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It's not about the lack of pixels but the space it affords them.

The pixels are what? 10% bigger than the 5D3's?

10% bigger pixels = extra stop of performance.

Hardly scientific and probably incorrect but we should really think about this before asking.

pretty sure that is definitely incorrect  ;D

Judging by the 1D X samples, the high ISO performance is outstanding and a true 1 stop improvement over the 5D Mark III.  Something that strikes me though is 4 Megapixels can't make that much difference.

Canon opted to put a nice new focus system in the 5D Mark III, but it seems to avoid people not buying the 1D X and pro's opting for a Mark III instead, they limited the ISO performance boost.   With a boost there wouldn't be much between them but now the 1D X is more appealing with its ISO quality jump!!

The 1DX sensor is an absolute revelation at high ISO. Looking at the flower comparison shots, to beat the 5D3 by a solid 2/3 stops is just insane. This is the all-time low light king ever and it's got to be absolutely at the complete theoretical limit for what is even possible from this sort of design. I'm stunned.

OTOH you did bring up a good point. Sadly, it seems what one connected-one said is true. He said months ago something about how we'd see that Canon marketing thought that they could leave the sensor sort of the same since they were giving us so much in terms of the body specs and that they saved the new process for the 1DX sensor only and wanted a key 5D3 design goal to make it the highest profit per copy yet for a 5 series body. I guess the D800 sensor taught them.

Not that the 5D3 sensor is bad at high ISO though, it's one of the best. But the 1DX is insane. Wow, I mean it's hard to absolutely be sure from that sort of test, it's never more than a rough guess, but I think it's pretty safe to say that at worst the 1DX is as good as any other DSLR at high ISO and it's likely the best in history and perhaps so near the limit that nothing of any sort of even vaguely standard design will beat it.

I wonder how the 1DX will fair at low ISO though. How will the max DR be?
That is where the 5D3 really looks old school.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 1dx Got it! Got it! Got it!
« on: June 25, 2012, 04:15:10 PM »
Please ....Please post Raw files at ISO 800 1600 3200 6400.


actually make that ISO100. It's hard to judge much from random shots but a few things like DR can be measured and Canon already does fine there at the high isos. An ISO100 RAW file would be awesome. Any subject is fine, although a pure black frame (body cap on, dark room, 1/8000th, ISO100) is best. Just curious if they put some special new tech in the 1DX sensor compared to the 5D3 and older sensors and if it has say D4-like DR or not (I'm not expecting it to be able to match D800 DR).

Anyway, have fun!

Only two I yet have online for 5D3 and sports. Lens was the 70-300L. ISOs were 1600 and 6400.

I'd like to say don't worry about the .6 loss (that was my initial fear) especially with a 400mm being 640mm on the 7D.  You can crop to your hearts content and get that same exact photo as you would with the 7d only the image from the 5D MK3 won't break down.  I should at some point demonstrate this as I may be one of the few with both cameras though not sure.

Hmm not my experience between the 5D2 (and 5D3 should be similar, other than maybe at the much higher ISOs) and 7D. The 7D definitely pulls in more reach (granted sometimes in action you have jussst a hint of tracking or motion blur etc and maybe you don't resolve to the 7D photosite, but whenever you do....).

That said, very tentatively since I haven't gotten a lot of proper opportunities with either, I think the 5D3 focuses better for soccer than the 7D. The 7D appears to act weirdly for soccer under certain lighting and heat wave conditions to the point that in one game late last summer I gave up and switched to my 5D2 for the rest of the game. OTOH my 7D focused really well for surfing at the Quiksilver Pro New York and one day there was horrible back lighting.

Maybe some of it is to do with the 7D seeming to have really large focus zone if you use a point with expansion and maybe it's too grabby for soccer and yet one point is not ideal either or, like many canon cams that came out for a few years, it simply gets a little weird under certain types of lighting (often seeming to do worse the more blazing sun there was).

Sometimes the 5D2 is too slow to keep up and forget the outer points, but for center only, when it can keep up I can swear even the old 5D2 is a bit more trustable than the 7D.

Lenses / Re: Canon's new 24-70 2.8L II ship date
« on: June 23, 2012, 09:34:45 PM »
Does anyone have an update on the possible ship date for the new 24-70?

Arrrr my god could I have ever used this lens today. :(
Forget how horrific tamron 28-75 corners are on FF anywhere near wide open. :(
Dang what a shoot to have not had it available. :(

EOS Bodies / Re: From NL: 3D rumored TBA by spring 2013
« on: June 23, 2012, 09:31:54 PM »
a studio camera? low fps, very high quality/detail at low iso…i guess that's a studio camera

it would be nice if it could do a 6fps crop mode like the D800, that makes the D800 infinitely more of an all around camera, it's not just studio or tripod landscape only

and the dynamic range is key

EOS Bodies / Re: FIRST Video comparison Canon 5D mkIII VS 1D X
« on: June 23, 2012, 09:30:06 PM »
Yes, the 1DX is better than the 5D3…but..why are we surprised?
It's got everything in it better…
But we mustn't forget, it's also double the price! Surely it had to be better than the 5d3..

Because it has 18MP rather than a 3x3 1920x1080 22MP sensor and Canon said the 5D3 would rule video for this round. The D4 video is way worse than the D800 video. The 1D4 video was worse than 5D2 video.

Op (Alexandros), are you kidding me?

No, you are not the only one. I guess you haven't been following the dynamic range debate lately? ;)

Canon is known for banding (pattern noise) and now also underwhelming dynamic range. The 5D line has always had banding, and it seems that Canon doesn't know how to fix it, nor how to increase low ISO DR (at least not during the last 5 years).

