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EOS Bodies / Re: 3D (Again) & 5D Mark III (CR1)
« on: June 15, 2011, 11:39:39 AM »
24 MP
30+ pt af
8 fps
dual digic V
dual card slots
weather sealed

~$3.5K - $4K and I'd buy 2

It could be more sports/wildlife oriented than the new 5D which could remain the slow, entry level FF that people expect.  That leaves plenty of features left over for a flagship 1 series body with 10fps, integrated grip, 1.3 crop mode and a gazillion megapixels.....

EOS Bodies / Re: 1Ds Mark IV & 3 Lenses in August?
« on: May 30, 2011, 03:54:29 PM »
thanks for the cost clarification posts. puts things into perspective for me.

"Lightroom might choke......"

Considering LR struggles with even very small files because of the resource hog it is, I would tend to agree. However that's more of an issue for the software designers rather than a problem with the computer or high pixel count image files.

I've always considered good computer code as code that manages to achieve the object using as little computer effort as possible. LR seems to have been written by people who think otherwise.

LR is so incredibly slow for me, its unbelievable. As much as the UI on DPP sucks (as does the workflow), performance just seems easily 3x faster in it. Ive actually started doing initial sorting (ratings, removal flags) in DPP now, and then I import to LR after that.. just cuz its so much faster that way.

Generating thumbnails is just a problem for LR. Ive set LR to use lower quality thumbnails in hopes to speed it up, but not much result. DPP has higher quality thumbnails and its fast. Its a mystery why LR couldnt do that.

Considering all the things that LR does, storing absolutely every edit in it's db as well as all the metadata capabilities, I consider it resource intensive but not a hog.  It NEEDS ram and a fast disk and I expect no less.  I own both CS5 and LR3 and I have no problem running both simultaneously on either my laptop or my desktop.  To get LR to perform, make sure you max out available RAM, I have 8GB in my laptop & 16GB in my desktop.  Put your catalog(s) on an SSD and store your raw files on separate 7200 RPM HD, the larger cache available on the more expensive HDs is definitely helpful.  While I have a RAID config on my desktop, I don't find it absolutely necessary to get great performance out of LR.

EOS Bodies / Re: 1Ds Mark IV & 3 Lenses in August?
« on: May 29, 2011, 02:02:48 AM »
Stone, Canon needs to supply 'us' because if they didn't then we'd be using Nikon, Sony or maybe Leica. Canon wants the cache of being the pro choice even though we may not be the largest market segment. By our patronage we prove Canon is THE brand, the one that everyone else should desire.

I can't tell you how many of my shoots these days have B-roll crews, filming me working for such and such magazine/product/advertiser website, so a lot of people get to see what is in my hands. Beyond that I seriously get asked 'What camera should I/my wife/son/daughter/granny get?' ten times a week, and I always say Canon. I think I alone have sold a thousand of thier cameras, and the same is likely true for every other pro. We are more than the icing on the cake, we are Canons proof of excellence.

If Nikon bring out the D4 and it betters what Canon have on the market I'll switch in a heartbeat because I'll have to. I can't make excuses for my gear, I have to have the best equipment, and if I don't my clients will not remain clients for long. The onus is on Canon to stay ahead, and by leaving us out in the cold for much longer they risk loosing their pinnacle spot in the very important Pro FF SLR market.

How would you feel when you go to a game, an event or whatever, and all the pros are shooting Nikon because it is better? You'll start feeling your on the loosing team. Trust me. I know, that is what happened to me when the EOS came out back in 1991. I was all Nikon until the F4 dropped the ball, and Canon grabbed it and made a home run. It took about one year for every camera at the sports events, concerts, fashion shows, you name it, to go from Nikon to Canon.

We have to have to best, because we can't let our competition have anything better, and trust me, you'll want what we're using, even if you think we don't matter.


Well put and all points taken.  I've never stated that you guys don't matter, my post was more related to the ROI Canon would realize by releasing a body that's attractive and in the reach of a much larger demographic.  I understand that the 1Ds has been out since 2007, almost a full year longer than the 5DII and that the D3x has a lead that Canon needs to address if they want to remain the go to choice for the best photogs.

