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My 5D Mark III portraits

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A selection of my best portraits since I own my 5D Mark III, which is for a little over three months now. Owned a 500D/Rebel T2i before, the difference is vast, I believe I don't need to tell you. You can find others on my website or on facebook, if you got that.

Here we got some taken with the 100mm 2.8L:

Before that I owned the 100mm 2.8 non-L, also great for portraits.

The 70-200 4.0 non-L also makes a nice portrait lens, if space is available.

And these ones were taken with the Tamron 24-70 2.8 VC

I love that thing.

The first picture is remarkable.  Did you use a flash or is it natural light?

Well done, I really like the first one too.

I did not use a flash in any of these.
More now. No flash used.

First 135mm 2.0L
Second 100mm 2.8L Macro, handheld
Third Tamron 24-70 VC USD
Fourth 135mm 2.0L


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