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Nik Collection Bundle for $126.65

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--- Quote from: infared on March 29, 2013, 07:17:42 PM ---I think I read on this sight the other day..that if you have purchased one or more Nik software previous to this offer (which I have), that there will be an opportunity from Nik/Google to acquire the rest of the bundle for free. Does anyone have info on this offer??????

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Yes.  I received an email from "The Nik Collection by Google <>" on March 25 with a link to download the collection.

I got mine!  "Stuckincustoms" works too for the coupon code

I am impressed.

5D MIII with Nik's Define and a shot in the house in near pitch black at ISO 25600 has almost no noise!

Talk about the dream team!

I received the offer on Monday 3/25 as well. I purchased the bundle around Christmas 2011 and it had V1 of HDR Efex Pro. The download contained V2 of HDR Efex Pro.

I am wondering if someone can walk me through how they use the Nik suite in their workflow of editing landscape images. I really like the results I get in Lightroom 4 and feel comfortable using it. Would I use the Nik software after all of my adjustments in Lightroom 4? Can I do things with the software that I can't in Lightroom (specifically with the color efex and silver efex programs)?



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