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Author Topic: Do that many people use Live View for pics primarily over normal Viewfinder?  (Read 11159 times)


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I wouldn't say I regularly use live view over the viewfinder but there are cases when it is invaluable- I found AF to not be not much good for astronomy, so the ability to use the 10x zoom in live view to accurately determine infinity focus for stars was excellent, plus trying to compose star shots isn't always easy so live view helps! Other than that it is useful for landscape work with a tripod where critical focus across the frame is required. It would also be useful for still life macro shots on a tripod and other studio work. As somebody else said, it can also be very useful for situations where you cannot get to the viewfinder- macro work low to the ground, camera on a tall tripod, overhead shot in a crowd.....
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Viewfinder use 99 percent.
Liveview use 1 percent.


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but for stills, I've rarely used it...

With Magic Lantern lv has the absolute killer features focus peaking, zebras, magic zoom - so for carefully composed shots I have gotten to like it because mf is easier plus with the swivel screen of the 60d it's less awkward in many angles on a tripod.


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As many have mentioned already, I use is to ensure manual focus is set accurately. 


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Mostly the viewfinder. Live view when shooting video or when shooting at arms length...


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I use Live View 10x zoom for my Samyang 14mm to check the focus, also I used it for portraits the first time last week as I was using a tripod, had extremely narrow focal points due to f/2, set the focus in 10x zoom in live view, worked quite well I must say. Never used Live View before, not on 5D3 and also not on my old 500D.
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I use a Zacuto Z Finder 3.0 on a 5D3 for stills MOST OF THE TIME. I put the ML 2.0 on if lighting is complex with the life histogram on screen. Actually, since I received it I haven't missed focus with my fast MF primes, using magnification 5 and 10 from the SET button. And I manage to go proper ETTR. Composition is easier as the VF assisting lines don't run at 1/3 and 2/3. And I stopped worrying about blinking or not blinking AF dots.

The reason to use a Zacuto was quite tragic. I had ordered a Brightscreen in August but the man making them died two weeks later, so my order stagnated and got lost (with the money unfortunately which I know consider donation to the family). There is NO brightscreen any more. So, I went the other way and must say: LV has it's big advantages with MF Primes. On the 135 and 85/1.4 I don't use it, subjects move too fast.

Unfortunately, even the well praised LCD is not capable at full resolution to give adequate focusing assistance: the 3x magnification from the Zacuto Z F demonstrates just that I can't rely on critical focus without 5x or 10x zoom. Even the ML peaking is not entrirely helpful as it is diffused. Peaking & B/W high contrast LCD &  Zacuto works a dream in videography though. The cam becomes usable for videos suddenly...

I tend to monitor the sensor T regularly as I read here that it gets noisier with higher T. So, I plan the shot a few seconds, switch on LV, press the Zacuto against my (better) left eye, shift the square to 1/3 or middle for composition, have a look at the histo and pik a green ISO value (ML users know about this), go zoom 5x for portraits and more for critical and start shooting. One huge disadvantage is the time lag between a shot and the next one as the machine shows you the taken image, or even if disabled needs time to re-create the LV. But still, it is better than shooting ten times OOF...
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With Magic Lantern lv has the absolute killer features

I've seen too many posts from users who claim it killed their 5D MK III as well.  I know that it can be removed, and the camera brought back to life, but I'm afraid to use it and mess up some important opportunities.


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Like others have said I use it for portraits and landscape when on a tripod.  I like the focus at 10x zoom.  It still feels a bit clumsy for me and at this point I can't see ever shooting in live mode while handheld.
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I've seen too many posts from users who claim it killed their 5D MK III as well.

Excuse me - if you run *alpha* software that's what can happen, it's plastered all over the ml site, and ml menu on the 5d3 currently shows a big warning message before you can even enter the menu!

That's why I always recommend the 5d2 if you want ml now because it's stable on these proven bodies (like 60d) - if people don't want or cannot to read or listen it's hardly the fault of ml. Canon has a large testing staff, the ml devs have only early adopters who want the features now and are willing to take the risk.

Complaining about ml on new camera bodies is like sueing McDonald's because the coffee was hot...


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Ditto for what many have already said...

-  Viewfinder 99% of the time for handheld (not sure how you would be able to steady the camera otherwise)
-  Live View is great on a tripod or occasionally when holding camera in awkward positions.

Yes, but what would  surapon  say ??  :D


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I never used the Live View until I started shooting with TS-E lens.  It allows for fast, easy and effective metering (the tilt shift lens do not allow for the camera's standard metering). 
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