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Photos Accidentally Put in Recycling Bin But Don't Show Up There

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Hi Everyone,

I've seen variations on this issue, but not my problem exactly, and I was hoping there'd be a simple solution to my problem.  Essentially, I did a photo shoot yesterday and was attempting to copy the .CR2 files onto my computer.  In the process of pasting them over though, I accidentally put them into the Recycling Bin.  It immediately prompted me to say, "If you move these files into the Recycling Bin, they will be permanently deleted.  Are you sure you wish to continue?"  I obviously hit the "No" button, but the photos were deleted  from the CF card anyway!  And they're not in the recycling bin either, so I can't just restore them.

I've tried this a couple more times with unimportant photos just to ensure I'm not going crazy, and indeed, every time it deletes the photos, despite the fact that I hit the "No" button. 

Does anyone have any good suggestions?  I'm currently doing a scan with CardRecovery Pro, but I can't tell if it's scanning the CF card in my camera, or just my C: Drive, and regardless, I'm not sure where the photos would show up at this point anyway.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...a lot of work went into the photos and I'd hate to lose them.  Thanks in advance.

You may need to provide a little more information for anybody to help; like operating system, how were you transferring the files, how is the CF card connected to your computer.

If you haven't used the CF card again, then the images should still be there. Normal deleting usually just deletes the directions to the file but not the actual file. I can only suggest Google the problem and go from there.

Instead of 'NO', have you tried cancelling the operation but hitting the little X button in the top right hand corner?

One reason the deleted files are not in your recycling bin may be that your 'bin' size is too small to fit all the files. This can be adjusted.

Best manual way, that I used, to move files from CF to PC is with explorer & copy/paste. Confirm result, then delete. For automatic, I use the Canon utility for the transfer and then manually delete later after result confirmation.

Sorry I can't be of much help.

Hello JP,

I am using Windows 7.  I attached my Canon 5d Mark ii via a USB cable to my computer, which prompted me with the list of import options.  I chose "view files" and then copied the ones I wanted to move to my computer.  I then clicked on what I thought was my Photos folder, but was actually the Recycle Bin Folder, which I had inadvertently left open.  It was then that I hit "Paste" and was prompted with the question about whether or not I wanted to continue.  I said no, I did not want to continue, but when I looked at the pictures still on my CF card, all the ones I had copied were gone.

Essentially, it seems that they were not pasted to my computer, but were deleted from my CF card even though I told it not to do that.  I am hoping that they are still on my CF Card, and was wondering if anyone had a good way/program to retrieve photos off the CF card that have been deleted.  I have not taken any new photos on this card, so I am hoping they are still there.

I would also add that I need a program which will analyze the CF card while it is in my 5d mark ii, as I do not have a card reader or a way to insert the CF card into my laptop.

I don't think size was an issue, as I only had about 20 photos to copy over.

Thanks everyone.

I have never downloaded my photos through the camera/usb route. So I can't help you there.

i suggest that you buy an external usb cf card reader. They cost less then $20.

and read this page

You'll probably need a card reader, Canon cameras from what I know use the PTP (picture transfer protocol) device class instead of the MSC (mass storage class) that a reader will be. The former doesn't give physical access to the media as far as I know, and a recovery tool will need that.


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