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Which extension tubes to buy?

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Anyone have suggestions?  I'm thinking extension tubes would be better for me than a dedicated macro simply because I don't foresee myself doing a lot of macro, and figure id be more inclined to throw a tube or two in the bag than actually a separate lens.  Open to anything really, but ideally something that also offers electronic contacts etc.  Also if you think a used macro is just a better bet overall let me know

The Kenko set is a good choice, you don't want a cheap one with a plastic mount.  Keep in mind that tubes work better with shorter focal length lenses.  Depending on what you're shooting, the working distance with extension tubes may be too short, compared to a true macro lens.

Personally, I have a Canon EF 25 II tube, bought used for a great price.  I trust the mount strength of the Canon more than a 3rd party tube, but that's a personal decision - I don't really use it for macro, but rather to shorten the MFD for a supertele lens - with an 9-lb lens, mount strength is a key factor for me.

I bought the Kenko set. Very nice quality. I believe the 20mm one is a tighter lock than the others but not so much that's it's super hard to remove. I've been very happy with them.

I like the Kenko tubes myself.  $150 from eBay

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Neuro...probably mainly use it with my 24-70, but thought it would be fun to also slap it on my 70-200, any issues you foresee?


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