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EOS Bodies / Re: The Techradar Test of the 5D MK3
« on: April 25, 2012, 02:35:41 AM »
I didn't see Nikon users having half this much trouble back say 2004 admitting that their sensors didn't match Canon sensors and back then they didn't match them in any way, not for low ISO, not for high ISO, neither DR nor SNR and sometimes not even for MP either.

Actually, I remember some people saying "who needs Full Frame!" among other things back in the day. I don't have the statistics to decide which camp is more hung up on their respective brand nor do I care. People will always try to defend their purchases. It's part of their nature.

That said, I don't see where is the big deal in telling the story as it is. You can't always win if life  ;D

I think it was Nikon who were saying who needs FF right before they snuck their FF up on Canon.

I do recall running into a Getty shooter decrying how bad the Nikon sensors were and envying Canon and talking about switching.

EOS Bodies / Re: differences in color between Mark ii and Mark iii?
« on: April 25, 2012, 02:32:47 AM »
Here are two more shots, outdoor. Taken raw and processed in lightroom. Same white balance card was used.

Well if you are comparing in LR then you are as much comparing Adobe's reverse engineering of a color profile for each camera as anything else, not that the color filters might make some have more trouble distinguishing some colors from other and lead it to having to make tint choice, but that wouldn't be such large changes as that although it might make it trickier or easier to get a larger number of colors right at once. But anyway it's hard to say what causes it, most of it might just be with Adobe's choice for each. Flip to differen Adobe profiles for a given cam and it'll shift all over. It's a tricky business especially since things can change with different scene lighting temperature, etc.

EOS Bodies / Re: The Techradar Test of the 5D MK3
« on: April 24, 2012, 10:38:08 PM »
The DR of the 5D3 files have been great for me. I don't see all that much more DR with D800 files to be honest. The only benefit is extreme pushing of the shadows. Both are excellent. The techradar data looks much more believable.

The way you say that you don't see much DR difference and then say that the only benefit for the D800 is cleaner shadows makes wonder. Since the cleaner shadows are what gives the better DR and fits DxO and the measurements of numerous others. And the Fredmiranda review sample test (again that guy is a long time Canon shooter so don't cry foul or troll on him).

I didn't see Nikon users having half this much trouble back say 2004 admitting that their sensors didn't match Canon sensors and back then they didn't match them in any way, not for low ISO, not for high ISO, neither DR nor SNR and sometimes not even for MP either.

EOS Bodies / Re: differences in color between Mark ii and Mark iii?
« on: April 24, 2012, 10:28:50 PM »
So we got lucky and secured two Mark iii bodies from Amazon and received them at the end of March. At least we thought they would be a great replacement for our Mark ii bodies.

Now, after noticing a difference in color, we wanted to make sure and ran some tests. There is a definite difference in the color that we are getting. Skin tones look way too red. I am at loss, and registering here to see if anyone is experiencing this? I am highly hopeful it is something in our settings, but we color balanced with both white and gray cards and all the shots come like this.

Both images were taken exactly the same with 24-70 lens  iso100 1/160 f/8.0
We have tried multiple things and they are all coming this way, on both new bodies.
Any suggestions?

hmmm you 5d2 image looks pinker to me than the 5D3 image and the 5D3 image looks more natural

EDIT: i was looking at skin tones, apparently you are focusing on your hair color, the 5D3 does seem a bit redder there so it's probably a camera profile difference (maybe,maybe CFA array difference but it really doesn't seem at all likely)   are they jpgs from the cam? prcoessed in some RAW program?

anyway it can be down to tons of different things from color filter array to more likely camera color profile or white balance engine in the camera

EOS Bodies / Re: Next Canon step in the matter of their sensors
« on: April 24, 2012, 07:45:22 PM »
or they will just post a link to the techradar test with a big question mark ?

and ask how two DxO test can have different results.

none of the techradar results make much sense at all

Why don't TechRadar's results make sense? 

