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Red Squirrels and other Scottish Wildlife

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I've spent well over four years trying to get a half decent shot of a red squirrel, but after my last trip to Scotland, I have more than I know what to do with.  I also managed to photogarph another iconic species, the mountain hare, as well as a treecreeper.

Red Squirrel Eating Hazlenut by Kernuak (, on Flickr

Red Squirrel Ambush by Kernuak (, on Flickr

Red Squirrel Peek a Boo by Kernuak (, on Flickr

Resting Mountain Hare by Kernuak (, on Flickr

Roosting Treecreeper by Kernuak (, on Flickr

Awesome shots! Thanks for sharing.

Love red squrrels, hope it's ok to post this link, love this photogs reds

Thanks. I'd love to get some shots in the snow, but unless I can move to Scotland, it's unlikely.

Really like the shots especially the 3rd one. Where were they taken? There's a big estate near me but you mostly only see grey squirrels  :(


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