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Best lens for baby portraits?

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We're expecting a baby soon, and I thought it would be fun to rent a nice lens to take some early portraits. I assume a fast prime L lens makes sense, but what focal length? Any specific lens rental companies to recommend? Thanks.

For baby shoots I use a 50 f/1.4 and an 85 f/1.2L II.  In variable situations, you guessed it, I use the 24-70L II lens.  If you rent the 85L, I shot at f/2.2 mostly, because wider it's tough to get side shots of the baby where the whole face is in focus.  Any of the 3 lenses will work.  What body are you using?

What camera (sensor size affects that framing you get with a given lens).  If you've got an APS-C body, consider buying the 85mm f/'ll probably want to take portraits pretty often, so buying is likely better than renting.

I have a T4i (crop sensor) and the 40mm 2.8 currently. I agree that buying makes sense, but I'm so new to photography, experimenting with a couple different lenses might make sense too.

congratulations on the new addition to your family!

I actually like the 35L as a standard/wide-ish prime.  It focuses relatively close and gives a shallow enough DOF but isn't as hard to use as the 50L or 85L.  I know some people might suggest the new sigma 35mm instead (and I'm not opposed to that either).  That 85mm 1.8 does 95% of what the L does so if that is more within your budget, I think thats a great recommendation too for the tight portrait shot.


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