The one thing I walk away from those graphs with is the fact that Canon is obviously doing something pretty nasty during the in-body JPG conversion to have that large a discrepancy in the results. 

Maybe it's because I want to believe those results, but they just feel more feasible.  Especially with the D4 having higher scores then the 800.

because the DR improvements go flat on the low end to a degree that nobody else has found to be true and the relative differences between cameras don't remotely match what others have found

and, if you take shots, and play around with them, the relative performance between cameras still doesn't match what they got

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Shipping 5D Mark III Bodies - Any rumors?
« on: April 24, 2012, 07:41:33 PM »
Just and update!  Still no official news from Canon.  Typical!

I have read on a couple of threads that we should be getting new shipments by the first or second week of May.

Here is rumors that canons will be in Russia by mid May:

and here: 
You should be able to send yours back by May 10th.  I assume that they plan to finish fixing their current stock at their factories and shipped by May 10th so they can start working on the old bodies..

So I conclude that we should see cameras at the stores by May!!  So if you pre-ordered your camera after aprox march 10th.  You will have to wait until May 10th so that is two month delay!!  :'(

Ugh, OTOH some dealers said they expected shipments in a few days.
I guess we will see.

With all of the important things that could be fixed up on the 5D3 it seems a colossal shame and waste that this what they have to spend time and money fixing.

EOS Bodies / Re: 1Dx reference in the Fox show BONES
« on: April 24, 2012, 07:36:49 PM »

EOS Bodies / Re: The Techradar Test of the 5D MK3
« on: April 24, 2012, 07:17:35 PM »
How do Techradar's testing procedures differ from DxO? According to Techradar, the D800 has and edge in DR, but it's more like 1/2 to 1 stop instead of the 3 stop advantage quoted by DxO. This seems more in line with my own worthless subjective impressions of what I'm seeing in the files from both bodies. The D800 ,definitely has the edge, but it just doesn't look like a full 3 stops, which represents an 8-fold increase in light.

Secondly, Techradar's tests show the 5DIII's raw files as having a solid 2 to 2.5 stop DR advantage over the 5DII. According to DxO, the 5DIII has inferior DR to the 5DII. DxO also rates the D800 on top of the 5DIII in terms of noise, but Techradar shows the exact opposite. These mixed and conflicting results don't do much for proponents of judging IQ based on lab tests.

none of their results remotely match what anybody else as measured in the lab or demonstrated real world so I think they are doing something wrong

feeding TIFFs seems very odd too
wouldn't that mean they had to process the RAWs first??

I didn't look into what they did, but their plots and results don't match anything I've seen anyone else get.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon, STOP shipping defective products!!!
« on: April 24, 2012, 07:16:33 PM »
But if even as you say you haven't found the issue to be an issue then why the upset and the returns?
If you don't find it to be noticeable or to effect anything real world.... why such a big deal?

EOS Bodies / Re: Patent: New Diffractive Optic Patents
« on: April 24, 2012, 07:10:39 PM »
Why would Canon want a DO 14/2.8?  I was under the impression that DO was to make big telephoto lenses smaller and lighter.  What will DO do for the already small, in relation to the big white teles, 14/2.8?

Or is this so we can have a new lens at a new price?  New = higher.

Sometimes it's hard to correct wide lenses for chromatic aberration so maybe they let the DO take care of that and then focus everything else on all the other image quality reducing aspects? Just a guess though.

EOS Bodies / Re: One area the 5D3 beats the D800...
« on: April 24, 2012, 07:09:36 PM »

Only thing I'm missing in the 5D3 is the really high resolution. And maybe the built in flash.

5D MKx have never had a flash - so how can you miss it?

You know what he means.

Anyway, many have had rebels and xxDs and 7Ds before 5 series.

Wow. Production Premium upgrade from CS5 is $750?!?
Why is the PP upgrade so insane compared to past upgrades and even certain other current ones??

