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this way i'll have some incentive to actually do it. (now that started a thread)

my sigma arrived today. first thoughts, it's heavy and seems very well made. hood snaps in place in a very nice positive manner. The focus ring has a short throw, and a just very so slightly scratchy quality. but my wrists might be more fine tuned than others  ;D The focus ring also has a fair bit of damping, it's not going anywhere by accident. I'm impressed so far.  I'm not reviewer, and i don't do much in the way of my own little tests, but i'll breakout the tripod and get something up. whatever i do, i guess i'll do the same with my 24-105 and 16-35 just for kicks.
anyway, i hope to get this up shortly.

looking forward to hearing more from you!  thanks in advance for sharing with the rest of us  :)

So my 3 year old didn't cooperate, and this very cloudy outside but i've got something.

 first- I'd like to amend what I wrote above. the very first thing i thought when i got the package was that can't be the lens. it's far to small. If canon had packaged and shipped it, they would have used a box 4x as large. Also, i think i the focus ring has no more scratchy feel than any of my Canon L's. It's very good.

I shot these in RAW and used DXO to convert them. I turned off the distortion correction, CA correction, and vignetting correction. Actually, when it loaded the files it thought they might have been shot with the Canon 35. I was hoping that would happen, and it did. It tried to correct barrel distortion that isn't there, and ending up causing distortion. That might change with focusing distance, i don't know. I don't really have much to quickly test coma as the clouds are very much out tonight, but i tried to use some street lights the best i could. I don't have many of them either. i just need a clear night to really test that.
  yeah, the shots are crap, even from a get a look at this subjective, but i'll do better.
I think i like this lens.

yes, that's my sweet p&S, on the Far, Far sweeter tripod i used to use for nonphoto related stuff. it's handy :P

Okay, the rest are to large to post.


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