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I sold my D3200 (why did I buy Nikon?) after 13 months of listing. $800

I sold my 7D after 5 months of listing. $950

My most nerve wracking purchase was a Canon 1V HS that I bought from a pawn shop in LA. (the purchase turned out fine) $400.

I'm in the process of purchasing a 1DX. $5000 ish.

I've sold a Harley. $6,3000.

Craigslist works, just ignore those negative nellies.

Thanks for the support.  I'm fine with tolerating negative nellies.  It's when CL shoots me down with no explanation or recourse that I am pretty much stuck.  And that is hard to predict or mitigate.  In general I am learning that CL isn't reliable, can't be counted on and won't do anything (doesn't give a dam) about it.  That's my primary disappointment.  And I'm learning that it's a common problem for many other CL users.


It sounds like you have put a lot of thought into this.  IMHO, I think sometimes that it would be nice for a photographer to try to see things through another photographers' eyes like you are wanting.  It would be interesting and could produce some very unique results.  After all, as you say, it's your day, your images and your vision.  The photographer is just the mechanism in this case because you can't take your own picture.  Some photographers are a bit too self involved when it comes to their 'craft'.

I think humble flexibility is key when you are working for others.  Someone on this forum once explained what being a professional is and it was mostly the ability to give the client what they wanted, the way they wanted it in a timely manner.  (Regardless of the photographers' taste or impression.)  Practicing ART & CREATIVITY that the photographer is invested in should be reserved for personal time, not professional time.

Good luck getting it all worked out.  And have a fantastic, fun and memorable day!!


Another thing I came to realize pretty quickly...

The expensive stuff sells with a lot less hassle.  For example:  The used 60D I have had listed for almost two months still hasn't sold even after lowering the price.  I've had more scam offers, low-ball offers and waste of time wafflers on that camera than anything else I have listed.  In contrast, while I still get a few low-ballers, the 6D, 5D3 and 7D2 in general sold fairly quickly to actual photographers who simply wanted to meet, inspect and buy with cash.  I usually enjoyed a nice conversation over coffee about photography or whatever topic came up.

I am possibly being naive about how folks use CL.  I assume when folks want something they do a search, find some deals and contact the seller about purchase.  I didn't realize (and I'm not sure I believe) that there is a whole "CL community" that spends their time browsing CL and "policing" or "flagging" numerous listings for mistakes or other minor things.  Major spam/scam listings, sure.  But again, maybe I'm just not tuned in to the true CL reality.

Technical Support / Re: How to remove a filter that is bent.
« on: December 12, 2014, 10:41:09 AM »
I'd try a simple solution that has worked for me, a rubber jar lid opener.  I would try that before trying using any tools:)

That's what I use!

Ditto!  And I keep a few wide rubber bands loosely wrapped around my filters case.  Also, it might help to put a thin strip of gaffer tape on the filter rim before using the rubber jar opener to give it even more grip.

My absolute last course of action if the filter is so bent that it won't budge would be to use my dremel tool to carefully cut the filter ring so I could lift it out.  This would require covering and protecting the lens element, etc first and then going very slowly and carefully.  You might not need to cut the last thin little bit that touches the lens if this allows the ring to flex enough to be removed.  You also might need to make several cuts.  Just make sure the cutting wheel is spinning in the direction so that the cutting debris shoots away from the lens.

Technical Support / Re: What photo printer do you use?
« on: December 12, 2014, 10:33:29 AM »
I purchased one of the bundles myself and would love to sell the Canon Pro-10 beast of a printer that just arrived.  I don't print images at all.  Maybe someday but no time at this stage of my life.  Anyone interested?  It came with a 50 pk of Canon Pro Luster paper too.

This experience is precisely why I would like to see a way to Buy & Sell here on CR.  But I understand it's not easy for the mods, just more work.  And CR will have to deal with all the scammers/spammers/trash that having a selling forum attracts.

It's like every picnic draws unwanted insects and potential bad weather when all you wanted to do was enjoy the day with some tasty snacks and a good drink.  Sigh...   ::)

We get married in may.
Our photographer is getting half an hour
our enjoyment of the day, the comfort of our guests is paramount. 
First, all the best wishes to you and your wife. Have fun on that day and for the rest of your lives.
Second, great opinion. Although the wedding photograpers might think different ;)
Third, don't forget to tell your guests about the "ettiquite". ;) Normally there are also a lot of cameras invited ;)

Yes!  Congratulations!!   :D

I agree, for the most part.  I think the entire wedding "industry" has gotten out of hand and over the top.  It has become a ridiculous over-the-top circus that costs tens of thousands of dollars.  I don't get it.

