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EOS Bodies / Re: 50mp Cameras Coming in March [CR1]
« on: January 24, 2015, 04:58:51 PM »
Always the next show

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: New Firmware Coming for EOS 5D Mark III
« on: January 09, 2015, 08:11:42 AM »
Just got my 5DIII back from being serviced yesterday in the USA and the firmware remains 1.2.3

EOS Bodies / Re: Expect Higher End Products at CP+ in February
« on: January 06, 2015, 05:24:07 AM »
Always the next show........................................

EOS Bodies / Re: 1DX or 1DX2 - that is the question
« on: January 03, 2015, 04:58:50 PM »
I can help here.  You have a 5DIII and some lenses?????  Take $100 and join Canon CPS.  Best money you will ever spend.  Free check and cleanings, 20% off repairs, priority service (you go to the head of the line on repairs) and............FREE EVALUATION GEAR!  Big tournament coming up???  I expect it is time to evaluate a canon 300mm 2.8L  to go with that 5DIII.  Or, evaluate a 1DX.  Join CPS, evaluate a lens or camera, and wait until the end of the year.  You have a fine camera, 1DX is going to get a good bump, and if you are going for the top of the line you want CPS anyway.  So, one year from today you are going to be rocking a 1DX2, have a 5DIII for a backup, and be gold or platinum CPS member.  Sounds like a plan to me

Ah, children changes things a bit.  Still limit your time in midtown.  It's worse with kids.  How old are they and what time of year are you coming? Swap out the Metropolitan Museum of Art for The Museum of Natural History.

BTW, unlimited subway passes are a good purchase.  YELP is your friend here.  Plenty of good cheap eats and Yelp will help you find them.  Street carts offer excellent food.  The halal carts are usually excellent. most are clean and safe.  Just get on the longest line as they have the best food. forget hot dogs, their day has passed.  All Pizza places are good, buy by the slice.  If you are going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (and you should), go on Friday or Saturday after 4PM.  The museum is open late those nights and the crowds have gone home.  The Museum of Modern Art can be a mixed bag.  It will always be crowded.  If you are going to a zoo the Bronx Zoo is the one to go to.  Hipster Williamsburg is pretty interesting.  If you want to get a bit adventurous he L train to Bushwick is where you will find the best graffiti  and the most interesting galleries

Lifetime New Yorker here.  For goodness sake PLEASE get out of midtown!  Midtown has nothing to do with NYC.  Spend a day and night if you must but 34th to 57th, 2nd ave to 8th ave is just very, very touristy.  You don't need a tripod to shoot on the streets of NYC.  Not sure about Rockefeller center as that is private property.  one thing not to miss in midtown is Grand Central station.  you are not allowed to bring tripods in there unless you have a permit.  Permits are easy to get if you do it a week or two ahead of time.  See their web site.  thats where you want to do you long exposure of crowds.  As mentioned above you want to get to Brooklyn Bridge Park to take photos of the skyline.  Here is a good walk for you.  take the F train (yes, the subways are safe for the most part and the best way to get around) to York street and poke around DUMBO, walk to Brooklyn Bridge park (the part under the bridges is currently closed for renovation), walk under the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges to the sport pictured above.  Take he Squibb Park rope bridge up to Brooklyn Heights ans walk around Brownstone Brooklyn.  Walk back over the Brooklyn Bridge to lower Manhattan or continue further into Brownstone Brooklyn (Cobble Hill).  Oh it is a bit touristy but you also want to walk the High Line and spend some time in the Chelsea Markets on the lower end.  Welcome and enjoy

Technical Support / Re: What a day: dropped my camera.
« on: December 22, 2014, 02:50:31 PM »
good to have Canon CPS.  it showed up in the morning, was assessed and went to the front of the repair line before lunch. 2 day turn around or I can get a loaner, free shipping and 20% off the price I quoted. the lesson here is if you are going to drop stuff invest the $100 bucks in Canon CPS Gold.  Free clean and checks plus free loaners too!