EOS Bodies / Re: 1Ds Mark IV & 3 Lenses in August?
« on: May 28, 2011, 05:52:47 PM »
macfly & motorhead,

I'll have to respectfully disagree with you guys.  While I'm sure there are alot of pros waiting for the 1Ds, I think at best, you make up less than 3-5% of Canon's customer base worldwide, I'll humbly apologize to you both if I'm proven wrong.  I'm not discounting your need for such a body, my rant was simply that a far larger number of pros/semi-pros and amateurs are waiting for and ready to buy an updated 5 series body either as a replacement for aging equipment, exploration of DSLR video or crop shooters moving up to their 1st FF body.

I've made very little money with my photography, I consider it as a hobby that occasionally pays for itself, and my day job allows me to buy pretty nice gear up to and including a new 1Ds.  I say it's not on the radar because It doesn't register as a value compared to a 5D or 1D4 depending on what one likes to shoot.


EOS Bodies / Re: 1Ds Mark IV & 3 Lenses in August?
« on: May 27, 2011, 11:51:51 PM »
Yeah, because the 1st major pro/semi-pro announcement since Oct. 2009 should be a camera that a very, very tiny fraction of your customer base can afford.  People are just not gonna pony up $8k to buy it, pro or otherwise.  Sorry, but the 1Ds just isn't on the radar for very many people, just a list of specs to gawk at while we continue to wait impatiently for the new 5D.  Makes alot of sense to me...

Lenses / Re: Zeiss 35 f/1.4 Available
« on: May 18, 2011, 11:37:13 AM »
I can't see this happening - these engineers are aware of the hundreds of AF lenses to compete with, and they know exactly why they stick to MF. I don't know what size/power of a "nuclear" AF-motor will be able to move these heavy glass parts into focus as rapidly as a USM+light weight Canon glass. Part of the concept is longevity of the product - something I love Zeiss for (drops & mould excluded). This is rarely seen in the digital camera world. Besides, an AF Zeiss will be suddenly depending on focusing issues of the Canon AF mess - is this acceptable to a German engineer?  :-\
I was ready to accept the compromise on AF and I can say - it's a relief not to look for, wait for, return for service, microadjust etc the canon glass. But I don't earn money with photography! I just enjoy Zeiss IQ on every image in focus... ;)

te4o,You make very good points and it's more wishful thinking on my part.  Zeiss does just fine with their manual focus product lines, if it ain't broke as they say....  Perhaps when I start shooting more subjects that don't move, I might finally get to enjoy some Zeiss glass but I can't help but envy the Sony shooters who get af with their
Ziess lenses.  I've only had the pleasure of briefly shooting with a friend's Distagon 2/35 ZE and I was amazed with the separation and detail.  I too am an amateur, maybe one day i'll jump on the bandwagon.

Lenses / Re: Zeiss 35 f/1.4 Available
« on: May 17, 2011, 10:18:01 PM »
I love Zeiss glass, I love the contrast and magical 3D effect, I love the bulletproof construction.  But I simply won't drop almost 2 large for a manual focus lens.  Zeiss needs to ink a deal with Canon for a special run of Zeiss glass with AF, or hire a couple engineers to reverse-engineer the Canon AF protocol.  I find it hard to believe that it would screw with the optics and I can guarantee it would almost instantly double their Canon mount sales.

EOS Bodies / Re: 37 Megapixel 1Ds Mark IV? [CR1]
« on: April 17, 2011, 03:03:25 AM »
Wow. If they do make the sensor 40 MP, I hope they incorporate a 2x2 pixel binning mode for nice 10 MP files when one doesn't want enormous images eating up card and disk space so quickly.

The potential buyers of this body which will probably cost well above $6K will not be concerned about card or disk space.  The price of those things is negligible compared to the body and the lenses it requires.  People buy these bodies because they want all the detail they can possibly get.  The ability to produce smaller files is a good selling point in consumer and possibly semi-pro bodies, but not in this class of camera.

Lenses / Re: Canon EF 35 f/1.4L II [CR2]
« on: April 17, 2011, 02:54:20 AM »
I have a question for you guys: why isn't there fast (around 1.4) primes with IS ?

Because prime lenses at 85mm or less don't require IS.  The lenses are very short and can be easily handheld without the need for IS. 

