothing has changed.  :D

CS6 is still a viable option.

Just last month bought CS6 Production Premium Suite.

I figure that will last me easily a few years....and I think by then we'll see what the lay of the land is with Adobe and rental only software.


Premiere has the keyboard shortcuts for FCP7, I've never used FCPX (I think for the reasons you are confirming) but they may be in there to assist the transition.

Good work on the video front.

CT and eradicating mixed lighting is often the bane of my life, and the curse is that when you spend HOURS doing it properly nobody even notices.

Hey Paul13!!

Thanks for the response, I enjoy reading your posts and your advice.

I found FCPX to be a great tool so far, but likely this was easy for me to pick up, since it was my first NLE I'd ever tried to work with and learn.

I can see with Premier, the older multiple tracks system is a bit different. I've been studying and watching some creativelive classes on Premier and After Effects, and I'm very impressed.

I think I'll pick Premier and AE up a bit quicker since I know FCPX and cut my teeth there on the concepts first...than I would have just trying to learn editing techniques and concepts starting off in Premier.

I'm gonna do my next episode as something simple and short shooting...so that most of my efforts are channeled not into heavy editing, but into learning to use the tool.

I hope that Magic Lantern can get the RAW video working and ready for prime time (not alpha) for the 5D3..I'm dying to try my hand shooting and color grading true RAW so as to have tots of leeway for color grading....

Again, thanks for looking in and commenting.

Anyone else?



This is actually tempting but for 2 things.  1.) I have CS2.  Once Lightroom became more functional, its pretty much the only Adobe photo product I use so I didn't upgrade.   I'm probably the only person out here on CS2 but still, no deal for me!   & 2.) Adobe will carry this only until they have the base they need/want and then they'll bump the price or degrade the access to the point that no one will want it.   So $10/month really isn't bad (said the spider to the fly) but..... 

I would put one change on Neuro's turn of phrase:  Teach a person to fish, you lose an income stream. I truly believe that Adobe no longer sees us as customers, simply lemmings to be herding, manipulated, etc.

Please don't be confused, Adobe is, I believe, a publicly traded company...and as such they are only answerable to the shareholders for providing them profit.<P>
The customers are just a necessity to do this, but the customer is not their primary concern or obligation.

Once I got this concept down, I can easily understand what corporations are trying to do, maximize shareholder profits, nothing more.

It isn't personal, it is purely business....the only way the consumer can fight back, is with the pocketbook.

Nice try Adobe.. just stop messing about and sell us the license just like before this cloud nonsense,Cloud might work for some people but it's not for everyone,I prefer clear skies..  :)


I refuse to RENT software.....and have the possibility that if for any reason I cease to pay Adobe 'ransom', that I may no longer be able to open and work on my files.


I've been getting refurbs from Canon USA themselves for about $373 in recent months...

Canon USA has refurbs currently listed for $549, do they run sales periodically?

Yep....those with patience are rewarded.

I tend to just squirrel away my money and have cash on hand to pull the trigger when I see good deals come around, which they do....just have to be patient.



The are an authorized reseller and will have a full warranty inside the US

 the only downside is you have to pay shipping (about $25) + brokerage fee for international orders($25) but they are per order not per speedlite

Also currency exchange fee which is typically 3% but if you have a credit card that does this for free than it is pretty good

I ordered 2 so it ends up being $930 for 2 speedlights (a little less than $465 each)

if you order 4 and you are paying with a credit card with no foreign transaction fee than you can get them fairly cheaply (roughly $450 per after all fees assuming you have a credit card that will pay your foreign transaction fees)

I've been getting refurbs from Canon USA themselves for about $373 in recent months...

Reviews / Re: Why I Chose a Canon EOS 6D over a 5D MKIII
« on: August 28, 2013, 03:13:48 PM »
 Not to mention the evil eye i was getting from my fiancee when i'd bring up the second body issue.  It took a lot of talks on the porch to convince her that the 6d even was a valid and needed purchase.

Hmm...hey, if you've not tied the knot yet, she has no say in how you spend you're money man....so, don't sweat that.


And man, just thinking...are you going to have to confer with her for  everything you want or need to get for your business ? You might need to set some things straight before you actually make it legal...

Just sayin'...


Hi Folks,

I just recently posted my latest cooking video in the series CWI: Cooking While Intoxicated.
(good name for a show originating out of New Orleans.).

Anyway, on the tech side, I shot this with my Canon 5D3, using Marvels Cine Style
I used my then new Rhino Slider I'd just gotten.

I finally learned the importance of having all your lights the same color temp. to make white balancing easier.

I edited in Final Cut Pro X. This will be my last time in that, as that I just recently got the Adobe CS6 Production Premium...so, I'm going to be cutting my teeth next project on Premier and AfterEffects.

