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EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mark II Refurbished
« on: June 06, 2012, 11:45:47 PM »
Thanks, I've been waiting and watching every day.  I expected them to be in stock for fathers day.  i'll be calling them tomorrow for a CLP order if they still have them.

Software & Accessories / Re: DxO Optics Pro 7 and 5D Mk III
« on: June 06, 2012, 11:41:23 PM »
Has anyone used DxO Optics Pro 7 with 5D Mk III RAW files and if so, how does the resulting image quality compare with other RAW processors e.g. DPP, LR, ACR, Capture 1 etc?

Pros and cons?

All are good, it depends on what you want to do.
They do not all do the same things. 
LR is designed as a complete suite of tooks for photographers, and manages, converts raws, prints, creates photobooks, edits, and a whole lot more.  DXO converts images automatically, but does not pretend to be a complete solution. 
ACR is a photoshop plugin, so you must have photoshop to use it.  Photoshop does not manage your images, which means you will be without a powerful tool unless you purchase management software.
DPP is more of a raw converter, as opposed to editing and all the other things a photographer needs to do.
I'd recommend trying each out, If it does what you need, fine, but if you still have to buy additional software to do what you need, you will want to know that up front.

EOS Bodies / Re: where to sell canon gear, I'm moving to Nikon
« on: June 06, 2012, 11:27:45 PM »
I have a 5D, w 70-200 f4, 24-105, 85 1.4, 50 1.4, grip, 2 580s.  I've been waiting for the price to come in line w Nikon on the 5dii.  That does not look like it's going to happen-  especially considering the angst with the 5diii.

Where is the best place to unload this used gear?



i bought a D800, but hung on to my canon gear.  Good thing too, there is no lenses on the Nikon side up to the quality of the 24-105L, the 135mmL, the 100-400mmL, the 17mm TS-E, and so on.  There are a few lenses that are capable of giving the results the body can deliver, but selection is very limited.
Since the 24-105mmL, 135mmL and 100-400mmL are among my most used lenses, I was pretty disappointed.  The D800 is now listed on ebay along with my 24-70mm G and 80-200mm f/2.8D.  I kept the 50mm lens for now.  I had been planning on buying a 14-24mmG, but without my commonly used equivalent lenses, I was never going to be very happy.  I do quite a bit of low light photography, and the D800 is weak there.

I think you should install the eos utility and try again.

Yes, Install the EOS utility and verify that you can remotely operate the shutter.

Having had both, I pretty much agree with the video, it seems pretty fair and I see the same things.
What he doesn't mention is that Nikon does not have a 135mm f/2, or a 100-400mm lens that are in the same ballpark as the Canon lenses.  For landscape with the D800 and the 14-24mmG, a landscape shooter will be very happy.  However, my D800 was very noisy as ISO got up to 1600, but it took NR very well.  However, a low light shooter might not be very happy with it.
The DR at lower iso's in the D800 is simply amazing.  Difficult bright sun and shadows just are no problem, while my 5D MK III struggled just as my other Canon bodies struggle.  I've learned to live with it, but it was really nice to not have to worry about high contrast scenes.

Why not post a link to your flickr page, or limit your post to 4 images?  It is really annoying to have my computer hang while it is downloaing dozens of images.  Not everyone has gigabit internet.
By the time my computer came back to life, I was too disgusted to enjoy the ton of images.

Be nicer! I'm sure it took a long time for the poster to post all those images, and it's not your computer that's hanging, just the time it takes for the photos to download. The CPU load is almost nothing for viewing images on a website, at least with any computer more recent than 1995 or so. (I remember a 1980s computer that was still being used, and it took about two seconds of processing time just for the cursor to hover over a "rollover" image and show the "highlighted" version.)

Believe me, your computer has no ill effects as a result. I know you know this, but I just wanted to remark that our inconvenience (I have slow internet at the moment as well) is more than made up for by the huge amount of time that the poster had to invest in producing such a huge post.

