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Preferred Film Body

4 (11.8%)
2 (5.9%)
AE-1 Program
0 (0%)
1 (2.9%)
8 (23.5%)
2 (5.9%)
Rebel Film
0 (0%)
17 (50%)

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Author Topic: Favorite or Preferred Film body?  (Read 9535 times)


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Re: Favorite or Preferred Film body?
« Reply #15 on: March 29, 2013, 10:03:36 PM »
I picked a 3, because it is a favourite.

My favourite compact camera was my Ricoh GR1s (in champagne finish) still have my old Mju II in the cupboard, great pub camera with ilford xp2 loaded!

My favourite 35mm camera was actually my old zenit horizon.  The results were ok, but tit was the winding and the noise and the occassion of taking a photograph.  In contrast my 3 is so blandly, predictably efficient, although the horizon was probably quieter.

I also loved my ETRSi.  I loved the head phurk of viewing the lateral reversed matte screen and doing a pan. 

I used to use Minolta before canon, I suppose I always have a soft spot for the x-500, the SRT-303 and my first adult camera with proper options... the A2e (or EOS 5 as we called it)

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Re: Favorite or Preferred Film body?
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Re: Favorite or Preferred Film body?
« Reply #16 on: March 29, 2013, 10:53:48 PM »
As you can see from my profile image, that would be the Canon T90.

  • Built like the proverbial brick latrine
  • Up to 9 combined average spot meter readings.  The metering has a lot of other cool features too.
  • 5 fps (will burn through a roll of film in 7 seconds if you let it)
  • takes AA batteries
  • amazing viewfinder
  • love the form factor & Colani ergonomics; really the right size & shape, wish they'd do this again
  • grandaddy of all EOS 1 series cameras

etc. etc. etc.

The ownership proposition today is a little tricky as these were truly professional cameras & thus mostly used by professionals, which means that a lot of them that you find in the market are really beat to hell.  They still work, but since Canon stopped making parts a long time ago you're kinda screwed if you have a problem.  If you can find one in good shape, go for it.  FD lenses are awesome & cheap as chips (just as EdMika :-).

I've got an EOS 1n too just so that I have a good film body for all my EOS lenses.  I think I paid about $150 for it in beat-up condition from B&H about 10 years ago.  Also nice but doesn't do it for me the way the T90 did.
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Re: Favorite or Preferred Film body?
« Reply #17 on: March 30, 2013, 03:26:21 AM »
I voted AE-1 because I own one and it still works. I have a roll of film in it that I have to shoot this summer or take it out
and trash the film. I've heard of people developing pics after the film sat in the camera for years. I prefer Digital over Film.
I shot a lot of Kodak slide film and have some nice pics from the years that I used it. I haven't looked at them for many years and am not sure if they are still good or not.
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Re: Favorite or Preferred Film body?
« Reply #18 on: March 30, 2013, 05:24:36 AM »
I don't own a 1 series film camera, so can't comment on those.  But I own a lot of others.  The Elan 7e and the Eos 3 are my favourites.  I've had my 7e for over 10 years and it has been a great camera.  Last year, I purchased an Eos 3.  Overall, I'd agree that it is better than the 7e.  Since buying the 3, the 7e has lived on the shelf.

For what its worth, my favourite film camera is a Mamiya 6, which is my no 1 camera.  Also, despite some drawbacks, some of my favourite photos have been taken with a Mamiya RB67 Pro S (WOW - Didn't know there were so many other Mamiya people on this forum!).  And I think this is where it gets interesting.  Why would you want to shoot 35mm film given the superiority of digital over that format?  Plus you've also got to consider the hassle of developing it.  And the cost of buying film.  If you shoot Large Format (or if you're not hard core enough, medium format like me), at least you can argue that you're on a similar quality level.  And many large format cameras offer movements / adjustments that can give your photos a very unique look.   The benefit of medium format is that you have very large negatives to play use.  This makes developing and printing at home a lot easier.  And serioulsy, given the prices right now, I'd be looking at a Hasselblad.  And not that its that relevant, but for some reason, girls find guys with Hasselblad's very sexy.  (Look at the advertising for a lot of premium brands and you'll be surprised how often these cameras appear).


that's where I went wrong ! All those years I shot with a Pentax 6x7  :'(

Seriously though, I remember that in the 'old' days, those wanting to shoot 'glamour' were recommended to use cameras with waist level finders as generally the models were more comfortable with photographer looking down rather than straight at them.

To the OP, if you're going to include FD mount cameras I'm surprised you haven't included the wonderful F-1

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Re: Favorite or Preferred Film body?
« Reply #19 on: March 30, 2013, 05:29:34 AM »
Still got my EOS 1N which I bought new in 1996. Still awesome to hold in m hands.
Some cameras… With Canon written on them. Oh, and some lenses… Also with Canon written on them. Oh, and a shiny camera with Fuji written on it too...

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Re: Favorite or Preferred Film body?
« Reply #20 on: March 30, 2013, 08:55:31 PM »
The real thing to consider is - do you go with FD or EOS film.

In the FD world, there are lots of good cameras for just a little money - but - you'll need the glass too.

In the EOS world... you're limited a bit.  I've had two EOS5's (A2e's), and still have one, just to have it.  They're ok, but compared to todays digital, are a very clunky and odd design.

The EOS3 is also very good... amazingly so.  If you can find one in good shape, its not a bad "film camera" to have.

These days, all my film work is with Leica.  I just love it.  Wish the M9 was more affordable, and had a bit better sensor (but I can live with the sensor).


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Re: Favorite or Preferred Film body?
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