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Lenses / Re: First Image of the EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS II Lens
« on: November 06, 2014, 03:42:31 PM »
Second  look (who am I kidding), after several looks I noticed there are no focal length markings, which by reference to 70-200 and 70-300 layout should be visible wrapping over the top.  Excitement fading  :'( 

Lenses / Re: First Image of the EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS II Lens
« on: November 06, 2014, 12:30:45 PM »
This will make for tough choices.  I bought 70-200 2.8 II primarily so I could have the 2.8, but also to use with 2x III on my 7D and still have AF.  This is for shooting paddling from dry land.  Not so satisfied with this - still not quite enough reach, but for other uses the 70-200 has made a lot of my favorite shots.  Now upgrading to 7DII, i'm tempted to sell the 70-200 plus 2x and get the new 100-400 plus 1.4x if the sharpness is there.  Maybe then add a 135 f2 later, as that falls in the range of where I've gotten my favorite non-sporting shots (+- 20mm to make up with feet).

The plus, will never have to explain to parents around me why I can't see the other end of the lake with something so big!


 I need more! You see, I have grown and you have remained static. You're not willing to change. You sit idly by while my new friend, Nikon, keeps growing.

Wow ! You must indeed be a man among men ! I've been in photography over thirty years and rarely can I keep up with the mk II. Be aware your new love may just be after your wallet, especially as she is so young and you no doubt, are a tad older  ;)

Sporgon, that was brilliant!

Lenses / Re: Sigma vs Zeiss vs Canon
« on: April 18, 2014, 09:24:38 AM »
Excellent examples from the Nikon lens.  Does it's adjustable range take it further in regards to the affect than the 50 1.2?

I am disappointed that there wasn't a rebuttal to the $46,000 lens, it had the potential to be very entertaining.

Thanks for the help everyone.  I've decided to order the 1" Kirk and the Sunwayfoto (Gitzo replacement clamp)  from B&H.  I liked the RRS stuff a lot and started an order, but it was $76 more to start for the two QR clamps and the shipping options where the deal breaker at another $30 with an uncertainty of USPS or UPS charging me brokerage fees entering Canada.  I was already placing an order at B&H with shipping at only $9 and it remained the same price when the QRs where added.

Did RRS have a QR clamp to convert your Gitzo? Are you also getting an L-Bracket to attach that 1" kirk to with your  sling strap? Maybe look at a Kirk also or eBay - lots of L-Brackets show up there.

Yes.  I added a B2-Pro clamp with reducer bushing  to  a GH1780 (no QR), screws to the disc and pretty much covers it.

Like dcm mentioned, the RRS would thread onto the flat plate that is in my picture above, but for a cleaner look I had intended to thread the column on the ball to except 3/8 screws or reducer.  The center of the column is drilled already to except a level and there is plenty of material to open the hole up the extra bit required for the 3/8 thread.  I may still do that some day, and put the sunwayfoto on the lightweight traveler head that came with my Gitzo tripod.

ScubaX, I'm going to order the Kirk bottom plate when I place the order for everything else since it was available at B&H so I can combine the shipping (not free to Canada) and it actually looks more fitted than the RRS for a 7D.  I thought about an L, but decided against the extra cost because I would like to get a 5DIII when the price drops further.  If used are showing up, maybe that's an option.  Thanks for mentioning it and I'll have a look.  When the time comes, I probably won't sell the 7D anyway, as the selling price will be pretty low.  Perhaps it will be a great gift someday for my oldest son who is making some really cool stop-motion and better photos than me with nothing but an ipod - gear can't replace imagination! 

Thanks for the help everyone.  I've decided to order the 1" Kirk and the Sunwayfoto (Gitzo replacement clamp)  from B&H.  I liked the RRS stuff a lot and started an order, but it was $76 more to start for the two QR clamps and the shipping options where the deal breaker at another $30 with an uncertainty of USPS or UPS charging me brokerage fees entering Canada.  I was already placing an order at B&H with shipping at only $9 and it remained the same price when the QRs where added.

Thanks everyone, taking the time to dig up the photos was a big help.  The Sunwayfoto is a good find, funny it never came up from googling.  It represents a very easy option.

I did a little exploratory on my Gitzo and attached a photo below.

Turns out the center hole is just a bit smaller than needed for tapping a 3/8 - 16 hole.  It can easily be drilled and tapped and the reducer used if need be for a 1/4 screw.  In the case of RRS clamp, one of the small holes on the Gitzo ball is in just the right place to screw in one of the small cap screws first and it can engage the keyed opening beside the center hole of the RRS to prevent turning.

The modification is a little more work, but the B2-Pro II looks pretty sweet and may be worth it.

I like how clean the 1" Kirk is for the sling.  The B2FABN looks handy, but the camera can just as easily have a safety line to the strap.

