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Author Topic: The Future of the 1Ds & 5D Lines [CR2]  (Read 54861 times)


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Re: The Future of the 1Ds & 5D Lines [CR2]
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These are answers to various post without the quotes...

Have BMW stopped selling the 760i? Mercedes the S-class AMG? Audi the S8? Surely these cares make no sense and add a miniscule amount of cash-flow compared to the respective other models of each company.

Some people in this thread are looking forward to a more simplified 1D line - why? Is it hard to figure out now?

Dropping the 1Ds and morphing them into one 1D with FF makes sense, but I'd like the ability to crop it down, I want the speed of fps (high-ish isn't enough - I need at least teh current 1D IV or more) and af, the large buffer and the extra reach for sports, where I shoot either jpeg, s- or m-raw anyways - so who cares about full frame? I don't want to box with 50+MB files when there is a deadline and hundreds of pictures to go through. I don't have any strong need for full frame as it is, I see the neatness of it, but u know, the impact for me? I'd have to get extenders or new teles...

I like the 1D line as it is. If Canon breaks it I'm convinced a lot more people will just move on to Nikon,  especially if the price goes up and Nikon keeps their current range. I know I will.  Dropping it will also mean they lose the flagship and the cameras that cater to the pros.

The video part - well, drop the rolling shutter. Yeah, you get awesome quality and a huge varity of lenses, a pretty decent size, but god damn, that rolling shutter makes it hard. But once you are aware of the limitations you're good. I've made awesome looking stuff with mine using only the camera handheld and on a regular manfrotto tripod with a pan head. And autofocus - in a videocamera - really? Anyone needs this? What you need is proper follow focus and a proper screen for focusing. Af in a video camera? No. Just no.

Low light monsters? That is the Nikon D3S, not the 5D II. The low light monster in Canons line up is the 1D IV. Less noise than the 5D II.

What they do with the 5D doesn't matter to me. Same with the rest of the line up.

And blah blah blah. Who cares. They will keep making the cameras we know.

Edit:  What I want that actually means something to every day use instead of fever nerd-gasm-fantasies: Better weather sealing, I don't want my drive/af buttons breaking in hard reain.
Better view finder info, I wanna see a change to lightmeter as I select ISO. Etc...
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Re: The Future of the 1Ds & 5D Lines [CR2]
« Reply #90 on: June 18, 2011, 06:59:20 AM »