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Travel to Thailand/Laos should I bring my 5d mkiii?

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I've been reading a lot of other forums and there is a lot ppl who recommends bringing a point and shoot over dslr because of theft and just being in the moment there for the experience and not worrying about your gear etc.

Ill be in Thailand for about 1 week and Laos for 3 weeks this coming December. Has anyone been there recently with their dslr and would recommend me bringing my 5d mk iiI?

I do have a t2i and a 7d as well a g1x. I was also thinking of pairing my dslr with my 24-70 L. It'll be my first time in but I've traveled overseas to Europe before and know the basic rules to keep inconspicuous.

I really love my 5d.. but is it smart to bring it there? Thanks in advance! -Alex

You should have absolutely zero problems with DSLR and whites. Thailand and Laos are beautiful countries, and the crime rate is probably a lot lower than most European/US countries.

Of course if you go out of a night and invite "friends" back to your room, make sure everything is locked in the hotel safe - including your aftershave, but that really has nothing to do with your original question.

I would not hesitate to take any of my good stuff to either of those countries, and I do frequently.

I spent 10 weeks in Thailand and 1 week in Laos with my Dslr and never had any issues. Just use common sense when traveling especially in bigger cities and high tourist traffic areas.

When in Laos you should be careful taking photo of anything military. They can be sensitive about that.

Otherwise just have fun and be respectful (as any tourist should be)

Have fun!

Bit confused. Why would you not?

In terms of keeping your equipment in your room, that depends on where you stay.  We stayed at a Le Meridien in Phuket and a Marriott in Bangkok and had absolutely no problems.  If you stay at some little dive - then yes, take your equipment with you.

In general these are very safe countries.  You will see tons of people try to scam you, but few actually try to steal from you.  I was far less worried about theft there than I am in the US.

In terms of scams - some advice
 - Don't take the tuk tuks in Bangkok
 - If you see someone with a monkey (or any exotic animal) do not let them put it on you or photograph you with it (they won't steal anything - they'll insist on a high payment after and they often kill the mother in the wild to take the babies)
 - If you can't find some place, don't let someone show you where it is. Insist on only directions.


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