I did my color correction/grading with Davinci Resolve Lite (slight nightmare doing roundtripping with FCPX, ugh).

Anyway, here's the video. I think I did much better with color and editing this time, but still, loads of room to grown and learn, please give it a watch and any follow up advice and constructive criticism you might have:

CWI: Cooking While Intoxicated - Cheese Enchiladas, Sangrita and Salsa Verde

Thank you,

Cayenne    8)

EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Entry-level video production
« on: August 21, 2013, 10:35:13 AM »
In terms of cost, my advice... especially if you're on a limited budget.
Figure out how much it cost to rent equipment and add that into your prices.

In terms of owning equipment of your own, buy quality stuff from the beginning. Like if you have enough money to buy a 5D Mark III or 7D, then get it.

Its either that or save money so you can get get quality stuff...
Because you don't want to buy equipment like a t2i, and then a year or 2 later you want to upgrade... then you're selling the t2i for half the price you bought it for (losing half the budget that you used to purchase it)...

Till then, rent!

I forgot to say... more than just camera equipment.... look into getting good post-production equipment.
Cause you have to know... especially with video production, most of the time you'll be spending it in front of a computer.

I'll second that heartily!!

I started out my editing with FCPX, which works pretty well on the mac and is dead cheap compared to other alternatives.

And if you're not used to editing in the more traditional track based editors (Premier, Avid, FCP7), then the learning curve is quite low.

I've recently gotten a deal (I applied for admission to a local university, just to get a .edu email and picture student ID, to use to get educational versions of Adobe products, but not planning to enroll in any classes), and just got Adobe Production Pro Suite (CS6)...(I'm not going CC, don't want to rent software just yet). 

Anyway, I've been trying to learn Premier and After Effects.....very powerful stuff. A bit more of a learning curve, but wow..neat stuff you can do with those.

Also, once you get going, you might want to play a bit more with color grading, to give your videos a "look". There is a very powerful, free program called Davinci Resolve Lite. Very cool tool.

You need some horsepower in your editing computer...so, do a bit of research which ever platform you go with (mac or pc)...

The new mac pro, when it comes out, is likely to be a VERY nice editing tool.



Lighting / Re: 600ex as main lights
« on: August 21, 2013, 10:25:10 AM »
Awesome! these are some great replies.
I went ahead and ordered the st-e3 .
As i start using the 600 wirelessly what softbox/reflectors can anyone recommend? i think there is value in only buying stuff once but there is also the reality of a budget.

I've got several Lastolite softboxes, they're excellent.

I just got one of the cheaper versions of the Lastolite softboxes, by Impact. So far, looks to be a quality piece of gear....


Lighting / Re: 600ex as main lights
« on: August 21, 2013, 10:23:39 AM »
No, my camera has a PC port and a hotshoe, on which I mount a 600 or ST-E3-RT to control remote 600's. The PC port is on the side of my camera (see picture), though not all Canon cameras have them, this is connected to the Cyber Commander via a simple cable.

The hotshoe looks after the 600's, the PC port looks after the Einsteins.

Thank you VERY much for that!!

I have the 5D3 too...I'd not seen or tried to use that port.

Strange, your covers for the ports..seem to split in the middle, mine is one continuous piece of plastic/rubber, with only one attachment to the camera at the upper portion of the panel.


I'd rather remain someone anonymous, so I'll change the name and places to protect the ignorant... I mean innocent.

Well, the lady's company name is... oh lets say Burrito Supreme Photography.  And her water mark is a very nice, very swirly font that spells BS photography.  Does she simply not know what the Acronym BS stands for in the rest of America... maybe the world? 

And every time she posts something on Facebook... I think... maybe she just simply doesn't know. Though I am really not one to talk since my company name is Dirty Sanchez Photography, but my acronym is DSP... so not nearly as awful.

LOL...kinda like that computer company, back in the day, that named their company "Wang".


Lighting / Re: 600ex as main lights
« on: August 19, 2013, 04:14:44 PM »

How are you integrating 600's with Einsteins?  How are you getting them work work/trigger together?

I've been curious about that...

Thanks in advance,


600's via a hotshoe mounted 600 or ST-E3-RT and the Einstein via the Cyber Commander and the PC port with Cyber Sync's, full remote intelligent wireless control over everything up to 15 600's and 16 Einsteins at the same time! Not that I have anything like that. You can use a long PC cable and put the Commander in your pocket or use a short one and tape it to your camera etc.

You can use dumb triggers for the Einstein too via the PC port.

So...the Cyber Commander controls the Einsteins AND the 600's too? You trip the shutter and the cyber commander activates the Einsteins AND the 600EX-RTs?

Or am I confused? PC port?

I'm a noob...please help me to sort out what I'm missing here.

Thank you!!


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