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Need help with developing in LR

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Hi Guys,
   I need some tips for developing my pictures. I'm a software engineer so I'd rather not spend a lot of time twiddling with images (I'd rather be writing software). Here's my workflow

* Shoot everything in Raw + JPG (JPG is to have a camera development reference)
* Import into DNG in LR
* Auto apply a Camera Dual Illuminant profile on import (I love camera calibrations) from XRite ColorChecker
* Auto apply lens corrections on import
* I usually shoot a frame with the ColorChecker, if so then apply WB from that
I like the calibrated colors I get usually. Sometimes I'll twiddle the exposure or colors if its a good photo. But usually my photos look kind of crappy, what else should I be doing?

shining example:
Define "crappy"?

Also, what are you doing with these photos? Just displaying them on screen, or printing them?

You should probably be doing a bit of sharpening and adding contrast, but IMO you're unlikely to get the best from each of a range of individual shot by just applying standard settings. If you don't really enjoy fiddling with this kind of stuff, that's probably a trade-off you'll have to determine for yourself...  :-\

Have a play with the 'vibrance' slider too :)

Do you do anything in terms of gradient filters, brush tool, highlights, shadows, clarity, vibrance, saturation, contrast, etc?

While I understand the desire to not fiddle around with each photo, every one is different and I rarely find myself applying settings used in another photo to the one I am currently working on.

i have a curve adjustment on import.. and up the saturation and vibrance a little...


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