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Hobby Shooter:
Yesterday I shot a school play that my daughter took part in and I was a little bit surprised over the not so good result I got from the pictures. I was limited to not being able to move around and I couldn't use flash. Not being able to move around seriously impaired my possibilities to compose the pictures better so I had to settle for basically just document the event as opposed to trying to get really good pictures. It also limited me to only using my 24-105 as that is the longest L lens I've got. I would have preferred to use my 35L for this with regards to opening up the aperture.

Anyway, the picture attached is an export from LR, I shot in RAW of course, I've applied the lens profile adjustment and then some basic WB and tone adjustments. I find it very noisy compared to what I have gotten before out of this camera lens combination. I haven't adjusted anything on NR or sharpening.

Any advise on how I could improve would be highly appreciated.

This photo is taken with 5D3, 24-105, ISO 6400, f/4.0 and 1/250 at 105 mm.

I'm not expert with LR - no advice. Since you shot raw, I think it's quite simple to reduce noise at that level in LR.

The picture you shared, I wouldn't shoot it at 1/250. I do not see much of moment. I would do 1/80 to 1/125 with f4 lens. That will bring your ISO down to 2000ish.

Another reason why, I love to shoot in "M" mode.

You have an IS lens so I would have gone down to two stops below the FL of the lens which would lower the ISO considerably. You could have shot it at 1/80, f/5.6, ISO ~ 3200

Hobby Shooter:
Thanks to both of you, I am trying back and forth with settings. This are good advices.

In this case I had set ISO to 6400, didn't let the camera chose. Will try M next time like you say Dylan.

LR, I am fine with. They look alot nicer after a little NR applied.

Cheers guys!

That looks very noisy for ISO 6400, although the lighting may not help. Try exporting a version where the RAW image is completely untouched to see if it is still just as noisy. That will rule out the processing as a cause.


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