However, with that said, I think the photography is an important part of the wedding as long as an experienced professional photographer provides a subtle and delicate presence to capture the event.  The images are all you will have in 20 years.  A few pictures of the wedding party standing with cars may seem lacking down the road.

We did our wedding in '95 at our church.  Our primary goals were to have a good time with friends and celebrate our union (ie: spend 90% of the time partying, eating, dancing, drinking, socializing at the reception), get good photos and enjoy some nice floral arrangements.  Prioritized in that order.

We had our wedding on time.  It was well planned.  It ran smoothly.  Our photographer did the pictures before, during and after + reception.  We were done with the wedding in 20 minutes, photos were another 15 or so and then it was reception, reception, reception where we have a lot of great pictures of friends, family, etc.

The photography is usually not what ruins weddings, poor choices and poor planning ruins weddings.

My point is that our wedding album is priceless, well done and beautiful.  It was money well spent.  It didn't ruin the event or even distract from it.  Don't over simplify such an important day that you later wish you had perhaps gotten a few traditional images to look back on.  Looks will fade and you'll be glad you can look back and see how beautiful you were together at this time in your life.

Thanks for the feedback.  Yeah, last night was a rant.  I was both irritated and disappointed that CL is yet again proof that if something cool can exist, it can be corrupted and ruined by a minority percentage of abusers.  And I woke up a little cranky this morning too.  CL was created to alleviate and provide a simple alternative to exactly what it has become.  So sad.   :(

I just want to sell some stuff slowly and not have it become a full time job, logistical nightmare or complete waste of time.

Several of you have expressed your experience, thanks for that.  The most frustrating thing is that what works one time may not work tomorrow.  I have tried to post a 70-200 f/4 IS lens 4 or 5 times, even trying from a completely different PC, location and ID and it still gets ghosted.  I'm starting to understand why CL became a bigger target for serious hackers and is now fighting off DNS and other major cyber attack problems.  They are pissing people off in droves.  And if you need help, you get snide snarky smartass replies to your help request post where you are essentially told that it's a free service and you shouldn't be complaining because you are the problem, not CL.  CL is perfect, it's everyone else who can't figure it out that are the problem.  Oh, and I was told if I didn't like it, I should just go back to eBay where I belong.   >:(

Someone put up a pretty extensive Wordpress site about how bad Craigslist has become.  There are a lot of complaints on consumer sites too.  Wow.  Seems things started really going downhill in 2013.  Here is a page that explains ghosting and what they did before ghosting, which I remember.

In general, I try to just roll with the punches and adapt.  In the end, that's all you can do.  I like using CL because I get to meet some nice people and I have had some great transactions the last couple months.  For that reason I am concerned that I'll eventually have to stop CL if it becomes too much trouble.  And that's just sad.  Some days it just doesn't pay to get outta bed!!   ::)

After getting rolling a month or so ago trying to get some stuff sold, things seemed to be going well.  I listed stuff, people bought it.  Everyone was happy.

Now I'm starting to have Craigslist problems.  So I gotta vent...  >:(  Seems once you have more than a small handful of listings, like more than 5 or 6, they start "Ghosting" your listings.  Ghosting is where everything appears to be fine except that the listing is never seen by anyone, ever.  It doesn't show up in searches.  It doesn't exist except on your account list of activity.  You can't even find it by searching for the exact listing number.

Another issue is that there is a long list of rules about what can be in the listing and what can't.  How it should read and how it shouldn't.  Many points of what I am discovering are not in the Terms of Service.  They are simply what the CL community apparently thinks.  And if enough CL readers FLAG your listing, it will be removed.  That is, if it isn't ghosted or deleted by the system first.

The frustrating part is that we are talking about listings that may have been good to go for a month or even a year but suddenly, it's not good.  It's ghosted, flagged or deleted without any notice and you have no way to know what caused it.  And if you try to relist it to fix the problem(s), it simply gets ghosted or deleted again.

So you go to the help forums.  Oh, what a joy that is.  Let's just say I felt like a kid with a nice camera and lens on the school yard and a group of forum volunteers proceeded to surround and gang up on me in about 2 min to criticize not only my poor attempt to be funny in the initial post title but belittle and criticize everything about the listing.  Some of the input/feedback was helpful but in general, when I asked a question about why something was a potential problem, it was met with defensive retorts accusing me of feeling entitled, being stubborn or refusing to take the advice.  In other words, hostile.

