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Sports / The Destroyer
« on: May 21, 2012, 01:16:04 PM »
We have a friend who has recently acquired a Monster Truck named "The Destroyer".  He was in town for a display event, so I snapped several images Saturday with my new D800 and 24-70mm lens.  I wanted to check out the DR, one image has the sun reflecting off the truck, it was totally a bright spot to my eyes, but there is actually some detail in the image.  Roger climbed into the truck and snapped some images as well, they also handeled the bright sunny day out with the dark interior quite well. The Images are unedited.
I've been trying it and my new Canon 1D MK IV to see which I like best.  I really did not want to like the D800, but so far it performs well, and the detail and DR in good light is amazing, in low light, it is just OK, but good up to ISO 6400 with a reasonable amount of NR.




Third Party Manufacturers / My D800 Review
« on: May 17, 2012, 06:31:33 PM »
Having used Canon SLRs since about 1968, and having owned the 5D MK II and 5D MK III and currently, the 7D and 1D MK IV, I thought i'd give the D800 a try.  There was nothing to lose, I can sell it used for more than I paid new.
So, I have a collection of many old film cameras, and a couple or three nikon AF lenses which I did not think would standup too well with the new body.  I picked up a few lenses locally off Craigslist during the 3 weeks I've been waiting, so I had my od 50mm f/1.8D, a 80-200mm f/2.8D, a 500mm ReflexC, a 24-70mm f/2.8G, and a 200-400mm f/4 AIS ready for it to arrive, which it did last night.
I played with it today, deciding the 50mm wasn't that good while the 24-70 was excellent, and the 80-200mm was very good.  The 200-400mm AIS had a difficult to use stiff focus ring, so I returned it to the seller for repair, and I haven't tried the 500mm Reflex yet.  I'll be spending the evening taking low light photos of a play rehearsal, I used my 1D MK IV last night.  It will be interesting to see what the difference, if any is to me.
My first impression was of the flimsy memory door and even worse battery door.  Makes my 5D MK II door look like a battle tank.  Then, the left half of the camera.. well, there wasn't one.  no real issue inless you wanted to hold the camera with your left hand. The eye cup... Oops, it doesn't come with a eye cup either, a $20 or 30 after marked product is all there is.
I'm learning to use the controls, no problems there, just a matter lo learning something new.  You can set a minimum shutter speed and that was one thing I set right away.  Formatting your card is easy too.
I did attempt to disprove the high DR talk, only to find out that its all true, I could not blow out one area while retaining detail in the shadows, I was suprised to say the least.
High ISO images showed a lot of noise when viewed at 100%, also as expected.  There is enough detail that a lot of NR can be used, and still have a very good image, but I need to see what happens tonight.
I haven't sold the ton of Canon lenses and bodies I own, but, I just might get a 14-24mm lens for the D800 if it works out, and it is off to a good start.  Like Canon, I had to AFMA my 24-70mm zoom at -10.  Thats just par for the course.  My FoCal software will work with it, but I haven't had time to set it up yet.
There are some things I like better about the 5D MK III, but I'll have a better idea after a few thousand shots.

Please be advised that effective today, May 16, 2012, the Postal Service is prohibiting international  shipments of lithium batteries.
Specifically, USPSĀ® shipment of the following items is prohibited to international, APO, FPO and DPO locations:
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Devices that contain lithium batteries are also prohibited, which may include a number of electronics such as cell phones, smartphones, portable gaming devices, and MP3 players.
This may be a blow to those many thousands od Chinese ebay and amazon sellers selling batteries or items that contain them.

EOS Bodies / MOVED: Baby's first camera
« on: April 30, 2012, 11:23:57 PM »

Canons 85mm f/1.8 is noted for a lot of purple fringing when used wide open and photographing items with extreme brightness transitions.
Adobe Lightroom 4.1 RC2 (and ACR ) now include tools to deal with it.  There are some drawbacks, but for most of my images, its all positive.
I tried it on a particularly nasty sample and the result was very good.  I've included a before and after 100% crop below.


EOS Bodies / MOVED: memory card question
« on: April 26, 2012, 11:31:55 PM »

5D MK III Sample Images / Test of 5D MK III and Canon 28-300mmL
« on: April 10, 2012, 09:07:25 PM »
I bought a used 28-300mmL locally, so after trying to AFMA it today (not successful due to the wind), I guessed at a likely value and snapped a shot of a robin under my feeder.
The image is shot at full aperture and cropped to 100%.  The 28-300mmL is not particularly sharp wide open at 300mm, but it is still reasonable.  I would have stopped down, but it was still in AV mode from the AFMA test.

Lenses / Canon and Zeiss Lenses for Video Vincent Laforet
« on: April 09, 2012, 11:33:48 PM »
Vincent Laforet is a Pulitzer prize winning photographer who has switched from still cameras to video.  He is a Canon maker of Light, so he will always favor Canon --- right?  He works with all popular brands of Cinema Cameras, film and digital, as well as lenses from inexpensive Canon lenses like the 24-70 L to uber high end lenses that you rent but do not buy.
But wait, he tells it as it is and backs it up with images.  The pros and cons spelled out for many of you who ask the same question over and over, here is a opinion of a pro filmmaker.

Software & Accessories / FoCal Pro Beta for 5D MK III AFMA
« on: April 08, 2012, 10:19:50 PM »
Reikan foCal has released a beta for Pro users that supports AFMA of the 5D MK III with some limitations.  Its 5 or 6 weeks more before the SDK is released by Canon, so it is a clever work around.
I'll be trying it tomorrow on my 5D MK III.
For those who haven't heard of it, it will control your camera and do a semi automated autofocus micro adjustment.  I use it, it is accurate and useful.
There are no free trials, you must buy it.  However, use this link for a discount

5D MK III Sample Images / Angry Bird with 5D Mark III / 100-400mm L
« on: April 03, 2012, 11:18:00 PM »
I managed to find a hour this morning to check and adjust the AFMA for my 100-400mm L Zoom.  It was front focusing a little at 400mm, but I could not detect a issue at 100mm.
I took a few snapshots of our rooster as he herded the hens around our front yard.  He is one tough (And Mean) cookie.  Just what is needed with all the eagles,hawks, owls and other preditors around here.  Only our Male duck stands up to him and bosses him around.


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