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My previous account just disappeared

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Mark D5 TEAM II:
Hi Craig, I can't seem to login to my old username, I don't know why it got deleted or what. I was never informed if I had committed any violation or anything. I'm keen to recover that account since I'm one of the first 100 to register for this site. Thanks in advance.

Hi Ive also lost my old profile, i dont know why, it was called mreco99 and i havent used it for probably over a year, cant remeber. Can it be reactivated?

I once had mine deactivated by submitting a link to Induro rebates and extended warranty info. The kind of thing you find everyday here for more respected products by more respected members. Lame. Oh well. I guess if the 'right' person complains...

I know we periodically purge old accounts as there are tens of thousands that get created during each contest, post once, and then never login again.

We'll also sometimes get a spammer that will create thousands of randomly named, or sequentially named accounts, and then abandon them once they realize they're useless since they can't post links until they've reached a certain post threshold.

Mark 5D Team III (if I'm remembering your old name right) and mreco99 don't show in the user list so they were deleted.

Tanks Bvukich

Does that mean they definately cant be revived? because i can search for my old username and still see the threads i took part in.


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