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Anyone buy from graysonline?


Graysonline Canon pages:

Does anyone buy from these guys?

no, but I have bought 3 lenses and 1 Canon body, over the last year from DWI.  they have the lowest prices I've found.  it's the same or cheaper than buying used in Aus.  they do add 2% for using paypal. included shipping was less than a week. and everything is good.
Be careful! some other places offer crazy low prices and make up for it with high hidden shipping charges.

The L lens came with the hood and that useless leather bag.
The body came with cds and box but only an English "copy" of the main manual but not the other book or quickstart paper.  I just downloaded PDFs of them.  oh, and the charger was the American plug type with a Aus converter thrown in.  I guess that's why Aus pays $$$ more in the stores, a special charger must cost at least $500 extra...

I've purchased office furniture from them in the past.  All good.


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