Nikon on the other hand, are leaping forward with the sensor in their D800. Well, they are getting their sensors from Sony, but that doesn't really matter.

Canon needs to step up.

Please post your images showing the issue.  Show your D800 images as well.  I somehow am skeptical, having both bodies.
Here is one from my 5D MK II, notice the severe banding at the left --- wait, thats just a window shade.I at ISO 51200
And from my D800 at ISO 6400.  Both have a ton of NR.  Very grainy, and not much more detail that the 5D MK III at ISO 51200.

He is talking about LOW iso only. Nobody said the 5D3 DR is worse at 6400 or 51200 or whatever.

Maybe work on getting your exposure correct in camera before crying about some noise in shadows at 100% crop. If you underexpose on any camera the shadows will be filled with noise.  Why not work on your skills before whining on the forum. Bah

Even with proper exposure it's still an issue. But you do have to be extra careful with exposure with non-ISO-less cams.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Canon EOS-1D X Hitting Retailers
« on: June 22, 2012, 04:45:26 PM »
The 5D MK III looks like it has improved weather sealing and I'm sure it would hold up just fine in a light rain but the high-ISO samples I have seen aren't anywhere near what the samples from the 1DX look like. High school gyms can be pretty dark, I push my 1D MK IV to ISO 8000 just to get a shutter speed of 1/400 sec at f/2.8. That is as far as I am willing to go for a photo that will be ran in the newspaper but with the 1DX I should be able to get a much better image even at ISO 25,000 and a shutter speed closer to my preferred 1/1000 for sports.

The 5D MK III didn't look all that great at ISO 8000 so I skipped that body. Megapixels don't really matter, the Associated Press actually makes us size the file to max dimensions of 2000 x 2000 pixels and around 1.5mb to keep their system from overloading. Sure, more pixels means that we can crop more but I would rather have cleaner images at super high ISOs.

The 5D3 high iso is already getting so close to theoretical limits that I would temper your 1DX expectations a bit. Maybe it can add 2/3rd of a stop more DR up there and retain deep blacks instead of going purple at very high iso or something but I wouldn't expect more than 1/3 stop better mid-gray SNR.

EOS Bodies / Re: NEW FF Body that is able to take EF-S Lens
« on: June 21, 2012, 03:07:56 AM »
Its gonna be a lot of compromises if you want it that way.

Firstly, to clear the mirror/prism, your viewfinder would be something in the range of 60-70% view.

yeah you'd have a horrible little VF with impossibly small to use coverage.

Secondly, to clear the mirror/prism, your AF array would have to be as small as an APS-C one. Meaning it covers barely 1/3 or even 1/4 of the sensor area.

No the AF arrays have been pretty much the same size in all DSLR frame sizes APS-C,APS_H or FF. Using a full APS-C VF-szied secondary mirror for AF would even fit the 5D3 AF into APS-C.

Anyway you'd get a lot of vignetting and even hard-vignetting so I don't see how it is worth the bother even if it didn't make the VF useless.

EOS Bodies / Re: 1dx Japan site
« on: June 21, 2012, 03:04:11 AM »
Today is 20th so I checked Canon Japan website to see if they had updated the release date which earlier was marked for today.
"....your time will be charged before delivery of goods."

Hey, at least they are charging you for having to wait so long. That's something at least, right?
 ;D ;D ;D

Am I the only one to think that 5d MK3 has very poor performance in shadows, even in low isos like 100 or 200 ? High color noise, weird noise patterns, vertical bands/stripes all without any pushing!!!
Straight out of the box the images look terrible in the shadow areas.
Why is that? I am very disappointed. VERY disappointed ...
Even my poor old 350d did better in that domain...
Is there something wrong with my copy or is it supposed to be like this ?

Welcome to the party ;).

There have been endless posts and whining about this since the very first RAW files were leaked (and going even back to the early 5D2 days). Yeah Nikon got like 3 stops better for low ISO shadows and got rid of all banding and Canon got rid of horizontal (while leaving vertical as bad as ever) and actually made the read noise per photosite at ISO100 the worst of any of their DSLR since the 30D, I believe. That said it's only a trace worse than the 5D2 in that regard.

The deep low ISO shadows of the canon dslrs look best with the 40D and 1Ds3 and maybe 1D3. The 7D,5D2,5D3 are probably worst with the uglies. The D800 is easily the best, althoguh almost any even semi-recent nikon is a lot better in the low ISO shadows.

Some of use tried to make a big deal of it before it would be too late but most got driven out of various forums for being whiners and babies and here we are, say thanks to the fanboys and helped make Canon think nobody cared.

The 5D3 did fix up the high iso shadow uglies a ton though, it is probably canon's best yet up there and probably only the D3s and D4 are better of all consumer DSLRs ever made (and the D3s is very low res). The D800 is right there too though or better at the lower high ISOs though.

I've said too much on this, way too much already, so I won't say more than what I just said above, which was already adding too much to all I've said.

A quantum superposition of these two:

1. Sensor is the same as the 5D Mark II .. WTF? (Banding, noise, DR ...)

2. Already bought one (or more) and I'm using it, what's your problem?

(almost this, next round if point #1 happens again then #3 will be my only answer - 3. Nikon's D800 has made a convert of me)

And a firmware upgrade fixing the idiotic autoiso shutter speed limitation and allowing higher video bitrates and zebra and peaking and crop modes might do Canon a ton of good, sure they have kept most in the fold so far, but the fold seems to mostly bitch and whine these days, which is a dangerous sign for Canon, doing some things for good will and making the fold feel happy and taken care of might be smart....

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