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Can we all send a complaint to Canon to fix the AF-Assist focusing on the 5D3?

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I went to  every major Canon forum and  a lot of people are saying that the 5D3 focuses slower with the AF-Assist beam on when using at least a 600ex with the camera in  dim or  dark situations when this topic is brought up. I do club photography and I find it embarrassing  to stand around for  a long time trying to get a focus lock. Sometimes people walk away from the shot or look at me like I am crazy. The only way I know how to focus faster in situations is  to play with the AF-point and move it towards the red light on the subject. Lets make a petition or something because I also own a 7D and it focuses  in an instant with the same flash. It is the camera!

and the canon m...  big let down..

There is absolutely no question about this 5D3 low light AF assist performance issue with either 580EXII or 600EX-RT. It's real. It's embarrassingly slow. In some situations it's approaching professional suicide.

Everything else about the 5D3 AF is stellar and a huge improvement over the 5D2 & 5DC, but this particular issue is nothing short of excruciating for photographers and their increasingly impatient subjects. My hope is for the promised 5D3 firmware update scheduled for sometime next year to deliver a solution.

There are suggested work-arounds including switching off AF-assist and the one outlined by the OP. Very clunky and a serious diversion from the creative process of squeezing off the killer shot of that perfect moment.

To quote Peter Finch's character Howard Beale in the brilliant movie Network, Beale galvanizes the nation, persuading his viewers to shout out of their windows "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!".


How much slower? Is it possible to put a time or percentage against this?
I have to admit I was unaware of this issue. I want to get a 5D3 next year but I will absolutly be using it in low light flash situations, off camera lighting not an option. Is this a show stopper?

I would say a normal af time is less than a second and this  problem makes it last a few seconds. maybe 2-5. Once it gets a focus lock it is  good for the next few shots. The percentage is almost 100% of the time.  I am almost afraid to use that combo at the club.  This shot right here took too long to take then I wanted to do one more shot and the "Luigi" got impatient and left. The images are beautiful from the camera, so i hope they recognize and fix this problem.


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