Technical Support / Re: What a day: dropped my camera.
« on: December 22, 2014, 01:31:12 PM »
Well I have a pretty good metric for you.  The going rate for bad camera drops this month is about $379  :-\

I have had lots of luck with Recuva and a seperate CF card reader.  you can't just attach the camera.  I have had luck with RAW files and jpg but I have not tried with video files.  If I recall any video files were not recoverable but they have been old.  Try a couple of programs, Recuva is free, again, you will need a separate card reader

Lenses / Re: Old lenses Canon will phase out
« on: November 09, 2014, 04:58:03 PM »
Still rocking a 50mm 1.8 I from the 1980's.  I have always been looking for a good reason to replace it but.....the 1.4 breaks alot, the 1.2 is nice but really, really expensive for that extra speed, the Sigma 1.4  Art is really tempting but might wait until it comes down a bit.  I would love to see a 1.8 IS for about $400, $500????  Doesn't have to be an L, just sharp and fast and IS like the 35mm f2.  On the other hand, I have a 27 year old lens, that is as sharp as anything in my bag and cost less the $100.  Canon made those old 1.8's pretty tough

Canon General / Photo Expo 2014
« on: November 01, 2014, 06:34:45 PM »
Spent a couple of days at days at Photo Expo 2014 in NYC.  Got to meet some of my favorite podcasters and get my canon gear cleaned and checked at the CPS booth.  I also got to play with lots of toys from other manufacturers and I have to say Canon put on a pretty poor showing.  The mirrorless stuff from Fuji, Panasonic and Olympus is really, really amazing.  Cheaper, smaller, full featured with good lenses.  Sony just blows everybody else away.  The full frame 7 is great but the A6000 is the real star here. $800 bucks with a lens and better resolution than anything on the Canon table?????????? 24MB sensor for $800 and the 5DIII cost $2,000 more??????  for what????? Canon has lost the sensor race.  Game over.  I put a card in a Nikon D810 and had some really big prints made at the Epson  & B&H booths (Canon Printer). WOW!!!!!!  Canon is toast.  Sony sensors simply beat the pants off them.  Look with your own eyes.  Canon sensors are not longer in the same conversation.

how about this beauty?

Canon General / Re:
« on: October 06, 2014, 09:06:31 PM »
Perhaps Canon has done what Apple did with Intel.  Roll over, lube up, and take it with a smile on your face.  Canon will now use Sony sensors

Canon General / Re: Site trolling
« on: October 02, 2014, 10:26:15 AM »
I think there is a genuine concern that Canon sensors are no long competitive and are a generation or two behind Sony and Nikon (same sensor).  There is some minor gripping about this and that feature or mirroless offerings but the real complaint is the sensor.  When Canon had the best sensors (a long run) the Nikon fan sites were awash with similar complaints on their sites and the fanboys saying things like "12MP is all you ever need".  Same thing you are seeing now on this site.  The fanboys are saying things like "18MP is all you need". "I would never buy a camera with than many mega pixels", or "It's the glass, yeah, thats why I stay with Canon" ignoring the fact that Nikon has equally fine glass and Sony shooters have access to better stuff.  If Canon catches up the same old fanboys will be lining up to buy the best stuff and crowing about how important the big sensors are.
I think some of the Canon commenters should feel a bit vindicated by the fact that Nikon just dialed back the MP in their latest FF camera to 24.  They must have had some reason for doing that.  It wasn't to save money as the sensor will be the same parts cost.  I suspect that there were plenty of Nikon users that really had no use for 36 MP.  I think they wanted to put something closer to the 5DIII.

Nikon dialed back nothing.  Did they take their 36mp sensor off the market?????? They used a cheaper (but better than Canon) sensor so they would not compete against the 820D.  They built a camera at a price point (cheaper than Canon, more MP) so as not to cannibalize a market they already serve.  Nikon gives their customers a choice of FF sensors "36mm?  yeah, we have that..... will 24 do?  Sure, we have that too".  Canon (18, or 20 or 22....want more?  we don't have it and you don't need it....BTW we have better glass).  I will not stop saying it.  The most important component of a camera is the sensor.  Canon sensors are not as good as Nikon and Sony sensors.  CANON!! WE WANT BETTER SENSORS!!!! WE WANT WHAT NIKON AND SONY HAVE!!!!

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