The point is that 4 images are enough in a post.  Thats why CR limits attachments to 4 images.
By posting a link to a website where many images can be viewed, its just plain easier on viewers with slow internet, and the poster does have something to share, so we'd all like to see at least a few of the images. 
A alternative would be to post small images that can be clicked to download a larger version.

The issue with low cost tripod heads is jerky pans.  Unfortunately, the good ones are very! expensive, so get the Manfroto, its low cost and will not win any awards, but its at least competent.
Then, someday, you can get a Oconnor.  http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?atclk=Brand_OConnor&Ntt=video+head&N=4291309161
And the legs  are cheap by comparison  http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?Ntt=oconnor+tripod+legs&srtclk=sort&Ns=p_PRICE_2%7c1&N=0

You forgot to mention the non-replaceable battery.    ;)

great catch! that one is [CR5]

I think the battery is a CR2

Why not post a link to your flickr page, or limit your post to 4 images?  It is really annoying to have my computer hang while it is downloaing dozens of images.  Not everyone has gigabit internet.
By the time my computer came back to life, I was too disgusted to enjoy the ton of images.

Lenses / Re: Canon EF 180mm f/3.5 L USM Macro lens discontinued ???
« on: June 05, 2012, 11:10:44 PM »
Its due for a update, maybe they will announce it soon, and deliver in a few years?  I'm getting pretty cynical about Canon lens announcements.  I am equally cynical about Sigma vaporware lenses.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: My D800 Review
« on: June 05, 2012, 10:48:11 PM »
consider renting some top end Nikkor glass for a weekend/week?

Like what?  Isn't the 24-70mm f/2.8G glass I own top end?  Its certainly priced like it.  I'm not going to try a 200mm f/2, because I couldn't afford it, and the focal lenght is not one I use. 
Nikon's top lenses are very sharp, but no different from Canon when it comes to AF variabiliity.  And, many of the top ones, like the 24-70 f/2.8G  have excessive CA's. 
Then, they have nothing comparable to my Canon 100-400mm L, or my 135mm L.!

Lenses / Re: Can a UV filter affect IQ (sharpness) on a lens?
« on: June 05, 2012, 07:02:03 PM »
Filters always affect IQ, even air affects IQ, its just a matter of how much.  Although I have plenty of B&W and Heliopan filters, I avoid using them unless its dusty, or likely to get damage, water, salt spray, etc on the lens.
I always kept a filter on my 17-55 and after 3 years had no internal dust.  That was the one exception to my occasional use of filters.
I have very few cases where the difference in sharpness would be noticible except by obsessing ofer a 100% view of the image.  For a wide angle lendscape where I need all the detail I can get, I'd remove any UV filter.

So as everyone knows Apple has a lot of followers and their products are indeed quite 'cool'!
If Apple entered in the photography/camera business it would steal a lot of costumers from another big photography brands like canon and etc. and that's why I'm posting this. do you think that would happen?

have a look here: http://www.macrumors.com/2012/05/31/apple-working-on-standalone-point-and-shoot-digital-camera/

they are not entering the DSLR market though.

Some of the very first point and shoot digital cameras were sold by Apple, but were made by Kodak and Fujifilm.  I used to own one.
Apple's idea of a digital camera that needed a Mac to operate flopped, and they got out of the business in about three years.  They were dropped by the Visionary Steve Jobs when he came back to apple along with the laserwriter.  None of those things had a future :D

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 5d mark III srceen protector????
« on: June 05, 2012, 06:36:32 PM »
Go to www.acmaxx.net. They have 5dmkiii lcd screen protector made of hard poly-carbonate with UV low reflection coating. It's better than glass or plastic ones.
They dont sell direcly, but tell you where to buy depending on where you are living (including Ebay).
I have them on my T1i, 50D and 5D MKiii; all were bought from Ebay.
They are good ones to protect your investment.

Hard polycarbonate scratches easily.  Canon uses a hardened glass similar to Gorilla Glass that is much harder to scratch.  If it does, you can get a new cover from Canon and install it yourself.
Remember, you are not toughing the LCD screen itself, just the LCD protector built in to the camera and secured with doubleback tape.

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