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Pricewatch Deals / Re: 600EX-RT speedlite deals?
« on: May 28, 2013, 01:15:33 PM »
I got them in today! Sweetness. They are going to have a long, hard life with me. :D

I"m really kicking myself for not getting at least a 2nd one....

I've been watching all long holiday weekend, and no more came up on the refurbs list...


If you publish a picture of someone without a release and the subject finds out, they can come after you.  Find a good lawyer.

As far as I kow, this is only true if the image is used for commercial advertising purposes.  They can try to sue you of course, but to what end?  To most, the money gained from the lawsuit would be far less than the cost of hiring a lawyer and going to court.  People are sue happy, when they know they can make a buck.  So unless you are making a killing off of selling that photo for a billboard display, the likelyhood of legal action just isn't there.

So, how do the Hollywood paparazzi get away with it all? I mean, I'm pretty sure they're not getting signed releases from Lohan or the like in the embarrassing pics they take of them....and they DO sell those images for commercial use (TMZ, magazines, etc).

And anyone that gets in the news, they get pics taken and I'm sure they get paid for them, people that are maybe only famous for their 15 minutes, but people sell pics of them, and I'm guessing many don't get model release forms signed.

How do they get away with that then?

A friend of mine's daughter is just graduating HS. She's very artistic, and does paintings, and also like photography.

Last year for Xmas, they got her a Powershot sx20 is. I looked it up, and found you can't change lenses on it, as that I'd thought to buy her a nice lens.

I'm looking at the specs....I'm getting the feeling this camera only shoots jpg, is that correct?

If this is the case, then, I'm kind of puzzled as to what software to maybe buy for her.

I see Lightroom on newegg bundled with other stuff for about $69.  On amazon, I see a bundle of photoshop elements and premier elemets for about $83.

Which would she get the most use out of?  I kind of had the feeling that if you didn't have RAW, then Lightroom likely wouldn't be as valuable to you?

The camera appears to shoot 720p....for video.

Can this camera take an external mic? Maybe a rode video mic would be nice?

Looks like this thing only takes SD cards...are there any limits to what cards this can take (size/speed)?

Thank you,


EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Why is my 5D3 so noisy???
« on: May 23, 2013, 10:19:29 PM »
When shooting higher iso's, ETTR is an absolute 100% must.
Right from the start I've been astounded how much detail there is in 5D3 highlights before they blow to 255.

Modified technique on your part should deliver fantastic high iso 5D3 image files.


Thank you all so much for the replies.

I'm not familiar with ETTR...what is that?

This was one photo that I gave the camera to my Dad to shoot so I could be in one or two pics.
Most of them shot with f9 towards him, with a window that had sun coming in on one side, and I wanted to have depth of field behind him.  But even those shots...were VERY noisy...very!

I don't believe I have any noise reduction in camera turned on....

I only shoot raw. I have Aperture 3..and trying to use the noise reduction on that...but doesn't seem to be doing much of anything.

I'll try to find a representative shot of him, which was more indicative of what I was really shooting with these settings.

Thank you,


Interesting...I was starting to watch a Syl video on the Canon site, made when the 600 was just newly released...or shortly after, and he mentioned that he definitily was going to do an update to the book to include the 600 stuff.

If Syl changed his mind it's probably because 1/4th of the book and lots of diagrams is about getting optical remote to work, either with his ettl cables or with clever tilting the heads so the slaves see the master ... part of this has become obsolete with the 600rt, so he probably decided against a large update after all.

Still, it's a great book and I can only recommend it to anyone, there's little stuff about the 580ex(2) you cannot directly apply to the new flash.

Thanks for the input!!!
I bought it and should be here tomorrow (I love amazon prime)....

I'm wanting to learn how to do a lot of manual, hoping this book gets me on the right track there....


EOS Bodies - For Stills / Why is my 5D3 so noisy???
« on: May 23, 2013, 07:04:57 PM »
I've been seeing a LOT of my shots lately, come out with a ton of noise, on stills  and even video it seems.

This is is at ISO4000, and I've seen others post at this high with no problems like I'm seeing.

This is one of many, I've got some that were ISO 1000...and just as noisy and grainy as this one.

I've not altered this at all, straight out of the camera, underexposed, etc....but even with post I can't fix this.

Any suggestions what I've got going wrong here that causes my 5D3 to be so noisy?

Thanks in advance...I'm still (obviously) quite the noob.


I remember seeing one of the Syl Arena videos earlier this year, and he stated that was not going to update the Speedliter's Handbook.  If anything, the 600 is more intuitive (menu-wise) than the 580.  However, the book is still an interesting/useful read.  I tried to borrow a copy from the library system but that failed, so I had to buy my own copy.

I got my st-e3 off Ebay for 250.  It does not seem to be "rebatable", so its price has remained near 300 for a while.  Going with the st-e3 or the ettl cord is a good idea.  I was using the 600 to command the 430 optically, but the on-axis preflash was too bright for what I was trying to do.  Depending on the cost of the cable, it might be better to bite the bullet and get the a second 600 or a st-e3.

