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Is this the normal bokeh for an L series lens

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Just got my Canon 35L 1.4 and was surprised to see all this "onion skin" in the bokeh.  I have tried a quick web search but can't find out what causes this.  Is this amount of onion skin normal for a 35 mm L lens?  Will all lenses do this wide open.  This is from the central area of the image.  Thanks.

Onion Skin? I am not sure I have heard it refereed to that way. I see nothing abnormal except a Christmas Tree in the background.

Is this your first real fast lens?

Did u try without filter?

Packlight-Thanks for the reply.  No I have the 85mm 1.2.  I am referring to the target like appearance of the christmas lights.  You can see it really well on the close up image.  The other image has it but you have to click on the jpg to enlarge it (sorry this is my first post with attachment).  I have seen a few people call this onion skin but I admit I don't know what the technical term is.  My 85mm I haven't noticed this artifact very much but I have seen it before.

Bluemix-no filter was used.

Someone else may have a different idea or actually have know the answer  ;D
But I am going to put out the guess that it is the make up of the christmas light itself making this effect.


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