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EOS Bodies / Re: Adorama is selling 5d3 for $2745 on eBay now
« on: September 15, 2012, 02:11:19 PM »
I just bought one.  I buy most of my Cameras and lenses from Adorama.  In addition to the low price, there is $55 in ebay bucks plus a rebate on my CC  makes it a very good price.
Adorama has a 30 day money back or exchange return policy, so you can't really go wrong.

Lenses / Re: What buy? A 24mm f/1.4L II or a 24-70mm f/2.8L II
« on: September 15, 2012, 11:53:53 AM »
If you are in low light, a  f/1.4 lens on a crop camera is cheaper than a 1D X with a f/2.8 which you would give you about about the same light sensitivity.

Lenses / Re: Canon 10-22 with 7D or 17-40 with 5D3
« on: September 15, 2012, 11:49:04 AM »
I could never warm up to the 17-40mm on FF, and the 10-22 is wider on crop than the 17-40mm is on a crop.
It wasn't bad, but not magical either.  Since I've only had the one copy, it could have been a copy that was not as good as it could be, but others often report the same thing.
Here is a image from Yellowstone with the 17-40mm L and my 5D Mark II.  Its f/16, so maybe some diffraction effects.

Technical Support / Re: Canon 5D MKII Mode Problems
« on: September 15, 2012, 10:54:10 AM »
Cameras break and have issues.  Thats why a backup is always recommended.  Imagine doing a wedding and your camera quits entirely.  If you were being paid, and had no backup camera, you could be sued for negligence.

Lenses / Re: Should I sell 35L f/1.4 to get 24-70II?
« on: September 14, 2012, 10:52:19 PM »
I love my 35mm L on my 5D MK II, as well as my other cameras.  I seems to be the right focal length for much of my uses.
However, if you do not use faster than f/2.8, and the extra cost is not a big deal, the 24-70mm f/2.8 sounds supurb.  I'm glad it is, I might even get one after haveing five of the version 1 lenses that did not impress me.

Lenses / Re: Zoom-walking, Walk-zooming
« on: September 14, 2012, 10:47:33 PM »
If you have only a prime on your camera, you can indeed fill more of the frame by walking toward the subject. or get a wider view by backing up.  This is what those are referring to who call it zooming with your feet.  In some cases, moving towards or away from the subject is practical, and in some cases it is not. The field of view of the lens does not actually change, as we all understand, but the image does change.
There might be a lot of wordsmithing going on about the exact words, but the principal is used by many photographers.  I do which ever works out the best for my situation.  I do not, for example like to move forward or backwards when I'm on the edge of a canyon, river, freeway, or other unsafe place.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Sandisk QC lacking?
« on: September 12, 2012, 11:31:37 PM »
I've never had a failed or corrupted card, and i've had hundreds.  I always buy them from Adorama or B&H.  There are just too many counterfit cards being sold where you don't expect it.

Lenses / Re: missing 200-400 and 100-400 announcements?
« on: September 12, 2012, 10:05:12 PM »
Rumors are just that.  Nothing you read here is guaranteed, and many post that a item is confirmed based on talking to a local camera salesman, who likely has no real inside knowledge.
Never buy or sell equipment based on just a rumor.  Just enjoy the many fine contributors to the site and take photos!

Software & Accessories / Re: Sager (gamer) Laptop for PS and LR
« on: September 12, 2012, 10:01:18 PM »
I'd definitely want to checkout the panel.  Thats the big weakness of laptops.  The other stuff comes down to quality of construction and available options.  You really only need a SSD for a boot and program drive, its not much of a cost to benefit ratio for storing images, but it is more reliable.  Still, if you do not want to lose your images, you need a safe system of multiple backups.

Looking back a long ways, the first camera I recall using was a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, then I was able to use a Yashica TLR for just one day, much better.  The first Camera I owned (bought) was a Argus C3 which I used for about 4 years, again better.
Then I bought a SLR like no name camera with a fixed lens and leaf shutter.  No better than the C3, but it did have auto exposure.
After that, I bought a Canon FTQL, being employed as a engineer and able to compare notes with other fellow employees.  I also bought extension rings, and had a darkroom that I built in one corner of my garage.  This was a excellent camera.  About the same time, I bought a Polaroid because my parents had one and liked it.  Big mistake - the hundreds of images taken with it are now faded away and pretty well ruined.  Eventually, I upgraded (I thought) the FTQL to a T50.  I had bought a couple of optional lenses with it, it was really no improvement, however.  Eventually, I sold it and used the Polaroid or a Olympus 35mm Superzoom which was easy to use, and did ok if you were not critical.
In the early 1990's, I bought my first Digital, a Fujifilm  MX700.  Well built and a step up already from the Olympus.  It suffered in low light.  When Nikon came out with the Coolpix CP990, I snapped one up, along with a external flash.  This was well worth the money, and I still have one today.
After reading on DP Review about the Canon DSLR's, I wanted one, and the Digital Rebel came out at a price I was willing to pay, so I bought one, along with the first 18-55mm EF-s and a 75-300mm lens.  Even though they were not great cameras or lenses, my images immediately improved, and I bought more and better lenses, progressing thru virtually all of the Canon crop and FF bodies.  Looking back, I'll have to say that I can now capture images that I would not even dream of getting back in the 1990's or before.
So, Yes, my photography has greatly improved, but i'm looking for the next step up, and tried a D800, but that wasn't it.  I returned my 5D MK III for the same reason, but might repurchase one if the price drops.  Meanwhile, I buy and sell used lenses (new, only when I'm sure its a keeper), looking for better than what I now have, which is a really good selection.  I do lots of very low light photography and catching fast action in extreme low light is what I enjoy doing.
So, over the last 60 years, I've spent a lot of time and money on equipment and have vastly improved from that old Hawkeye.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon D600 $2700 MSRP??
« on: September 12, 2012, 05:19:59 PM »
And yes, I still read CR. I wish NR was half as civilized as (most of) this forum.