Interesting...I was starting to watch a Syl video on the Canon site, made when the 600 was just newly released...or shortly after, and he mentioned that he definitily was going to do an update to the book to include the 600 stuff.

That being said, last night, I ordered that long cable, and the book and with amazon prime, will be here Friday.

Now...hoping that somehow my flash will be delivered by this weekend too!



Just a thought that came to my mind, that has nothing to do with the cost for us consumers:

Does anybody else fear, too, that Adobe might slow down development of Creative Cloud apps in future?

Reasoning behind is that with the CC subscription model customers will provide a continuous cash flow to Adobe, no matter if new features are introduced into the apps or not, whereas in the Creative Suite model Adobe was forced to develop new features interesting enough to motivate customers to upgrade to the new version.

In the CC model, what would stop Adobe from firing half the developers, thus slashing costs in half, when the cash flow is guaranteed anyway?

Just a thought.

I would pretty much assume this to be the case. They really have no incentive like they do with rolling out a 'new release' least the fire under them likely won't be lit so much since they'll be the only game in town, with constant rental $$'s coming in, and they pretty much have your files (psd) held hostage if you don't continue to pay them...

Pricewatch Deals / Re: 600EX-RT speedlite deals?
« on: May 23, 2013, 02:45:39 PM »
Well, this blows...and I don't know what happened.

I had the refurb page open.
I clicked refresh, and the 600ex-rt showed as available with Add to Cart enabled.

I kept trying to add to my cart, but it wouldn't. I tried with 2x different browsers...still no good. Other items I could add to my cart.

Then after many refreshes and trying this over and updated and now you can't add to cart.



I'm looking for the Sigma 200-500 f/2.8

LOL...just read the reviews, that alone is worth the click on the link....


Pricewatch Deals / Re: 600EX-RT speedlite deals?
« on: May 23, 2013, 01:52:03 PM »

I got a notice the speedlite refurb was on sale again...12:25 CDT...I just saw it, and they were apparently gone again.


My next two lenses I'm going to get are:

50L f/1.2  and the 24mm TS-E II lenses....

I'm just about to pay off the 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II L lens....

Not sure where you buy your lenses, but I buy mine either at Crutchfield (using their rewards points for $$ off purchases), or  At  both of these places, they offer 0% financing for 6-12 mos. I never buy anything these days I couldn't plunk cash down for, but I have NO problem taking advantage of their money and financing it out over time with 0% interest.

You might look into that and you can get your lens now...?

I currently have the 70-200 mentioned above, the 24-105 kit lens, the 17-40mm L f/4 lens, and a Rokinon 14mm lens, and the Canon non-L 85mm f/1.8...which is a pretty highly rated non-L lens.

After the 50mm and 24 Tilt shift, I'm thinking I'll get the 100mm L macro, and that should round out about everything I'd need for awhile I think...


Gopro.  Inside the case looking out, where the balls drop.  Will get reflections of lights and great shot of user.

They aint great in low light so you might need to have your softbox slightly above and behind the machine to add some fill.


What a fantastic suggestion!!!!!

I'd not have thought of that, I'll definitely put that in the plan....we are actually looking to do some videos too, and that would be a superb angle!!


Has anyone used the latest ML release (alpha 3 or nightly build) with the 1.2.1 firmware? Also how do I get the nightly build? Do I need to build it?

Thanks in advance.

I don't have it up in front of me, but I've been following in the forums....

1. THey are currently only working on the older firmware, I think it was 1.1.3?  The threads are like 50 deep, but in those they have links to get the older firmware so you can 'downgrade' to the version that works with current builds.

2. There are no 'guides' with everything you need to know about running the nightlies so you can play with the RAW video. YOu basically have to read through the long forum threads and take notes. ON some of those threads I saw links to outside sites where people have tried to put it all together into one guide, but if you're not familiar with a bit of coding, or more intricate computing methods, you might just want to wait till they have a more stable candidate.

That being said, the info is on a couple of ML forum threads.....I"m currently just watching the threads from the sidelines for now, but I may jump in at some point and try nightlies....



Pricewatch Deals / Re: 600EX-RT speedlite deals?
« on: May 22, 2013, 10:44:31 PM »
Hey, does anyone know what kind of warranty you get from Canon on these refurbs?


90 days - doubled to 180 days if you used an Amex. Some other credit card companies won't double the warranty on refurbs - you'll have to check with them. I've verified that Amex does.

Hmm...yeah, I likely should have used Amex...I pretty much only buy what I can pay for in cash, unless it is some type of 6-12mos 0% financing type deal.

Oh well, maybe if they come up again I'll do Amex, as that I think I do want a 2nd one at these prices.

I signed up for the Canon Pricewatch email to send me a note if they come up refurb again.


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