(A side note: And I love how they tell you 100x on all their FAQs about how amazing it is to get suites instead of individual programs even when you know you won't use the other programs! That happened to me with a Design Suite and now stuck with that. They won't let you trade it back for just a single element from the suite and want to force you big $$ suite upgrade money each time even if you remain only needing a single program out of the entire suite! Don't fall for the scam!)

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 5D Mark III Light Leak Resolution (Canon USA)
« on: April 23, 2012, 10:26:35 PM »
Would this increase shipments from Canon to retailers by any chance? Seems like a 5DMK3 body only is nowhere to be bought  :-\

Other than that, I feel this is a pretty good solution for those who feel like this is an issue for them!  ;D

One store said earlier today that they were hopeful to get shipments again very soon. We'll see.

EOS Bodies / Re: Next Canon step in the matter of their sensors
« on: April 23, 2012, 10:25:06 PM »
They don't care and think 5d3 sensor is fine

They will run some marketing campaign admitting to mistake and offer some solution for future.
They will try to get next sensors from Sony as Nikon did
They will try to get sensors from another company than Sony because of some Nikon exclusive agreements
Not going to happen.
They didn't make a mistake, they knew exactly what they were doing.
They will never buy from Sony or Nikon, that's the worst thing for you, for me, for competition, and for the industry in general. Rewind a few years, and imagine that Canon bought Sony sensors too. The 5D2 wouldn't exist. The 1Ds3 wouldn't exist. The 7D/60D/550D/600D wouldn't exist. We'd all be stuck using the same 12MP D300/D700 sensors. The new 24MP NEX-7/D3200 sensor wouldn't exist either, without the competition from the 5D3 and 7D sensor, there's no incentive to go any better.

They will care a S___ and listen to pros who actually use cameras out in the field.
They do.
They did.
5D3 was what happened when they listened to the Pros.
The Pros they listened to were event photographers, wedding photographers, people whose livelihoods depend on being able to focus accurately in low light, being able to take the least noisy shots possible in low-light, silently from the back of the church or on a dimly lit stage.

They will run some marketing campaign to defend the results achieved with current 5d3 sensor
They don't have to.
As said, it works perfectly well for its intended audience.

They will work harder to get better results and follow the path they do now
The 1DX and 5D3 were both releases aimed exactly at target markets. The 1DX target market is for photojournalists who *must* get a shot, and *must* get it to the publishers (paper or 'net) ASAP, or they're out of a job. Hence the best Canon AF ever, the 12/14 fps, the ethernet port.
5D3 was aimed at the wedding photogs who can't afford the 1DX, who need silent shutter, who have to carry the damn thing all day and don't want a gripped body or need the best sealing.

The Pros they haven't listened to lately are the wildlife/birders, who are almost always focal-length limited, need more pixels-on-target, need f/8 focussing. The 1Dmk4 is still the camera for them. Will the 1D4 be replaced soon, in a 3D or 7D2 with more MP-on-target, and f/8 focussing?

They also haven't listened to Landscapers lately. They are the ones most disappointed by the 5D3 and the ones most likely to switch to the D800. They need the Low-ISO Dynamic Range that canon just isn't giving them. They need the Megapixels. They don't need ISO6400 performance.
Will they introduce a 30-40MP+ 1Ds/2/3/4D body to make landscapers happy?

With both of those segments, there's a *lot* less market share than for the photojournalist and wedding/event photographers that were targetted by the 1DX and 5D3 bodies. So maybe Canon will just ignore birders and landscapers forever, and continue on their path of most-market-share? I hope not, but they're going to be fine and making enough money from the 1DX and 5D3 bodies to not care.

1. More DR actually can be useful for wedding shooters.

2. It can really be useful for landscape shooters and the 5D3 IS also their top landscape cam so no I don't think they listened to the pros too well about it all or to the wrong set.

"We will inspect your camera..." Translation: this is a non-issue. If you think it's an issue for you (i.e. you frequently shoot with the lens cap on), we'd be happy to keep your camera for a few days, then send it back with a little note that it's within spec and no adjustments are needed.

haha, yep, top notch translation there  ;D

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