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dr croubie:
Is it me or are these all ridiculous prices? I was browsing this morning, and the most recent ads were amazing
If I had a bit of spare cash, and I was local to inspect them, I'd be there in a flash. Maybe at these prices they're stolen? But they're all spread out, not from one guy, so probably not:

D3S, alleged 1600 shutter, $950 (on ebay about $3k) Melbourne
Nikkor 500mm f/4, $850 Perth
5D3, alleged <2k shutter, $950 (even if that's wrong and it's a 5D2 that's still a good price) Sydney
EF 200 f/1.8 $850 (that's gotta be a collectors item by now worth 5k and up) Glen Iris wherever that is
1Ds mk2, $950 (they're still $1200 on ebay), Ringwood wherever that is
85mm f/1.2 II $850 (i've seen them go on ebay for this price for smashed elements even, this one looks good) Melbourne
5D mk2, alleged new in box (box shows 24-105, not sure if included), $950 Sydney.

Is it me or is that like $20k of equpment being sold for less than 5k? Good luck if anyone more local to these buys them. Still, from Adelaide some of these are worth a plane fare over to inspect, but they'd be gone before I got there.

Most of them are scams so just becareful when it sounds too good to be true.
You respond then they'll say something like "okay email me at ..." and then probably sell your email to phishing scammers.

dr croubie:
Yeah, it's weird that they were all Landline numbers too.
But still, they were spread out in time and place, and appeared to have all original photos and such (I can spot a fake ebay ad a mile away, maybe these gumtree ones work differently).

I've emailed them all anyway, even if they are genuine if I can't get a bargain (i'm not posting money) then i'm going to ruin it for everyone else by letting them know how much they're really worth.

And if they do just sell my email address onwards, who cares, I've got a foolproof anti-spam system. I give a unique address to everyone, if they spam it, I just turn it off in the MX records...

Lol yeah the Gumtree scammers are much sneakier, but who knows, you might actually get lucky and find a genuinely cheap product, like once I found a 24-70 f2.8 version one (before the version two was out) with box and everything for $650, with the smallest ever cosmetic dent on it, that was the reason why he was selling it for cheap. But $650 was a bargain!

dr croubie:
Yeah, i've heard about bargains like that, that's why I started browsing (problem is, there's just not much around in adelaide).
Mostly the prices are ridiculously high though. Like in adelaide there's a 7D body going for $1200, a 70-200 f/2.8 non-IS for $1500. They're not cheap, I could probably get new ones from Hong Kong for the same price. Even a canonet with 45/1.9 lens for $50, that's the most they go for on fleabay (sometimes as low as $20).

Still, I have to keep checking, one day there's going to be an ad for "scruffy old camera, $5" that turns out to be an Ur-Leica or something worth a few $mil...


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