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One month euro trip

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Hello fellow Canonists, late this year Im going in a backpacking trip with some friends. We are doing several capitals of europe and we want to take as much pictures as we can. But the great question is what pack serves the purpose of holding all the clothes and necessity items, and a small photo kit (1 body, 1 nifty-fifty, 1 speedlight). I hear suggestions or DIY conversions of normal high capacity backpacks.

I've been looking 60 to 90 litre capacity backpacks, but there are none that can hold safely camera equipment.

Thanks in advance

I can recommend a duffle bag. I did hike thru Europe with One and ist was confortable plus loads of room for clothes etc. Downside: its not stable.

Do you really want to always lug the complete backpack around? I think you'd be better off just stuffing a separate daypack/camerabag into it.. wouldn't want to carry the big backback around everywhere, once you've found a ho(s)tel to stay.

Check out the packs from f-stop ( They are modular, allowing you to carry both camera equipment and other things (clothes, water, etc...) in the same pack. I took one (the loka model) on a 2 week trek through Peru, worked great.

I don't think you will find one larger than at f-stop specially designed for carrying camera equipment.
The price will add up though by the time you add the internal dividing compartments.

I'd consider getting a padded walkaround/sling bag that fits your gear and a little space left over for other key items - and putting that in a standard backpack.
Then you can also carry the smaller bag separately for those occasions when you can leave your larger pack somewhere, even only temporarily.

Alternatively you could just get the padded compartments from a modular concept system such as f-stop that are designed around padded cases to go into other backpacks, if you are only interested in the padding.

I'd also look at getting the appropriate strap fittings to allow you to hang your camera from your rucksack - e.g. in front of your chest for when you are travelling at a leisurely pace with the chance still to shoot. I think f-stop also has one.


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