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Software & Accessories / Re: JPEG as a travel alternative
« on: August 31, 2013, 10:48:11 PM »
Small portable solar panel to trickle charge your devices? Then you don't need to worry about power consumption.

I've looked into these, but the ones that put out adequate power are quite bulky and heavy. I can, depending on which bike I'm riding, charge a camera battery off of the engine while moving, but it's awkward and again, only possible on certain bikes.

On my bike, I installed a trickle charging device (to keep the battery charged when I store the bike for winter), and the special connector on the device works both ways, so when needed I can plug normal 12V devices on the connector. On my bike trips I bring e.g. 12V cell phone charger. If I really wanted, in theory I could bring my inverter, and thus get the standard 110V/230V AC for small power devices (~<300W).

For the solar panel, because you're space limited, you don't want the big ones, but small one combined with e.g. 10Ah power pack. The small solar panel will charge the power pack over time, and then when needed, you can power devices with that. If you want big enough panel to directly power devices, then they are big/bulky. I think e.g. Duracell has those power packs you can charge with small current USB, and it'll give large currents when needed.

Software & Accessories / Re: JPEG as a travel alternative
« on: August 31, 2013, 10:04:06 PM »
Small portable solar panel to trickle charge your devices? Then you don't need to worry about power consumption.

Canon General / Re: Help design a time lapse rig
« on: August 31, 2013, 10:00:57 PM »
Mostly copying from other people ideas:

-more than 1 axis movement

-rotate / tilt

-individual parameters / programmable curves for each freedom of movement. E.g. rotate camera 1° every 1 minute towards left, same time move with curve x= 0.5t^2 - 0.3t + 5, y = 0.15t

-should support all common mathematical items, sin, cos, ln, log, e, ..etc...

-fast movement preview to verify movement. Hate to see the planned track to fail after hours of shooting (great idea Paul!)

In the US they are adding all funny warning labels, so maybe next one will be "The air you breathe might contain oxygen."

Software & Accessories / Re: JPEG as a travel alternative
« on: August 31, 2013, 01:25:36 PM »
The advantages to RAW may be there, but they are blown completely out of proportion.

That one I do agree completely.

For me the big item is increased DR. The other advantages are minor, but I don't mind having them too.

And with computer speed and storing capacity increasing so fast, I find it easy to stay on RAW myself. For some people, I'm sure JPG is just fine.

Software & Accessories / Re: JPEG as a travel alternative
« on: August 30, 2013, 10:40:47 PM »

OK, to make my objectives clearer, I could go on this 3-4 month trip with my current computer and HDD enclosures and shoot RAW, but I risk filling the HDDs too soon and slowing down my whole operation due to the size of the files. I'm often without electricity, so slow file transfers eat lots of battery.

That is tough one, I'm not sure how I'd solve that problem. Have you thought about those automatic CF-copy-devices, can't remember the name/models, but the simple device where you stick your CF / SD card and it automatically copies it to the internal hard drive. If you want mirroring, get two of them. That way you don't need to haul your laptop around so much.

Software & Accessories / Re: Memory cards
« on: August 30, 2013, 05:41:15 PM »
Long time ago I did test myself, I had cheap-o card (A-data, transcend or something, 66x or such), and my friend bought fancy Lexar 400x. I compared buffer fill time on my 7D (with the old FW), and for the cheap-slow I got 16 or 17 pictures before the buffer was full, and with the Lexar I got 17 or 18.

And the Lexar was ~3x the price, so at the time it was no brainer to get cheap ones. Now with new FW (and I bought 5D3 too) I should think about upgrading.

Software & Accessories / Re: JPEG as a travel alternative
« on: August 30, 2013, 05:36:07 PM »
I missed the actual reason why you'd need to go jpeg instead of raw.

Are you saying you shoot more than 1TB on a trip, so your current hard drives are not big enough?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Canon 2x and 1.4x mk3 extenders
« on: August 24, 2013, 08:24:24 PM »
Why no manual focus? The focus ring is stuck?

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Playful ideas with a Canon !
« on: August 23, 2013, 11:47:33 PM »
My only special item is an old Nikon Macro -lens, which fits just about perfect wrong way on the kenko tube set, making it really good macro (in terms of magnification). I also used 2x extender with that combo, can't remember which was got the most magnification, but I estimated around 10x at most.

Canon General / Re: Yellowstone vacation advice
« on: August 23, 2013, 07:43:34 PM »
I saved $500-600 by not booking in the park.


I booked a cabin from the lodge (~300ft from the Old Faithful), and it was around $100 a night. Anything outside the park were around $150-200 a night, so I saved plenty by being inside the park. Plus saved plenty of time which is even more valuable and rare commodity, plus some extra saving because of less gas for driving.

So I'd seriously recommend to consider calling Xterra (or what was the official agency, don't use other agencies as they'll just go though Xterra and take their extra cut), and check if they have vacancies. It's your vacation and you make your choices, but I just can't imagine being 2 hours away from the park.

Canon General / Re: Yellowstone vacation advice
« on: August 23, 2013, 01:19:16 PM »
I booked a hotel 2 hours from YNP,

Uh oh.....

2 hours as advertised, or 2 hours as someone real experience? The traffic can be quite horrible at times. Not at 3am, but still.... If there's bear/bison/elk/squirrel/anything interesting by the road (during the day), estimate about 2mph average speed for couple miles.

For my trip, initially I booked a hotel ~1 hour away, just to get something as everything inside YNP were fully booked. Then I planned calling in every few days to check if the lodge by the Old Faithful would have cancellations. I think on my second call there was cancellation, and I was able to get the lodge cabin for less than I would have been paying for the lousy inn 1 hour away.

And if that would give you (me) 1 hour more sleep every morning, I'd be happy paying way more for that.

Especially, do you really want to wake up your wife 3am every morning? I know, people should think twice before marrying a photog, I tried to warn my wife but since when she listened to me. But waking up 3am doesn't sound vacation to me. If I go sleep after that, sounds more like my kind of vacation.

LOL...kinda like that computer company, back in the day, that named their company "Wang".


In China:
1- Wang is a very common name
2- First names can be common words or descriptive
3- Locals use an foreign name (generally english) with foreigners to help memorization
4- Poor english or taste make some people just use litteral translation of their chinese name as "foreigner friendly name"

Result: Keep trying a straight face when, in a formal business environment, a man is introduced to you as "Rainbow Wang"

Many stories like that, the other main one being we have 2 wang in my office, one ~1,60m tall and the other one ~1,80m tall. Their are known to all as "small wang" and "big wang"...

My friend told his boss name was "Ochinko". That dude can't travel to Japan.

Canon General / Re: Yellowstone vacation advice
« on: August 23, 2013, 02:32:12 AM »
Does anyone think bringing a 32gb tablet instead of a 700gb laptop is reasonable to save space? Or should I just bring the laptop. I think I mostly want to bring the tablet because I never use it except on vacations in my hotel room. Damn thing is a huge smartphone without the phone or the service, just wifi.

Depends what you're planning to do. If it's nice relaxing vacation, leave your electronics home and enjoy the nature.

My guess is she must know it, and she's doing it intentionally.

For my company, I need more TP.

 is your company bunghole  related?

That's what most people say about the photographer.

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