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Hey guys, what's your dream lens?
Feel free to say 14-24, or 24-70 is 2.8, but I want to hear some specialized ones, like fantasy lenses. Please don't post a whole lot, or re-post rumors, this is just for fun, and don't be ridiculous, canon could get some nice ideas. Ex. 1mm-5200mm f1.2 is usm STM p an :)

Mine, canon ef 50mm 0.95 l usm, full metal construction, and 24-70 ii, 200mm f2, and 135 f2 like glass!!!

Sitting on a Leica m design canon ff mirror less  camera.

I own my dream lens, and until they make a mark III it's always going to be the Canon 85mm 1.2L mark II

200f2L IS is my dream real life it exists lens

if i could invent one

it would be a 35-85 f2L IS zoom that is razer sharp wide open with Hybrid IS and near macro ability at 85
Wedding lens perfection!

For crop cameras:

1. EF-S 15-60mm L f2.8 IS  (walk-around & general purpose)

2. EF/EF-S 85mm L f1.4 Hybrid-IS Macro (for macro & portrait & indoor events)

dr croubie:
Zoomatar 250mm f/1.3 would be nice (although for that price, I want the Hasselblad and a tripod thrown in too).


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