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EOS 7D producing a yellow tint in video mode?

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could it be that the yellowish cam has the WB SHIFT enabeled?

eos utility can probably be downloaded via a torrentsite.

Now that you mention Cinestyle, I remember doing a long shoot and it looked like there was almost a yellow haze over the image, does that sound familiar?  I dont know why, but for some reason when the white balance is off with Cinestyle it almost creates a yellow film over the image.  Try using a 3-way color corrector and pulling some yellow out of the highlights and that should help. 

And in the future, I'd stay away from Cinestyle, it just ended up being way more trouble than it was worth.  Compressed DSLR footage gives you limited headroom to make color adjustments, so by the time you get the Cinestyle footage back to looking accurate you've almost passed the threshold for how much adjusting you can do (before aliasing and artifacts start to appear).  Also, make absolutely sure your white balance is correct before shooting, as getting it back to the correct WB in post takes away from how much more adjusting you can do.


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