Civil and thoughtful posts from all photographers are much appreciated. 

EOS Bodies / Re: Revolutionary digital camera?
« on: September 12, 2012, 03:32:03 PM »
Here's one for you photo geeks.  How about a simplified digital body that would accept native FD lenses.  Sort of
a digital AE1 - no autofocus, no video, no frills, just a base camera that is completely controlled by the user. 
Should be priced at or below the price of the cheapest Rebel (T3 is currently about $500).  Would appeal to
"basics" crowd, owners of legacy lenses, excellent intro to photography tool for education users, and possibly
others.  Oh yea, need not weigh a whole lot more than a mirrorless with eos lens.
Those old FD lenses are not so good optically, there were excellent ones, but they seldom come on the market.  Besides not being up to par resolution wise, they do not have anti- reflective coatings needed for use with digital sensors.
Its more Common to adapt a old Nikon lens to a Canon DSLR, they have the same IQ issues, but adapting them is easier.  Old Canon lenses are also commonly adapted to micro 4/3 cameras, where they adapt easily.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Photo vendors in five years?
« on: September 12, 2012, 03:26:03 PM »
As I look out and try to figure out what's going on in the photo market, I'd predict several things coming down
the road.  Canon has everything to lose, as the current market leader covering nearly all the bases, any shift
in market share has to effect them the most.  They do have a significant advantage however, vertical integration.
In that sense I would predict the leading brands in five years will be Canon, Fuji, Panasonic (probably buying
sickly Olympus) Samsung.  Nikon and Leica are too dependent on chip vendors, Sony couldn't market most of
their stuff no matter how good.  Pentax/Ricoh has a chance, if they can get their combined act togather.
The point and shoot market will be decreasing in market share due to better smart phone camera integration,
and that will hurt Canon and Nikon most at the benefit of Apple and Samsung.   Video capabilities will improve
to the point that dedicated video cameras are redundant - and that will hurt Canon, Panasonic and Sony.
Better ISO performance may decrease the need for fast, and expensive, lenses and optical manufacturing techniques will improve so that high quality lenses can be made in volume - hurting Leica, Nikon and Canon.
Prices will continue to escalate and digital imaging software will continue to improve around the margins to
provide excellent images but without the "feel" of darkroom processing.  All told, an exciting time to be interested in photography.

I'm curious, why do you think Nikon is too dependent on chip vendors?  Are you talking sensors, or the microprosser type chips, or the chips in the lenses?  Nikon designs many of its own sensors, and makes equipment to produce them.  Canon buys sensors from Sony and makes their own CMOS sensors as well.  Nikon is reasonably well situated as only they, Canon, and Sony design their own FF cmos sensors.
The industry is hugely interrelated, with everyone selling components and even building cameras for / to others.  Open up a Canon or any DSLR and note the Sony LCD inside.  Dig deeper, and you will find components from many manufacturers.  Even P&S lenses are commodity items made by the hundreds of millions.
If anything, I'd see China as a emerging manufacturer.  Manufacturer of high grade lenses requires a lot of delicate and skillful labor, and China is rapidly evolving into high end capabilities. 

Lenses / Re: Where is Canon
« on: September 12, 2012, 01:11:44 PM »
Sony ... 3 new products ...
* A99 ... a dumb bulky DSLR with a mirror permanently stuck in its lightpath
* RX1 ... a dumb tiny FF-sensor with only one focal length to serve it
* NEX-6 .. really smart compact APS-CSC - exactly, what the EOS-M should have been: built-in viewfinder, built in flash, built in WiFi ...   

Only the NEX-6 will really hit Canon 

Luckily for Canon and for reasons totally unknown, Sony decided to announce 2 epic fails ... A99 and RX-1 rather than a game-changing, compact NEX-9 ... with FF sensor, viewfinder and lens mount ...  at a decent price ... say USD 1999,-

Sony is not noted for exactly hitting the mark.  Even if they did, would they support it after two years?

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon D600 $2700 MSRP??
« on: September 12, 2012, 12:18:54 PM »
Since the D800 has been occasionally available on ebay for $2799, $2600 seems a bit out of synch.  Maybe they plan to up the price of the D800?

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