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NYC a day after Sandy-

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Iwan Baan , Canon 1D X with the new 24-70mm lens on full open aperture. The camera was set at 25,000 ISO, with a 1/40th of a second shutter speed.

Frankie T Fotografia:
Amazing how we can now have usable images that are front cover worthy shot at ISO 25000!

wow and re-wow.

A stellar shot by a stellar talent. And what an amazing camera that 1D-X is.

if you've held a 1DX in your hand - and had a chance to push the ISO - you should known that this type of shot is more than achievable from that camera.

I'm not rubbishing the picture - it is an astonishing shot that conveys so much about New York after being hit by 'Sandy'. It is an indication of a photographer who knows the capabilities of his kit and was able to get and take the opportunity to prove it.

It is at times like this when that 1DX price tag seems a little bit on the bargain basement side - along with that 24-70 f2.8 L II.

Well done to Iwan Baan - he deserves all the plaudits he gets - and Canon will be happy with the increased sales this image will generate.


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