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Photography websites. Where are you posting?

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Besides my site I recently posted some on youpic:!/user/AtlanticPicture
and of course the social sites like facebook
and which is way better than fb, but I'm looking forward to learn about other ones.

Show your work! Where do You post?
Which site/s you like (or don't ) and why?


I was actually thinking of asking the same question but as a  complete beginner who just looks to get constructive critique. Facebook is not exactly that. Not for me at least. Flickr???

Your photos are amazing btw. Your choices of light and exposure are aspiring for me. And the models are not that bad also :).


You should check out  It has various memberships including a free option.  They have theme-based contests that you can enter (!20 at any given time).   And you get a fair amount of feedback.

Thank you :)
I was thinking of flickr but not fan of the ui.
Maybe .. ?

Viewbug is interesting too.

Is there a site were you can overview all the photo pages and upload to all, or that's the future... ?

500px has the better interface, and overall higher caliber of photos. But I still prefer the community at Flickr for some reason. Flickr seems more casual than 500px.


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