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Missing Images from 5D Mark III CF Card

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Do you recall changing modes (Av, TV, M, B, C#) during the shoot?  Just wondering if perhaps one of the C# settings was configured to save only to .JPG.

If your setup is correct return the camera and deman a new one.

A few people report such problems with the 5D Mark III.

Old Shooter:
Might be the card... There are several accounts on FM that deal with the Lexar 1000x...

Merry Christmas to you. I have just got my 5d mark III and used it for 1 month now. Yesterday I took about 100 pictures, and today I imported them, and got about 70 pictures. The pictures I looked at on my camera yesterday with the preview is missing!!!!!
Have the camera destroyed the pictures I looked on yesterday? It is a brand new CompactFlash card from SanDisk  Extreme 32 GB 120MB/s, camera have firmware 1.2.3

I have tried to rescue pictures from the card, but found nothing.

This must be a camera error??

I have exact same problem. Only some of the images are on my CF card others disappears.

Yesterday I set up my 5D3 to "Rec. to multiple" - when I came home, I had like 300 images on my SD and only like the last half on the CF card. The images are gone both using a reader and when trying to view them on the 5D3.

CF card: SanDisk Extreme 64GB UDMA 7 120 MB/s
SD card: SanDisk Extreme Pro Class 10 32GB 95 MB/s
Firmare: 1.2.3

Anybody with a solution?

Thx and happy newyear all.


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