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The complaints of the 70D are especially interesting (many from Germany, it seems) which uses the same AF as the 7D:


A petition to Canon with 400 signatures:


Now, does this mean every Canon 70D is bad? Of course not.  But that doesn't matter when you're one of the customers who got a bad one, and you lose great shots, and suddenly find yourself beyond the return date.

Thanks for supporting my point, albeit unintentionally.  That video was linked earlier in this thread, and based on the information provided in the clip, the 'problem' being demonstrated – sharp images with live view, OOF images with viewfinder AF – is exactly what AFMA is designed to correct.  How many of those 400 petition signers know what AFMA is, and have properly calibrated their lenses?  I suspect the number of petitioin signers with a camera that's actually defective is much smaller than 400, as many of those people quite likely read about it on the Internet, and decided they have a problem unit despite not checking appropriately.   So, you have a few people in Germany with cameras that are actually defective…and it's the second best selling dSLR in the country according to Amazon.

Why Germany?  Most likely beacuse someone there got a defective camera and posted about it on a German-language forum. 

Sure, it's unfortunate that some people get defective products, but as I stated, defective units are unavoidable in any mass-produced item.  In the case of the 70D, the camera came out less than one year ago, meaning everyone who owns one still has warranty coverage provided by Canon. 

When a problem is documented and widespread, Canon issues a Product Advisory and provides free repair for the problem, even after warranty coverage has expired.  Among EOS Bodies, there have been service notices for lots of them, including the 7D.  The 7D's documented issues were a residual image (corrected by firmware update) and an issue the off-center points non functioning as cross-type with a few very old Canon lenses (also affected 40D-60D, and probably affects the 70D, and the newer Rebel/xxxD bodies that inherited the 40-60D AF; more significant was that the problem also affected a few 3rd party lenses, like the fairly popular Tamron 17-50/2.8…but that's not Canon's problem, is it?). No where on the list of Product Advisories is there an issue listed for inconsistency/imprecision of the 7D's or 70D's AF system.

I think that some of the problem is an expectation that "my new camera" that I paid so much for will nail the autofocus every time.... and when it doesn't, it's the camera that is to blame.

In a way, the statement is true. The 70D does not nail every shot every time. Even in a studio setup on a tripod with good lighting and a printed target, there will be variations in autofocus from shot to shot. What is missing from the understanding is that this problem is common to ALL cameras from ALL manufacturers. As systems get better and AF technology advances, the hit rate will get higher and the variation will get lower, but it will never reach 100% and no variation.

I may be one of the few cinema line enthusiasts that frequent this forum...

In any case, I wonder if they will release a 7DC too?

Lets give the stills people what they want... and also have another camera for the video peeps.
So far in the line up of cinema cameras, there is only one DSLR style cam i.e. the 1DC, and 3 camcorder style cams i.e. CX00 cameras... it would be nice to have another more affordable cinema DSLR.

Personally, I think that improvements in a camera that make video better usually also make stills better. Unlike many on the forum who claim that they would die before shooting video on a DSLR, I do both.

Hoping for something exciting!

If it were only minor incremental improvements, they would no be field testing prototypes or pre-production models at the world cup.... even the 70D with DPAF did not get a "public field test".....

We just got back a damaged pelican case at work.... Air Canada ran a forklift through it. Fortunately, they hit the box with the tools, not the one with the 60Ghz spectrum analyzer.....

Animal Kingdom / Re: Your best animal shots!
« on: May 21, 2014, 08:58:49 PM »
29 turtles sunning on a log....

Well... the discussion is very interesting, but... we still do not have any information from OP about:

1) Why he does not like T2i anymore? (Why he wants to upgrade it?)

2) Why he needs "Do-It-All" camera? (I do not think such thing exists, unless it's some future "iPhone 7S".)

3) Why he uses this very strange/weird/crazy lens collection on APS-C camera (like 50 + 70-200)?

