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The last one is misfocused. The AF does this like 5% in more complex situations. I have the impression the camera knows what I am photographing and sets the focus points right most of the time at the first or second shutter half press. It rarely struggles.

floristic separation. Reflected light from the sand in the bright sun.

Rocks in harsh light, I choose this because I am amazed to see plenty of detail in the shadows and when I pushed them - well, no black and red dots... The shadows appear better on the NEC display than on the simple Samsung. Anyway, nothing spectacular, I would not shoot rocks in the sun otherwise.

The last shot of the planes was at max optical zoom, one shot AF, multiple focus points, just as if there is never a topic about AF... I am happy there are no dust spots on the sensor :)

Gold Turmeric, and other common stuff ::)

I had a go at the local market today, the camera has now 250 shots on the counter. Not very much but I had a busy day at home.
Mt Spokane, I don't use RAW and I think I'll leave it until there is RAW support in LR4 or Aperture, whoever comes first. But I have seen RAWs from the RX100 on DP Sony forums and while they have naturally more DR they show huge barrel distortions and other issues which are automatically corrected in camera's JPEG. I see that the JPEGs are quite good, AWB is near perfect, colours are great, blue is blue, green is green as in real life (I use a colour calibrated NEC PA27). NIK can do a lot with these JPEgs, sharpening is easy, NR is not necessary until 3200, colour work is easy too, so I don't bother about RAWs from this P&S at the moment.
I like some of the picture effects! It is a fun camera and this is precisely what the effects augment.
I like most the size and weight (and built) AND the IQ it delivers for this weight!
Now some random shots straight OOC, NO SHARPENING, NO CHANGES to the original file, just as if a "soccer mum" would make them...
reduced to 72 dpi and 900px

My RX100 arrived yesterday: had an afternoon of random shooting: wow! That little thing is so usable, OOF blur is close to my big and heavy ZEISS  (not the same though, there is still some distance to the 5D3 with a 1800 USD lens on it...) but let me tell you, I cannot be happier because now I can tell my wife "don't worry, just shoot jpegs and mpegs and we'll have a look at them later". The AF is very very good, the usability and customization is more than enough for her and for me as well, video is perfect, colours are just what we need them to be: very close to real. The lens is sharp, very sharp but not in the wide open corners. There it is pretty average but I don't care, this part is beautifully blurred with a centered subject.
Yes, I'd say this is a good step down from a DSLR, a MFT system would be an overkill.
Thanks for your almost united advice!

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Some Pictures with the 1D X
« on: August 11, 2012, 08:21:19 AM »
Hut ab, Junge, meisterhaft! Bravo, you deserve this camera by all means!
The cows jump over the screen, the girl under the umbrella, good catch, 12800 is good as well and of course the baker street drama! Fun watching!

5D2 vs 3 not much better ? Have you got used to the beautiful LCD, the speed, the AF? I shot one CF card full with images from my newborn over a week, when popped into the Lexar the Sandisk was somehow not readable ! Imagine my loss feeling! But I had set it to simultaneous write to both cards and easily recovered all shots from the SD with a big thanks! One week of growth between 4-6 weeks of age is like a decade between 40 and 50! It never comes back.

The noise even the low ISO noise is cleaned easier, don't know about colours - they are all manageable nowadays. But I can see if my shot is OOF, I can set AutoIso and give the camera to my 10yr old son or any stranger on the greet and be IF on a no blurry shot... I could catch jumps of kids with 6fps or do slomo video. Let's not touch the video except for those halflit evening minutes at home when you see 20000 at the lower right and don't notice it on the screen...
If you want a Sony sensor buy the RX100: mine is coming next week :)

Thanks guys, good advice is expensive and there is plenty for free here! I appreciate it.
@colin: how did you know that German is my second language! Anyway, what you say further down is very true:
The making of the OM-D is a different world. Looks like a better investment. I live close to the South Pacific: sand, humidity, salt, wind, heat... I think the Sony even though a very good camera will suffer like a Smart car in the Aussie desert. Someone mentioned that it's not that easy for an amateur or beginner to make good photography with it like we see on the forums at the moment - these are from advanced testers. A simple user will have the standard 0815 P&S imagery with some better IQ which will go unnoticed.
I discussed it with my "target users" and we settled on a OM-D with three primes:  Ol 45/1.8, 25/1.4 PL and a 14/2.5. No expensive zooms to keep weight and costs lower and to promote photographic skills.
What is convincing is the touch screen focus&shoot: this is more like my wife who struggles with the joystick on my gripped 5D3. Another argument was the IBIS with video.
For me it was essential to have IQ output from JPEG and RAW which I'll enjoy processing : no matter who shoots with the compact it will be only me working on the files ... At least initially - with a 8 weeks old boy on her arms no mother even thinks of PP.
The price is like four times the Sony but hey, the Aussie ist so strong now and only now.
The silly thing is that no store in 150 km radius has any of these on display, that's why I was asking this forum even if both contestants are non-Canon products. I think though that many of the canon users tend to look into nonCanon alternatives in sensor technology...
MtSpokane, I agree there are very expensive native lenses but RCicala just put it right: the non-native options are just as good or even better, if I get a EF adapter I can shoot all my big lenses as well. I enjoyed the story of the Rashomon effect a lot, it applies everywhere!
Thanks for your input!

Thanks, plenty of wise words. Yes, I use a really good setup otherwise and see the point of not only overspending money on 4/3 body + lenses but making my FF kind of redundant... So, probably a RX100 will do the job. When I see the fredmiranda thread ( I can't wish for more IQ.

Third Party Manufacturers / Choice of compact: OM-D em5 vs Sony RX 100
« on: August 01, 2012, 03:33:21 AM »
I am stuck between theese two for my wife, I know they are different in size and target different group but having a good FF DSLR spoiled me. now I need to make a choice for a smaller camera.
The RX looks stunningly good. The OMD, with a Pany 25/1.4 and Oly 45/1.8 is better but by how much? Four x price?

Has anyone compared the IQ and usability of these two? Does the RX100 reach to the high end 4/3?

The OMD is very much more a camera but most of it's customisation will be set once and never changed. EVF? Never had one. LiveView with touch focus on 35 fields! Sounds good and easy. The OMD will be closer to the MarkIII. More artistic options.

I am afraid that the Sony will still have the issues with dust on sensor and into the lens (my first and only P&S Casio died by a sand corn). For family photos it is more than enough. But zoom is not necessary. Video either.

I Need advice. Thanks

I left the battery in the camera overnight, without the grip and there was no change from 100%. Haven't tried 24 hrs.

Lenses / Re: Zeiss 2/25 or 2/35 for everyday use in APS-C?
« on: July 26, 2012, 07:44:06 AM »
You most probably don't need either yet... Save some money and get a 5DII with a MF screen, and then take the 35/1.4.
 I find it a bit strange to use so expensive and niche lenses on a 600 series.
The 35/1.4 is my favourite. Modern design, 1.4 wide - you don't own a 1,4 Zeiss yet, so this will be an addition to the character of your photography. Selecting Zeiss for the ease of focusing (2 vs 1.4) its not logical either to me. I choose the character of the lens.
The 2/25 is a lot better in micro contrast and colours than the ageing 2/35. If you insist on it you could sell the 2.8/21 and get that one.
But a FF camera is more important to my eyes.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Canon EOS M & EF 800 f/5.6L IS
« on: July 26, 2012, 02:14:11 AM »
Цецко, I think the lens is hanging on invisible strings from the ceiling  ;)

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