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I have been travelling an awful lot in the last three or four weeks, so have barely even dropped by the forum for some time... However, on my recent trip to LA, we went to a party at California Live, where I took my 5Diii and 1.4 nifty-fifty. Here are a couple of party time photographs:

2Y2A4218 by RCARCARCA, on Flickr

EXIF: ISO 10000, 1/5000 sec, f1.4 (you may well ask why didn't i turn the ISO down - it was late, I was in the wrong time zone, and had had a glass or two of wine... and in such circumstances you cannot believe how fast the glasses can move)

2Y2A4172 by RCARCARCA, on Flickr

EXIF (and excuses): as above

2Y2A4165 by RCARCARCA, on Flickr

EXIF: 1/2500 sec

2Y2A4153 by RCARCARCA, on Flickr

EXIF: 1/2000 sec

2Y2A4149 by RCARCARCA, on Flickr

EXIF: 1/2000 sec

Thanks for looking. I may well post others from the trip on other sections. If you want to see more look here:


Very nice photos (and even better excuses)!  :P

I love the last one.  8)

Very nice.  Really like the last  one, the top view of the glasses


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