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17-40mm advice please!

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Sith Zombie:
Hi All
My Efs 17-85 broke awhile ago so I have been looking into getting a new lens.
I'm almost settled on going with the 17-40mm because:

I have a £600 budget [no 16-35mm]
Am a crop user that will upgrade to FF soon.
I mainly shoot with in 24-35mm range but would sometimes like wider, say 20mm
I'm mainly do landscapes in the day [but don't usually use a tripod]

Before I buy, I would like to ask is there another lens option somebody knows about/ can recommend? I'v been using a tamron 17-50mm for a few weeks that I like but I don't think it will work on FF. I'm also thinking they could possibly update the 17-40mm soon [it's like what? 10 years old?] to include IS and better optics but still f4 as so not to compete with the 16-35mm, anyone else think this is a possibility?

Thank you in advance!

I had the Tamron 17-50 but sold it for the 17-40 a couple months before i moved to full frame. The tamron is faster (obviously) and sharper; but Cannot be used on full frame. The 17-40 proved a nice walkround lens on my 60d, but i seem to rarely reach for it with my 5Diii. It is VERY wide on full frame; my 24-105 is plenty wide for me, but i have not really been a landscape shooter up to this point.

Granted you may not have alot of options comparable to the 17-40 in the $600 range. Id say its a nice choice; but only if you plan to go full frame sooner than later. If full frame is a couple years away still, id go with the Tamron. It takes great sharp pictures and is a bit more versatile; the 17-40 only beats it in build quality and of course full frame compatibilty.

Sith Zombie:
Thanks, yeah the tamron is good, AF a little slow but not a problem for me really. I was also considering the 24-105 because it'll cover 90% of what I like to shoot but it's not a great lens for crop and I'm unsure when I'll move to FF, possibly a 5dmkiii at the end of the year but could be later.

Random Orbits:
Consider getting a used 17-55, 15-85 or the Tamron 17-50.  Getting a good crop lens will give you more flexibility for when you choose to switch to full frame.  Upon deciding to move to full frame, sell the crop lens and get the FF camera with the kit lens.  The money you lose on the used transaction should be less than the difference of buying the 24-105 in a kit versus now separately.  If 17mm on a crop is wide enough for you, then 24mm on full frame will work too once you move full frame.

If you are positive that you will move to FF then you have a few choices but none of them stellar. I had a couple 17-40's and finally got around to a 16-35 which I really enjoy. Albeit it's not the sharpest in the corners and does suffer from a bit of flare but still a very good lens. The 17-40 is troublesome in low light of course and suffers from similar flare and corner issues.
If you are going to stay with a crop for any length of time I strongly urge you to rent or buy a Canon 10-22. Great value and it's shortcomings are easily corrected in Post. Retains it's value well and you'll recoup 95% in a sale when you go to FF.


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