The 70-200 (any variant) is a far superior longer lens than any of the APS-C lenses. It's probably the most used lens with my 60D.... It gives great reach on a crop body and (the F4 IS version anyway) is light enough to be easily carried around and fits into a smaller sized pelican case.

Image is heavily cropped and taken from a canoe today with a 60D and 70-200F4IS.

I have had mine for a bit,  and I think Don Haines had his before me.  I bought mine pre-order from Camera Canada.
Mine arrived on January 22. It was a preorder and filled from the first batch that Camera Canada got in.

There is an insane level of demand for the lens and they are backordered everywhere. Tamron really underestimated how well they would sell.

Lenses / Re: The Next \
« on: May 20, 2014, 09:21:16 PM »
My 400 f/5.6 is plenty sharp - did well on safari last year - but would consider upgrading if the new lense has the measure of improvement optically that you would be entitled to expect after all these years. Pleased to hear they are reverting to a conventional zoom. 100-400 and 7Dii should make a great pairing - but that's about the price of a 1DX :-\
The 400F5.6 is definitely sharper than the 100-400. I did a side-side test between them a couple of years ago and the 400F5.6 was noticeably sharper.... My suspicion is that a new 100-400 would be sharper than the 400F5.6, but if they come out with a new 400F5.6 I'll be on it like a fat boy on a wedding cake! For my needs, that would be ultimate combination of reach/portability/quality.

Beautiful shot! Congratulations!

Lenses / Re: The Next \
« on: May 20, 2014, 10:04:20 AM »
Can I just ask, given how a few people have said this, what is it you'd want to be photographing in the summer?

Air shows.

Canoe trips. Baby ducklings. Labrador. Nova Scotia. Fluffy the cat. Flowers. Thunderstorms. Night skies.

Lenses / Re: The Next \
« on: May 19, 2014, 11:32:28 PM »
$3499....same IQ as 200-400mm

There will be a lot of 200-400f/4 Lenses going cheap if this was the case   ;)

I think the 3.5k price Tag is pretty well ballpark though, the Nikon 80-400f/4.5 is selling for around 2.7k so you can safely bet the Canon will be close to 1k more expensive, be worth it as well if they can maintain a constant f/4.

Would work perfectly on the 1DMK IV.

The 70-200F4IS has about the same IQ as the 70-200F2.8IS
The 24-70F4IS has almost the same IQ as the 24-70F2.8

So a 100-400F5.6 (no internal teleconverter) could very well have the same IQ as the 200-400F4....

But however you slice it, it will not be inexpensive.

I had a similar one...

I arrive early at the wedding... at a historic mill way out of town and down a series of dirt roads....

Then the groom and the preacher show up.....

And we wait and wait and wait.... and NOBODY else shows up....

We are now an hour late and NOBODY has shown up. Several walks back to the parking lot and nothing!

Then everyone arrives in a rush together. A hay wagon got stuck on a one lane bridge on the only road in....

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 70d center focus point -bug- problem
« on: May 16, 2014, 09:14:14 AM »
It's the claim of 35-50 percent of people in Germany have this problem that gets me....

The logic is flawed. If the problem is so widespread in Germany, it must be the same elsewhere, so why is it not showing up elsewhere in those numbers?

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 70d center focus point -bug- problem
« on: May 15, 2014, 11:15:29 PM »
Last time I checked, germany runs on 50hz power, and sometimes 41?

Either that or a popular german youtube video causing "wind power syndrome" are my guesses as to why the conspiracy exists mainly in germany.

Great Britain also runs of 50Hz and the problem has not been reported there.... but then again, it could be that because Brittan is so foggy that nobody can tell if the image is out of focus.....

Abstract / This image may have been photoshopped
« on: May 15, 2014, 11:09:23 PM »
While we wait for the next rumour of the 7D2, 5D4, speedlight700, or the 400F5.6II.... let's have some fun. Post some images that may have been photoshopped... I'll lead off with Godzilla's kitty....

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