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5D mkIII Wedding - Jenna + Eric

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Hey guys! Here is another one =-) this one I wrote and recorded the music too! Let me know what you think!


2x 5D mkIII
1x 7D
1x 60D

All my Lenses =-)

Glidecam HD 4000

2x Zoom H1

Couple Davis + Sanford tripods

Manfrotto Monopod

No extra lighting

Magic Bullet Looks

Very nice work!  Love the narrative over... great stuff!

beautiful work, really nice variation of shots. I wonder, do you plan the general shots or shoot whatever happens to tickle your fancy? coming from a vfx background, cant really imagine just winging it but Id guess you'd have to in a wedding

this is simply wonderful

Hey guys! Thank you so much. It really feel good to hear all your kind words. I really appreciate your comments.

I have a general plan (to get the shots of the chair, shots of the name cards, table slides, etc...) that I follow at every wedding I shoot, but with with every wedding being different, I do things slightly differently at each wedding and even add things i've never done, or leave things out that i usually do. I really depends on the couple

Thank you. I have had my own glide cam (as in, i'm not just borrowing my buddies now) for a couple months now. As soon as I got it, I did not put it down for weeks. I love what can be produced with the glidecam when used properly, and I really put my time in to get to know it well. so I am glad that someone can appreciate the little details of my glidecam shots!


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