And there was a lot of "advice" on how I should write the listing, how I should not quote specs, prices, etc.  If you have two listings that have similar text or titles, they could be flagged.  And I should always state the AGE of say, a Lens.  Unless it's NEW, then I shouldn't be listing it at all unless I list it as a dealer.  And if I say for instance that a lens is SHARP, I am talking down to the reader.  And if SHARP is in all caps, it will probably get flagged because that is shouting.  No matter that there is no way to highlight or otherwise make text stand out at all since it is plain text with no formatting except caps.  Oh, and no html, no links, no prices, no mention of eBay, etc.  I think even having text in the image is a no-no.  The list goes on and on.   ::)

I even had one forum "helper" say that I was nuts if I thought someone was going to actually meet me with thousands of dollars in cash for photography equipment so I was most likely a scammer.  Really??

So I'm just warning you that if you list something on CL, don't be surprised if you have trouble.  Either the first day or day 43 something will go wrong and you'll likely never know what caused it.   It's not the fun carefree CraigsList that it was a few years ago.  Aaaargh!!   :-[

All I can say is WOW!   :o

(And as I say often, "No good deed goes unpunished!")

Glad it turned out so well, Bravo! Mr. Fong!

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: buying suggestion: a 5D3 or 1Dx?
« on: December 07, 2014, 07:20:49 PM »
In this instance, it is. A 3 year (approx) cycle on the 5D bodies makes rumours of a new body next year more reasonable than waiting up tp... four... eight years. ;)

In that case, perhaps we should discuss the validity of the 7DII rumors from 2012, three years (approx) after the 7D was released...and the two more years that elapsed prior to the actual announcement of the 7DII.   8)

+1 This is what I was thinking too.  You can't plan current purchases based on possible future releases unless the current purchase IS the future purchase.  In other words, I never planned to buy the 5DII.  I bought a 5D and loved it for 3 years+ while waiting for the 5D3 to be released, tested and proven.  I bought the 5DIII 6-8 months after it was released and I was still disappointed in the poor low light AF problem.  (So much that I exchanged it for a slight improvement, then I soon bought a 6D.)  About 6-8 months later Canon released a firmware update that improved the low light AF issue and the 5D3 is a perfect camera now.

So my point is that you should just buy the camera that is available if you need it now.  The 5D3 is time tested, proven and all the kinks have pretty much been worked out now.  The 5D4 will likely need time to get the kinks out too.  So why be part of the testing?  Get a 5D3 now and enjoy a great camera.  Plus, the 5D3 can be had for a steal now compared to the price it was at when it was released.

Software & Accessories / Re: Two monitors vs ultra-wide one?
« on: December 07, 2014, 06:06:11 PM »
It's really hard to beat dual monitors.  I have clients that went dual and would never go back to single.  I have dual on my desk.  Haven't gone dual yet on my photo pc but that's only due to physical space issues.  The new ultra ultra wide monitors are fairly new and I predict they will eventually disappear.  They are too expensive and kinda pointless to me.  Why have a super wide individual monitor take up the same space as two monitors that would give more versatility, productivity and screen space?

Technical Support / Re: LG 27MB85Z-B
« on: December 05, 2014, 01:41:37 PM »
  The only issue I've seen is that the Canon Utilities has some bugs that causes a beep every time it starts up.  I tried it on 2 other Windows 7 computers as well with the same results, and uninstalled it, and the issue went away.  Since I need it to use the Wi-Fi feature on my G1X, I live with it reluctantly.

Is it possible that this is a BIOS power on beep that can be turned off in the BIOS?

I agree about the 24-105........some of my best shots have been with this lens, and if they made an updated version I suspect a lot of people would jump on it, including a lot of us who now use the 24-70.

IMHO, the 24-105 is Canon's most popular, most purchased and most used workhorse lens in their L lineup.  It was Most folks' FIRST L Lens.  And it successfully whetted everyone's appetite for more L lenses.  So I'm a little surprised that they haven't shown it more love.

Wow.  Such great potential.  Too bad it all seems to hinge on one guy.  I hope he's merely super busy and things pick up soon.

ML basically consists of two people, g3gg0 for mlv and alex for everything else. ML is working on 6d (and 5d3), so it could be worse - but there are (too many) great unfinished features in the queue that are stuck there.

If Alex is busy for a longer time, ML might be gone for good - he's the only one with enough insight into the whole thing and knowledge how to do it. All attempts to acquire more central devs have failed so far, it's unpaid work and you need to invest a lot of time to discuss, reverse-engineer & figure everything out w/o a documentation or DryOS sdk.

Yeah, I assumed that was likely the case, I just thought there were 5-6 guys, not just 2.  Thanks for the insight.  They've done quite a bit for only two guys.  But real life does have a tendency to draw you away from projects after a while.  I think with the work they've produced so far, the ML community they've built would be open to donations but unfortunately I fear the 70D thing probably has ruined that idea for the time being...

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