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YN622C trigger experiences?

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Hello everyone,

For my 5D Mark 2 I'm currently using either the build in line-of-sight flash (with a 580EXII and two 430EXII) or all manual with a bunch of cheapo Chinese triggers. The latter work pretty reliably up to about 1/160.

Since I've started doing more of this I've been thinking about getting a different set of triggers. And with the current price structure I'm not ready yet to move to 600EX flashes ( 3 or 4) and the Canon remote as nice as it all looks.

And with that in mind there still are a bunch of options. I've actually started to see that I may end up in the manual-over-ETTL camp. So a few solid Pocket Wizard Plus III would probably do the trick. What I'm not so thrilled about is that I'd end up with more cables and adapters then now. And even when setting things to manual it would be nice to be able to control things from the camera menu. So that would get us to PW minis (etc) or the Phottix Odins. Issues with both of these as well. PW with the reported issues on the US model with interference and blowing out of 580s. And Odins have the preflash even in manual which makes them problematic for later use with studio strobes.

Then there are the YN622C triggers from Yongnuo. Read some good things about them, price is great and features should work with what I'm looking to get at. Question is how sturdy they are and if they have the preflash issue as well. And that they are no Pocket Wizards, meaning no industry standard that would work with other stuff or in rented studio etc.

Any one any first-hand experiences with these and in comparison to the Plus III?

Personally I have not used the YN triggers your talking about but I have used everything else (pocket wizards, radio poppers, paulcbluffs stuff etc) and for my personal set up I am using the Pixel Kings for the price and features you cant beat it and its easy to use...

It's been a while since I read PW's technical report into the HSS issue with PW but my recollection is that the failures of 580EXIIs in HSS mode were a weakness of (some?) 580EXIIs, the weakness turning into failure when they were subjected to the stresses of HSS. I don't think it was an inherent problem with PW's HSS in particular, and I'm guessing it's possible that other makers' triggers would present 580EXIIs with the same risk in HSS mode. I'm happy to be corrected on this, if anyone cares to read PW's report again.

Other than that, I think my positive views about the YN-622s have already been stated often enough. I'm using four of them.

Here's a link to the report on 580EXII issues with HSS.

This comprehensive review of the YN-622C triggers might help you:


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