Neuro, with the Kirk clamps does the moving side of the clamp have a slightly thinner profile than the fixed side so that if the clamp were sitting on a flat surface the moving side would have clearance under it?  I ask because my tripod head did come with a flat disc so I have the option to replace the clamp with the disc and screw on the camera.  This could allow me to screw on a 2" to 2.5" Kirk clamp for half the price of the questionable new Gitzo D system as long as the clamping side doesn't end up screwed down tight to the disc with the rest of the base.

I downloaded this attachment from Gitzo (I hope my attempt adding the attachment works) which is the operating instructions.  It shows the use of other brand plates, but I agree it would be risky without hearing from people that have tried it.

Well I've had another look at Gitzo offerings and I see they have a new "D" series clamp and plate that the Gitzo site says is Arca-Swiss style.  The clamp also has some interchangeable pieces to ensure fits with different "off brand" plates.

At B&H in the head section the description doesn't include Arca compatibility, but in the quick release section the clamp for series 3 can be bought separate and does specify the Arca compatibility.  They don't sell the series 1 clamp but a quick look at the parts list available at Gitzo site tells me they are the same.

With the way Gitzo uses 3 screws to attach the clamp to the ball, I think this is the best I can do without replacing the whole head. 

It is too new and there are no reviews at B&H, has anyone used this new D series clamp/plate?  The only negative I see (assuming good fit) is that the locking side of the clamp is similar to the old C style and has a small length compared to a proper Arca clamp where the whole side slides and clamps.  My light weight tripod probably would induce more movement than the small clamp, so not likely a factor for my lighter gear.     

I've added "OR Switch to Arca-Swiss Style" to the title as it is a strong possibility that I'll go that way.  I had already considered the M-Plate Pro, but it isn't as clean a solution as it first looks.  It may interfere with a 50 1.2 lens, you can't sit the camera down on a flat surface in a pinch when you don't have a tripod, and I don' know how to handle the 70-200 without having to un-screw all the time.

QR is the only way really, just a matter of picking a system.   

Thanks Neuro, in my typical fashion I would never have picked a 1" clamp, thinking overkill was the best way to go.  Your lenses certainly prove it is up to the task of my equipment, and looking at it on line it looks like a very nicely made clamp.

I like my tripod a lot, but will admit upgrading the head with another Gitzo head was a beginners mistake.  I liked that it was sturdy for it's size, but didn't know enough about the rest of the gear and compatibility on the market.

Instead of destroying one head to make a strap quick release, maybe selling both would be the best thing to do and cut my losses now.

I like how the Kirk plates custom fit to bodies to prevent twisting.   

I have a Gitzo GH1780QR head that I like because it is pretty secure and it is a very light combination with my carbon Gitzo tripod that folds small.  I also have two plates which is enough as I only have one white lens with a foot (70-200 2.8 IS II).  I want to ditch my 7D neck strap and go with a sling, but want to avoid screwing/unscrewing the connector to use the tripod.  I happen to have a second Gitzo head that I replaced because it doesn't have a separate pan lock, and the ball lock was a bit small.  I'm thinking of removing the clamp from the head, drilling out one of the 3 small mounting holes and treading it to accept a Black Rapid FastenR.

Because the Gitzo plate can engage the clamp in all 4 directions, the clamp can align with the camera body instead of projecting into your face like some of the Arca-swiss type clamps do when used with a sling (at least it looks like it would - no experience with it).  It also has the nice double lock system so I would feel secure with that.  The only worry I have is that the plate has a pretty small foot print and I wonder if the torque from the body/lens bouncing off my hip would be enough to make it spin and consequently loosen the screw in the bottom of the camera.

Just trying to make use of the parts I already have, but don't want to risk the camera gear.  Anyone have experience using the Gitzo GS5370C style plate with a sling, or just general experience with slings attached to a QR system to know if this is a risk?   

Landscape / Re: Please share your snow/ Ice Photos with us in CR.
« on: February 23, 2014, 09:18:02 AM »
A trip to Norway last winter.

Lenses / Re: question about 600mm lenses
« on: February 09, 2014, 08:53:00 PM »
So if the real number is about 1.5 lenses per body.... that would mean half the bodies with 1 lens and half with two.... or 25 percent with 3 lenses and 75 percent with 1.... However you slice it, there are a lot of cameras out there with only 1 lens, and this goes to prove one of the things I have been saying all along... we are not normal and do not represent the typical camera user.

Yes, there are many forum members that are well outside the norm, which is why it's not useful to extrapolate the priorities of forums to those of the general EOS owner or overall EF market.  Claiming that I'd like a 600 f/5.6 prime or a mirrorless camera with specific attributes and claiming that they'd sell like hotcakes if they made one to satisfy my feature list is not realistic.  Would I look into a 600 f/5.6 for 2k?  Absolutely!  Would I buy one?  Yes, if it proves to have no compatibility issues, is handholdable and has better IQ than the 100-400.

Wow, I never really looked at the number of bodies vs EF lenses sold before.  If I didn't enjoy my hobby so much, the expression "a fool and his money..." comes to mind.  My wife probably thinks it, regardless of the enjoyment I get from the quality of the equipment and the challenge of using even a little of it's potential.

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