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I hear that the Kenko maybe better than the Canon II, but not he Canon III. Anyway if your not sure you can always rent the Canon to compare and if you find that it's a real difference that you can't live with between the Canon and the Kenko then return it and keep (purchase) the other.
The 1.4 DGX I bought was not quite as good as my Canon MK II, I bought it to use for f/8 AF on my 5D MK III.  I particularly hoped to use it on my 100L and my 100-400L.  It worked great on my 100-400mmL, but not at all on the 100L.  The 100L needs a lot of AFMA, so it turning it off would have required totally manual focus which I did not want.
It went back so fast that I did not even keep the photos.

Its very difficult to design a ultra wide angle lens and get sharp undistorted edges, and still sell it at a popular price.  Most users of rebels would not consider a high price for a truly excellent lens.
The new15mm Zeiss is easily the best.

I totally agree with you.
However, if you are looking for a very sharp and even cheaper ultra wide angle lens, you can check for the Samyang 14mm f/2.8. The biggest down sides? Very heavy "mustache" distortion, no possibility to put filters and the fact that it is a manual lens, though at 14mm, autofocus is not very useful, especially if you use hyoerfocals. If you can live with those, you can have a 14mm almost as sharp as the 2360$ Canon 14mm, but for about 400$.

Not mine:  Its easily the worst lens I've ever owned, and I've had some really bad ones.  My Canon 15mm FE is much sharper.


5D MK III Sample Images / Re: Need some help in editing.
« on: April 09, 2013, 01:44:01 PM »
Couldn't download your original file, so I took the JPeG from ksuweh's post then took into PS

There has been a recent thread on CR regarding Nik Software plugin for PS and LR, so I tried Silver Efex Pro 2 in Photoshop -> selected Modern template and Neutral, but then just added a Control Point to the face of the singer (placed the centre of the circle on his nose, then adjusted Brightness, Contrast, Structure, Fine Structure etc.)

Basically the problem area is the two-tone shadow on the singer's face. This is precisely what Nik Software plugins are designed for - to edit localized areas of the picture without destroying the rest of the scene.

I really like the Fine Structure detail option as it allows the face to really pop-out (eyebrows, nose etc.) and is great for fixing soft focus too. Finally, I reduced the image size to make it acceptable size for upload.

I like the result.

Lenses / Re: Is there any chance this is legit?
« on: April 09, 2013, 01:39:08 PM »
I doubt if anything is stolen but the Image.  Otherwise it doesn't exist.  He doesn't actually need a lens, since its never going to be shipped to you anyway.  Just wire him the money and see!
This type of ad is very common, they occasionallly catch those who want to believe so much that they talk themselves into it and send their money to Nigeria.

Avoid current confusion and possible current and future incompatibility - buy the Canon 1.4xIII (or II for lower cost).

Quote from: malte_p
i don´t want the protruting element on the canon TC, i maybe want to use the TC one day on other lenses too,  so it´s kenko for me.

the canons are nice for the white ones starting from 70-200mm but can´t be used with most other lenses.

i think the kenkos give me more flexibility.

They give you the flexibility of turning your camera into a brick.  The Kenko Pro DGX 300 1.4x locked up my 5DIII with several lenses but worked with some, as reported by others for their cameras.

But...  There is a workaround, turn off AFMA and use manual focus ;)

5D MK III Sample Images / Re: Need some help in editing.
« on: April 09, 2013, 11:18:59 AM »
Not knowing what it looked like to you, here is a simple edit in Lightroom done by simply clicking the preset filter called B&W look 5.
Grain could also be added, but I didn't.

Its very difficult to design a ultra wide angle lens and get sharp undistorted edges, and still sell it at a popular price.  Most users of rebels would not consider a high price for a truly excellent lens.
The new15mm Zeiss is easily the best.