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mark III & 7D Mark II Within a Month! [CR0]
« on: April 12, 2011, 11:59:00 AM »
I've never really understood Still photographer's aversion to a flip LCD screen. To me, even if I only shot stills, I would still want a flip screen because it allows so much flexibility.

As a video guy who has a 60d, I hardly ever use the Flip Screen. I have a Z-Finder attached, but there are times when I just un-do the gorilla plate bolts (takes 10 seconds), and flip out the screen for those odd angles.

Even if you only use it occasionally, the flip screen is much nicer than having the screen locked off. Cannot see any advantage to a locked LCD functionality wise. Some say a flip screen weakens the body, but the only way to test that is if you drop the camera, and flip screen or not, the camera probably will be F#@$ED.

As someone who cares very little for video I'll chime in.  I use my cameras in all kinds of conditions and they get treated quite harshly at times.  One of the main concerns is the impact that a swivel lcd will have on weather sealing, to me it's just another part to get broken resulting in a costly repair or another place for water to get in if I'm shooting in challenging conditions.  So my main concern is the integrity of the body itself, maybe Canon has worked this out, maybe not.  The long term durability of swivel LCDs has yet to be determined.

Also I have a dedicated video camera and I can't help but feel that even though video adds very little to the cost of a DSLR, that money could be better spent on improved weather sealing, and or more features.  Until af performance rivals a traditional video camera, DSLR video is something I'll probably never use, but a 5DIII with improved af and dynamic range along with top notch weather sealing is something I would use every single day.... 

EOS Bodies / Re: Is the Canon EOS 3D possible?
« on: March 28, 2011, 02:41:10 AM »
I'm fairly certain that Canon has taken it's future high MP bodies into consideration while releasing it's new lenses.  Just about all the popular focal lengths have or are getting a refresh.  I can't help but think this is in preparation for their next high MP assault on the market.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D3, 1D5 and 1Ds4 Timeline [CR1]
« on: March 28, 2011, 02:37:57 AM »
I think Canon will keep the 1DIV along side a new 1DV body, then photogs will have a choice between FF & APS-H.  I would imagine a FF 1DV will cost well above 5K and could easily be the next flagship body, high performance and FF are no longer mutually exclusive, Nikon has proven it and Canon will definitely need to match it.  I still don't see the purpose of another 1Ds body, people spending that kind of coin could easily step up to the higher end brands and I just can't imagine that Canon sells THAT many 1Ds bodies, hence the long hiatus as they decide if it's really worth it.
By the looks of it, Canon has no intention of competing in the midrange fast FF market, leaving it to the Nikon DXXX bodies, I see the 5DIII continuing to push the video niche without fast fps or sports oriented af.  It's working for them, so who could blame them.

if the 1DV, is FF and hits 10fps, it will be my next body.  If by some miracle, the 5DIII can do at least 8 fps with decent af, then I might go for that.  An APS-H 7D might be the sweet spot.  I still could give a flip about video so no opinion there.

god I love speculation....

EOS Bodies / Re: Something Coming March 1?
« on: February 16, 2011, 07:04:52 PM »
Well considering the Rebel has already been updated, the 60D has already been released & all the new P&S cameras came out last month.  This has to be an update or new body in the XD lineup if this rumor is true.

I don't think Canon will release a new 1DV yet because they probably haven't recouped R&D costs from the 1DIV and it still sells well because the price hasn't decreased dramatically.

I don't think it's the new 1DsIV because that's very much a niche camera that will not sell in great numbers, $8K is alot of scratch even if it has 40MP even to the Pros, this camera is simply not on most consumer's radar and i'm pretty sure Canon knows it. 

The 7D probably has another year before it's replaced

That leaves either the 5DIII or an all new FF body from Canon, they could sell a ton all year and then release the 1DsIV before Christmas in time for those with deep pockets also before the new year for those year end tax writoffs.

Well, at least that's what I would do... 

Canon General / Re: More Announcements on Wednesday?
« on: February 08, 2011, 09:22:19 PM »
I'll just pray for B&H to sell a FF/24-70 ISII combo hopefully at 5K or less...

Canon General / Re: More Announcements on Wednesday?
« on: February 08, 2011, 05:10:08 PM »
Can we get a pro or semi-pro body please!!!

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