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I'll start this one off with a photo taken with the 24-105 at a Historic Blacksmith Shop in Allaire Historic Town Wall, New Jersey.  Done in Photomatix using Fusion (not Tone Mapping) on 3 bracketed images then post processed in ACDSee Pro 5:

Historic Allaire Town - Wall, New Jersey by Revup67, on Flickr

Very nice, I too use Photomatix  & ACDSee.

I feel as if the picture is tilted to the left, as if I'm going to fall over in the shot.  A little more gray in the shot would have given it a deeper effect, the trees outside look as if they are right against the windows and or painted in cardboard and pasted to the windows.  Lost some depth under the workbenches too, I would have like to seen what's on those benches, would have made me feel as if I can reach out and touch them.  The anvil on the left would have made for a great part of the picture, I would have brought that into the frame more. 

Great stuff, I've not done much with sepia in HDR, so bold step, I really like the shot, stone is by far the best thing to shoot in HDR in my opinion.  And this room has a lot of that.  Please post some other shots, color, black and white, grunge etc.  lets see what else can be done.

Peace! 8)   

Nice one, I'll continue line with B/W old-school boat.

glowing sepia

The Light Seeps In by @!ex, on Flickr

A classic view of the Salk Institute, CA.

March of Lines (AKA The Fountainhead) by @!ex, on Flickr


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