Beware, there is no TC that works on all Canon lenses.   The Kenko DGX with blue dot was the latest I owned, and it locked up my 5D MK III so that I had to remove the battery to reset it when used with my 100mmL macro lens.  Later, I found that it locked up with a few other Canon lenses as well.  There are lots of threads about the issue on various forums.
I think it works well with the 7D, google to find information about the 6D.
The bottom line is that Kenko keeps making firmware fixes to this TC.  Once you buy it, you are locked in, and it might not work with new lenses on existing bodies, or on new bodies at all (read 7D MK II).
It seems that new AF systems from Canon are the issue, they work differently, and the TC is reverse engineered for older systems.  We certainly are hoping for new and better AF systems.

5D MK III Sample Images / Re: Need some help in editing.
« on: April 09, 2013, 10:42:48 AM »

This weekend I have shot my very first concert, and I came up with some pretty good shots and some that I dont know how to edit.

I uploaded to a RAW shot that I took, to see what I am talking about.

My main problem is that I have really big contrast between some highlights and shadows. On the skin of the singer you can even see clearly the line how it goes from highlight to shadow.
Is that any way to save it?

I would like to have the final result in B&W.

Any advice is appreciated.


What editing software do you use?  Someone could do a edit for you and explain the settings.

Lenses / Re: Wedding with crop bodies, help with rentals.
« on: April 08, 2013, 09:39:01 PM »
I'd be wary of using a rental lens on camera bodies that do not have AFMA.  He might very well not discover that his images are slightly out of focus until its too late, and he likely won't have enough time to test and exchange a lens if it does not focus perfectly.
He should rent a camera with AFMA if he wants to use a wide aperture lens.
As others have noted, outdoor light can be gruesome deep shadows, over exposed highlights, etc.  Absolutely have him rent or borrow a external set of flashes and reflectors.  They will do far more than renting a lens and the AF risks that brings.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Maybe I need to relearn how to focus
« on: April 08, 2013, 09:31:38 PM »
I'm probably guilty of accidentally hitting the diopter adjustment.  That occurred to me today but at the time I was disappointed and frustrated that it didn't register to check and for some reason I assumed that the IS on this lens was tripod sensing ( Doh!  ::) )    Since I don't have any custom settings, going back to the camera's default settings would at least put me back on a clean footing but I want to play around a bit and see if I can figure out what I might be doing wrong.

I tried uploading some jpegs from the T3i but I think the CR server is experiencing a lot of traffic or the files were too big or both.  I only looked at the 5D MKII files in ACR.  I didn't bother trying to process them.

A mis-adjusted diopter will not cause you to be off when manually focusing.  You still pick the point of best focus.  Its also pretty obvious, since you cannot get a sharp image thru the viewfinder, but the camera image is fine.

Lenses / Re: EF 300mm 2.8 IS - Anybody seen anything like this?
« on: April 08, 2013, 09:28:41 PM »
The left side looks bad.  I'd say the lens is decentered.  Lens Rentals has a great facility to test returning lenses for this type of issue.  Some rental places apparently don't test and let the next customer test it for them.

The advantage of staying with OEM is that you can send both body and lens to Canon and they will sort out the issue and fix one or both.  The disadvantage is the price.
As far as subjects far back being out of focus, that will happen the same, Canon or Sigma or Tamron, ...  Depth of field is going to be shallow at wide apertures. 


To me, it sounds like you want to take some nice pictures, but are not really into photography.

Go back to the OP's original post and reread it.
"I've shot with Canon cameras my entire life starting with an Elan back in the 90's. A few years back I went digital with a 20D and the FANTASTIC EF-S 17-55 2.8.  The 20D body was destroyed a year or so ago and I've been making do with a Canon point and shoot since then.

Lenses / Re: Aftermarket tripod rings vs OEM
« on: April 08, 2013, 06:45:57 PM »
Generally, the heavier lenses that need a foot come with one, so that leaves lenses like yours, or like the 100mmL that might be better if they had one.
I really doubt if there is a issue with light weight lenses like those, I have a cheap ebay foot for my 70-200mm f/4L IS, and my 100mmL  I have no concern about them breaking, they are very strong.
Some people have had issues with the adapter scratching their lens, so read the reviews.  I've had no scratches either.

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